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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Autumn Colors

Just visiting a local park.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fresh October Air

Funny how we don't always appreciate what's in our own backyard.
No, we don't have a home at the beach but it's only minutes away, yet we rarely go there.
Today was a good day to get out and enjoy the sunshine with temperatures around 65 degrees or 18 Celsius. At the beach it was a little cooler but oh so refreshing.

Birders on the beach.
Someday when I retire... birding and gardening would be a great way to live.

Sanderlings scurrying back and forth as the tide kept moving in and out.

Didn't want to stop walking along the beach with the cool fresh salt air hitting my face and the tranquil sound of the waves breaking...
But there was more to do and see.

On with some more walking to a short nature trail along side the beach.
This area of Southern New Jersey is know for it's Birding and Wildlife Trails although we didn't walk far enough this time to see many birds.

Lots of Monarch butterflies still hanging around.

This little cutie I've not seen before.
One person we met along the way believed it to be the Pink-Edged Sulphur.

Marsh grass is found everywhere near the water.

Traveling a few miles South and still near the water we rediscovered a public garden where Dahlias are still blooming.
Dahlias are one of many flowers I don't have growing in my yard,but after seeing these beauties...maybe I should !

More than just Dahlias ...

These remind me of wishbone flowers, but believe they're Nemesia.

There were two adorable little girls painting pumpkins.

October is a wonderful time of year, the tourist are gone so it's quiet and the air is fresh and clean.
It's so peaceful and it's all sorta in our backyard !

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

la de da

Ok, it may be a "la de da" day just looking out the window on this sunless day in October... but once outside curiosity takes over...I must explore.'s still wondrous to me.