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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Work and Money

Work, work, work !!
Money, money, money !!
Realized after spending over $200 that I can't seem to fill my new bed.
Think I may just finish off with annuals to fill in some of the center and in front of the trellis that supports the cardinal climbers.
Would prefer perennials but low ones are needed and don't know what to get.

As you can see...DH is working hard on his tomato beds. It's getting dark outside so I apologize for the pics not being too clear.
He changed some of the red plastic right behind the new sun bed to black.
This will be a good experiment on red verses black plastic.
Once I get the new perennials recorded and this bed finished off, I'll post some better pics with updates.
And of course, can't forget about the great tasting heirloom tomatoes coming August.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Neither rain, nor snow, nor broken toe

Neither rain, nor snow, nor broken toe shall keep us from our garden tasks.

Transplanting some extra plants in the rain.

Broke a toe on my right foot so have to wear DH's size 11 garden clog on that foot.
Cute huh?

Rainbow Knock Out 'Pink Radcor' my new favorite free roses !!

I love Deadnettle for fiftieth time.

Never noticed this before..different Siberian Iris. Right ?
They all came with the house when I bought it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Early Morning

Just some early morning pretties.

'Rosa Radtko' Double Knock Out
A gift from my husband. The first rose ever seen in my garden !


Salvia officinalis

'Key Lime Pie' Coral Bells

'Creme Brule' Coral Bells

'Black Barlow' Columbine

A bunch of 'Double Blue' Columbine

Half my plants hardening off.
They're ready to go into the ground when I figure out where to put them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sharing ?

New bed in the making !
Well not really new but much larger and will be bordered.
It's my one and ONLY sun bed which includes some knock out roses and tall items in the back like 2 Red Tip shrubs,2 Reed grasses,a trellis, one Willow and Bee balms.
Now I can go to the garden mart and say "YES I can get that plant" which requires full sun because I have a bed to put it in. YAY !!
Some plants/shrubs are new and some have just been moved.
Also can pull the bed out a few more feet but not sure yet.
But there's a slight problem which is not making it larger or lack of sun but something else.
Ok, I shouldn't call it a problem, but it frustrates me.
Maybe you should just look at the last 2 pictures.

What's that red stuff you ask ?
Well, my husband grows many heirloom tomatoes which would look great as a background for my bed EXCEPT for that darn RED mulch/plastic and green pots.

He insist RED grows better tomatoes and of course keeps out the horrid weeds.
But yuk!
I thought about putting a fence or tall shrubs along the back of my new bed but it would block out the sun needed for his tomatoes.
Boy, I wish someone could tell him that black mulch/plastic works just as well.
I'm pretty sure I can do something with those green pots.
But what about that PLASTIC?
Maybe during the summer when my new bed looks almost perfect...I can suggest that black would make the yard look sooo much better.
Maybe we can move that very tall trellis against the fence for lima beans behind the new bed.
I'm sure I'm over reacting. His veggies are very important also, so we'll always be sharing the yard for gardening.
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blue Columbines and Other Stuff

Columbine 'Blue Double'

Columbine 'Winky Blue'

White Bleeding Hearts

Vinca Flowers

Variegated Weigela

Coral Bells 'Peach Melba'

All kinds of Hostas

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Too much rain !

What happens when you have too much rain and let your yard get wild for 2 weeks ?

Drooping flowers

Arborvitaes need tying back

Spent flowers

Volunteer trees

Vinca spreading like crazy

Grass out of control

Deadnettle growing into the lawn and grass out of control

Then some things don't look too bad

Oh well...there's always next week !
Since I can't clean the yard...decided to clean-up my blog look.
Less clutter works for me. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Colors of the Caribbean

Every year or so my husband and I enjoy taking a cruise just to relax,enjoy the food and the sun plus no cell phones or TV.
Being on a cruise ship and visiting the Islands is a treat for shopping,excursions and enjoying the people.

So what does a gardener do when they're on vacation ?
Well for me it's mostly about doing NOTHING !
BUT when I see flowers and other things of interest...
You know what happens...
That's right ! Lots and lots of pictures !
These photos were made small so this post wouldn't be too overwhelming to create
and way too long to view.
Below are 81 pictures but only one is noted at the top of the 9 photo blocks.
Hope you like this tour of the Caribbean Islands even if you've been there before.
So come aboard and enjoy the sites.

Plumbago indica 'Red Plumbago' will be growing these and others soon but as annuals.

Owl Butterfly

School's out...happy kids !

Somewhere in Antigua

Night vendors in Puerto Rico.

Somewhere in Nassau. In case you want to know this is a Blue Morpho Butterfly.

Painted wall in St. Thomas

Lots of color without flowers

Red flowers which are unknown like most of the one's shown.