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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Two Blogs Look The Same

My ranting on things you can do with Blogger Pages.
Content is the most important part of blogging.
The author and their interest is what brings you back.
But what about your template ? Or just your Header ?
The look has little importance in blogging but regardless...
I must talk about it ! This is not a tutorial just an observation.
As you can see I've changed my page again.
Think I'll only fuss with the header from now on and maybe get the spots off of this page.
But then again maybe not ! Drats, at a glance my header looks like it has birds on it...hmmm.
Anyway it's nice to do seasonal headers. I see quite a few people doing that.
Blogger/Blogspot does offer a lot of choices for making your own blog page
but you can also tweak that a little, which is fun !

Using blogger templates and tools is the easiest way to create a page.

First pick a Template.

Then maybe change the page colors from blue to green or whatever you like,
and change the font style, size and color..... so no two blogs look the same.

There's all kinds of useful stuff that can be added to your side bar.
Using what blogger has to offer is pretty good... or find your own gadgets/elements maybe at Google.

Can you make enough money with Ad Sense or Monetize to buy plants for the season?
If so that might be a good idea ! (Not really sure how the details of that work).

Now this is where you can get creative but it can be a challenge.

Most seem to like adding a picture header.
Yet some get right to the point and type their blog title and choose a font,
size and color to their liking.

How about those pictures you take ?

Uploaded pictures from Picasso is fairly fast with your picture being about this size without clicking on them.

But then you can cut and paste URL from your photo album which takes one minute and also change the size. I used the URL for large pictures to create the picture below.

The URL looks like this below.
(img src="")
but the brackets are replaced with these brackets > < .
If you want big I'll be glad to show you this simple method using the URL of the your pictures.
I personally like Webshots.

Or you can make it even larger. You pick the size !
There are other ways of making them larger...just don't know what they are yet !

Also there are a million different backs and borders if you want to edit the blogger template. Or make your own. I can tell you how to change the background for individual posts with a little tweaking of the HTML... but other than that I believe the entire template needs replacing.

Or just download a template. Some are really nice, others are really busy.
Some are free. I always think there's a catch to free I won't download.

So what's the bottom line ?
There are all different looks you can give a blog,
but what's MOST important is what makes you happy.
Unfortunately I just can't leave things alone.
I'm sure it's some kind of strange disorder.
I'll try this.. then it..... then hate it.
And believe it or not just about every time I tell myself..."that's it"!
Guess I'm hopelessly forever changing, just as in my garden.
Maybe that's a good thing.
Anything to add ? Go right ahead !

Have to take a short break from blogging, but will be back to visit everyone before long.

Happy gardening,


Friday, April 17, 2009

A Little More Color

This PJM Rhododendron is in mostly shade and is far more prolific than the regular rhododendrons which are in an identical shade situation. I wonder if they come in different colors ? Would like more!

Closer View

Just about everything likes sun but it doesn't stop me from trying to use the shade beds we have. Hyacinths would do better in full sun but they're surviving in the shade.

Moving into the sun (6 hours full) Red Tip is happy.
Think I'll get another one for the side of house.

What to do under a funny shade tree. Idealy the tree should be taken out and a proper bed should be cut out.. but I can't part with this very tall Douglas-fir yet.

This is how I hide spent daffodils.

The Chionodoxas aren't so bad after all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Lately my days start out a little different.
As usual coffee is a requirement...need that caffeine!
But before the coffee is even brewed there's something I HAVE TO do.
And that is check on my know, the baby plants.
It may seem silly but once I start my seeds it becomes a daily routine watching them change. Some are still waiting to pop up,some need to be watered,some need the lights adjusted,some need to be thinned out.
Only after close examination and tender loving care can I continue on with my day.
Come to think of it...this attention continues till the end of the season !
What can I makes me happy. Now on with a little update...
(by the way all the seeds were planted 12 days ago)......

Just a little crowded !
Will try not to murder any of the Cardinal Climbers in thinning them out.
So instead of snipping the extras...will try to transplant them to a life of their own !

Red Caster Bean...a gift from Kim and Victoria

More from Victoria...Teddy Bear Sunflowers. 100% of all the seeds sprouted. Yay !

The Agastache 'Rupestins' looks a little frail right now but I'm hoping all will be well.

Unknown...while looking at my seedlings..I forgot what these were. Let me see...UK is not on my plant list. Could it mean United Kingdom? If so, what could it be ? Oh, wait a minute... it finally dawned on me.
UNKNOWN, you dummy !

While on a garden tour(with entry fee) last October, I helped myself to seeds from a plant that I have NO IDEA what it was because it wasn't marked. It stood about 5 feet tall and lost all its flowers,looked like a diciduous flowering shrub with seeds that were the same size as spiderflowers but dimpled. Figuring out what the heck I'm growing will be one of my missions this summer.

Here's whats growing.

*Canna-Cannaceae 'Pixie' (RPC)
*Sunflower-Helianthus annuus 'Teddy Bear' (TB)
*Palette 'Gaillardia Painters'or'Arizona Sun'(GP)
*Cardinal Climbers (CC)
*Morning Glory-Ipomoea purpurea 'Star of Yelta' (MG)
*Spider Flower-Cleome spinosa (SF) Light and fluctuating temperatures to geminate well.
*Red Caster Bean-Ricinus communis 'Carmencita' (RCB)
*Cosmos-Cosmos sulphureus 'Ladybird Scarlet' (CS)some germinated/had trouble with Spring Hill cosmos before
*Cosmos-Cosmos sulphureus 'Cosmic Red' (CR)some germinated/may have to replace
*Hyssop-Agastache 'Purple Pygmy', Bubblegum Mint, Hummingbird Mint (PP)
*Hyssop-Agastache 'Rupestins'or Sunset Hyssop (AR)
*Catmint-Nepeta nervosa 'Felix' (CF)
*Hollyhock-Alcea rosea 'Queeny Mix' (YH)no germination bought plants
*Hyacinth Bean-Dolichos lablab (HB) start 2 weeks before harding off.

When using my own saved seeds that I know are fresh ...germination is faster and 100% most of the time.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

"The Easter Bunny as an Easter symbol seems to have its origins in Alsace and southwestern Germany, where it was first mentioned in German writings in the 1600s. The first edible Easter Bunnies were made in Germany during the early 1800s and were made of pastry and sugar.

The Easter Bunny was introduced to America by the German settlers who arrived in the Pennsylvania Dutch country during the 1700s.[1] The arrival of the "O_ster Haws_e" (a phonetic transcription of a dialectal pronunciation of the German Osterhase) was considered one of "childhood's greatest pleasures," similar to the arrival of Kriist Kindle (from the German Christkindl) on Christmas Eve."

Info from Wikipedia.

Happy Easter
Happy Spring

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pinks and Blues

This Okame Cherry tree was purchased at a local nursery a few years ago and is my only flowering backyard tree as of now.
Even though it's not as full as I would like because of the shade,it still adds much needed life to the backyard for spring.

closer view

My husband insists on surprising me with plants etc. for the garden. I can't seem to stop him even though I start by saying "would you like me to choose what tomato plants you're gonna grow each year honey "? This doesn't work so I've since gave up !! Anyway this one he purchased without approval... called a Camellia Japonica. Have to reluctantly admit a pleasant surprise. Most of his ideas are NOT the case. :( But must give credit when due.
It actually gets a little too much sun but I'm hoping it will continue to adjust.

The Sedum Dragons Blood is an odd plant but I think it's pretty cool looking.

Jetfire Daffodil Narcissus all opened up.

Anybody know what these are?

Deadnettle-Lamium 'Pink Pewter' (I have everywhere)in the back and a few Muscari-Grape Hyacinth under the Douglas fir tree is nice color for passers-bye in front of house.

Forgot to add this Blue jay to my last post on Winter Birds.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Popping Up !

Started late with my seeds this year but still have enough time to plant them on Mother's Day or a week later. It's fairly safe in my neck of the woods that there will be no chance of frost on and after Mother's Day.
Isn't it a lovely way to remember the season has begun?

One thing that is nice about saving my own seeds is that for some plants I've saved millions of seeds. So as you can see...I've used more seeds than necessary UNLIKE what you can do with what you purchase from seed companies. This is day 2 for the Cardinal Climbers.
Of course will eventually thin out the seedlings.

Here is what all the flats look like before they went under the plastic lids for germination.
Have done more in past years....things change.