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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A little bit of shine and PSE

Looking for color in the yard is kinda hard this time of year but I found a few plants still trying to shine.

Can't find the name for this annual Daisy Bush with fern-like foliage..
could have SWORN that I wrote down the name of everything I purchased ! :)
It was in partial sun most of the summer, then moved to full sun, and suddenly began to bloom
in October and continues today in early December.

The next 5 plants here I've shown earlier this past year...and are still looking good!

Now toying with Adode Photoshop Elements 8 (PSE)...
Original picture.
My one and only impatiens...not so clear, but it will do.

Now the "art" of deception...They call it enhancement or adjusting the the color hues, etc.
Fun tools which I may never learn how to use.
Not sure why I should use them, really.

Black and white can be interesting BUT mostly all I'll do is "crop" and adjust the "brightness" or "contrast" for this blog,
as I do when printing pictures.
Doing more than cropping etc. takes away from the reality of what I see and wish to share, but sometimes does look pretty cool.

Maybe using the variety of tools to create greeting cards is a good idea....any other ideas?
Original Pic


Now using a few paint tools and a frame. Looks like a watercolor painting.

This looks like wax. Have no idea how I did it.
Still know very little about this program but I do find it entertaining.


  1. Your yellow daisy is so bright and cheerful!
    I love seeing you give examples of PSE 8. I recently bought it and have been trying to figure it out. I wish it came with written instructions, trying to go back and forth between it and the internet instructions are frustrating. Do you have any helpful tips or good places to find easy to understand directions?

  2. Patsi, this is wayyyy cool! I love the frame feature...and that last photo is different but WOW! I need to sign up for a workshop to learn more of my of these days! Thanks for sharing your 'experiments'....Nice and white today, huh?

  3. Catherine,
    Haven't looked for helpful tips. Think it depends on what you wish to do with pictures.
    Maybe I'll do a "how to" on the basics that I enjoy later this month or next.
    None of it's easy !
    Yes,we had our first snow tonight...hoo hoo !
    And those daisies still look good...go figure.

  4. Pretty yellow bloom!

    You've posted some interesting photo adjustments.

    I just got PS a week ago and haven't used it once. I've got a lot of reading to do to understand it! I've not had time, it is so busy right now. All I really want to do is resize my photos to make them faster to upload and add watermarks and captions. Right now, I have to copy, paste photos into a cheap program and it gets so tedious and time-consuming. I'm hoping PS will reduce all the effort -- once I figure it out! LOL


  5. Hey there Patsi girl ! When do you think we will see the new TB or Nurse Jackie episodes ? LOL .. You can do a lot with photo management programs .. something to entertain yourself over the long winter (do you get winter ? LOL)
    December is flying past so quickly but I know January and February will be so slow .. ugh !
    But .. I have lots to do so every day will be occupied : )
    You have lots of pretty flowers to look at yet !

  6. Patsi, how lucky to still have colour in your garden. I love your last photoshoped pic ..

  7. Patsi, your blooms are lovely, but a hibiscus is a masterpiece! Love it! I don't have PS,I heard that it's tough to use without instructions.You are doing good job! I love to play with my pictures too.

  8. How fun, Patsi! The yellow daisy looks great, hope you find out the name, I see we are the same zone. Fun too with the photo program. My old Dell image expert does a few things, but not as cool as yours. It is fun to see what colors come from those changes, but I like the real thing just like you do.

  9. It looks like you had fun playing around with your photos. They turned out pretty cool. I love the last couple with the texture. My husband has done that kind of thing to some photos. I don't do much besides cropping, but have adjusted a few photos that were too dark.

  10. You have a Euryops, or Yellow Daisy Bush. It is one of my favorite flowers in the garden. I moved 2 one year, in August, and neither missed a beat. Just kept on and kept on.

    I enjoyed looking at the different effects in your pictures, and one thing I like to do with them sometimes is print them to full page size. I use them for wrapping small gifts, or you can cut seed packets from the paper, and identify your seeds immediately.

    I am enjoying your blog. I have calmed down with the season, too, and I am glad to have a little time to browse new blogs.

  11. I love Photoshop!!! Fun to play with when I'm doing my scrapbook pages. I sometimes use the filters to create headers for my blog.

  12. There are some great photos here - both the originals and the photoshopped versions!

    I'm hoping Santa brings me Photoshop for Christmas!

  13. Thanks Janie...I did find it on my list.
    "African Daisy or Euryops pectinatus 'Viridis'"

  14. I am jealous that you still have color in your yard. Everything here is brown and bare.

    Glad to see you are having fun with PS Elements. There's so much you can do so have fun playing.

  15. Love that yellow daisy. My impatiens finally died yesterday when the really cold weather moved in.

    Love what you've been doing in photo shop. Very cool!!

  16. Patsi, I'm impressed, as always, with your photographs! This was a fun post, seeing you experiment with your photo program. I use iPhoto (Mac) and should spend more time figuring it out. Good winter project maybe. Love, Pam

  17. Hi Patsy, just so you know, I am like you too, working over the Christmas holidays. But I do get Christmas day off. Horrayyyy!

    Have you checked out Pioneer Woman? She offers tutorials all the time on PS. And the best part is you can understand her.

    Great shots, looks like you had fun doing it.


  18. You are having WAY too much fun!! And if it were me, I would be too! :-) I enjoyed your photos and all the things you've been doing.

  19. Photoshop is entertaining isn't it? Fun to mess with.
    Nice blooms for December!


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