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Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Computer

Sorry, but I'm still out of commission due to getting a new computer.
One full week so far of headaches...hours of frustration and confusion.
Plus a lot more !!!!
Can't just transfer old stuff to new PC because a major bug damaged it
and I won't take a chance of ruining my new one.

Had to be miss smarty pants and downloaded "Adode Photoshop elements 8"
looks nothing like what I had and liked. I was happy just to cut and brighten
as before with my Adode starter program. Also had on my favorites side bar
in one location all my Adobe folders...a folder for each month.
Life was so easy then :(
This is all new to me...can't understand why the heck I don't automatically have
a new folder as before when I load's all just in one big catalog
and can't create folders, nothing is working easy.
Hope to be back sanity depends on it !


  1. I hope to see you up and running as soon as possible - it's not the same without you :)

  2. Don't you just hate that. I got a new computer this summer after mine had a major meltdown. Of course none of my old programs nor the scanner or printer would work with the new computer so You end up getting all new stuff. This one better lasts as long as I do ;-)

  3. I hate having computer troubles. I just backed up my files to an online service because my computer has been acting crazy lately too. I dread having to get a new one.

  4. I refuse to give up...feel really stupid sometimes.
    Learned many things in the past 5 years BUT obviously not enough.
    Most things are working ok and don't need to fuss with them at the moment.

    The Elements 8 program is my major issue this week.
    I love photograpy so I have to get this working to my satisfaction. I'm using a Sony Viao laptop with Windows Vista...
    maybe I'll take it to someone who can help.
    Tired of's too short !

  5. Aw...I feel for you, Patsi! Frustrating as heck...wish pc language were in layman's all foreign to me! Good luck and hang tough!

  6. I'm sorry.... computer woes like this just make me sad... Hopefully you have someone you can call for help?? If not, take a breather... and enjoy your Thanksgiving. Will you be with family?

  7. Computers can be such a pain. I just downloaded Photoshop elements 8 and wow is it confusing. Guess that's what I'll be learning this winter.

  8. I hope you can get everything worked out. Hopefully you won't loose anything in the process.

  9. Hi, Patsi, I empathize with you having just lost everything and had to start over with a new blog. Miss you. Hope all your computer problems are solved real soon. Pamela

  10. A new computer can take soooo much time to set up!! I just wanted to tell you that visiting your blog is a visual delight. Your photos are awesome - thank you so much for sharing them!

  11. Oh, I hate having computer problems. I know what you're going through, we had the same thing happen to us not too long ago. Sooooo frustrating!


  12. I am so sorry the problems have continued! gail

  13. Yikes Patsi! You sound like me, in the midst of possibly changing to an Apple (almost there, appointment on Friday to perhaps purchase ?) but now hair-raised on your Photoshop issues since I need to purchase new compatable software. On a lighter note, Happy Thanksgiving :)


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