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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can you tell it's chilly ?

We've had a few nights drop to the mid 30's(1.67 c)and only one night below freezing, but mostly it's been about 42 degrees(5.56 c) at night.
Maybe it will be a warm winter like last year.
Windy and rainy lately and I STILL need to pull out my dead annuals and tidy sad...maybe by Christmas. ha

Want to stop by and visit everyone's blog in the next few days, and I'll get there...
just very slowly.

Sanderlings breed in the high Arctic and winters along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts from Canada to Argentina.

Herring Gulls of the North Atlantic

Had frost one night last week...took a few picks early in the morning while freezing my tush off...neighbors must have thought I was crazy.


  1. Oh, I hate to see those frosty flowers leave us Patsy. The frosty edges are so pretty in your pictures.

  2. What a pretty picture of the Sanderlings. The flowers and leaves do look pretty all frosted. We still haven't had our first frost and it doesn't look like we will for awhile.

  3. Hi Patsi! Love your frosty photos... is the greenery Mums? That's a great photo! I'm sorry it's been so cold over there. We're enjoying some nice sunny weather... guess it'll be in the 50's the next few days. (I'm NOT complaining!) :-) How are you doing??

  4. It does look chilly - and although it's sad to see the frosty plants, I must admit they're beautiful!

  5. Your sanderling pictures are so beautiful! It does look chilly out there. The frosted leaves look delicious.

  6. Frosty for sure but so pretty too.

  7. Oh how beautiful, Patsi! Stay warm and take more pictures!

  8. Beautiful photographs of the sea .......and the added birds make stunning photographs.

    I love frosted flowers....they always look so pretty.

  9. I love the photos of the frosted blooms. They look sugar coated;)

  10. Patsi girl I am way behind in visiting blogs too .. and actual posting as well ! Just too busy at the moment. Love the frosty pictures girl !! and the birds at the beach .. I miss the sea terribly at times .. but I do see water since we are a city by Lake Ontario .. not the same though .. oh well, I can enjoy other bloggers pictures ! : )

  11. Hi Patsi Me too I am so behind at present blogging and visiting other blogs too much going on with Lyme Disease advocacy taking up much of my time but will be doing more garden blogs soon for sanity.
    I love your seascapes.

  12. Patsi, amazing are these shots! Sanderlings are my favorite to watch along the shore.
    Thanks for braving the cold for us...frozen tush and all and SO WHAT if the neighbors think you're crazy...

  13. Our weather has been similar to yours. I always enjoy photos of the ocean. What a contrast to your icy blooms and foliage! They are lovely even that way.

  14. Thanks for freezing for our sake's, Patsi! Hope you found a nice heated seat somewhere afterwards, maybe some hot chocolate too. The beach photos are amazingly crisp, just like being there. I love the Helenium frosted, ours are never still in bloom when the frost comes. So far anyway. Who knows what the future will bring?

  15. Neat looking pictures of the frost on the flowers. Lucky you that you still have 40'ish nights. We're in the 20's. Brrrr.

  16. Frost and snow make for wonderful pictures, just not wonderful conditions for taking them.


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