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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fresh October Air

Funny how we don't always appreciate what's in our own backyard.
No, we don't have a home at the beach but it's only minutes away, yet we rarely go there.
Today was a good day to get out and enjoy the sunshine with temperatures around 65 degrees or 18 Celsius. At the beach it was a little cooler but oh so refreshing.

Birders on the beach.
Someday when I retire... birding and gardening would be a great way to live.

Sanderlings scurrying back and forth as the tide kept moving in and out.

Didn't want to stop walking along the beach with the cool fresh salt air hitting my face and the tranquil sound of the waves breaking...
But there was more to do and see.

On with some more walking to a short nature trail along side the beach.
This area of Southern New Jersey is know for it's Birding and Wildlife Trails although we didn't walk far enough this time to see many birds.

Lots of Monarch butterflies still hanging around.

This little cutie I've not seen before.
One person we met along the way believed it to be the Pink-Edged Sulphur.

Marsh grass is found everywhere near the water.

Traveling a few miles South and still near the water we rediscovered a public garden where Dahlias are still blooming.
Dahlias are one of many flowers I don't have growing in my yard,but after seeing these beauties...maybe I should !

More than just Dahlias ...

These remind me of wishbone flowers, but believe they're Nemesia.

There were two adorable little girls painting pumpkins.

October is a wonderful time of year, the tourist are gone so it's quiet and the air is fresh and clean.
It's so peaceful and it's all sorta in our backyard !


  1. Thanks for the walk along the beach. I miss the beach so much and you captured it wonderfully. Birding and gardening will be an awesome retirement indeed. Those dahlias are like stunning! We too have the monarchs and sulfurs. They are amazing this year!

  2. I would love to spend time walking along the beach and looking at plants up in the sandy areas. Enjoyed your photos, the one with the goldenrod in the sand is beautiful. Loved seeing the butterflies too. Guess we better enjoy this weather while we can, can't last much longer.

  3. What an array of beautiful pictures. Wants one to walk through the sand bare foot.With the temp might make for red pinkies though ;-)
    What gorgeous dahlia's! I only own one so maybe more should be thought about too.

  4. What a great visit to the beach, thanks for taking me along!! Wonderful array of dahlias!

  5. Thank goodness I do not live there, I would never get anything done. It is so beautiful, I love deserted beaches. I love the is always good to see a butterfly...

    I have planted dahlias for the first time this year. I was very unsure but have absolutely loved them......the blooms are enormous, and such lovely colours......

  6. Oh, the beach! Want to be there right now. These images are very therapeutic! Dahlia is an easy plant, I learned that recently and now, can't imagine my garden without it. Such a day will give me needed energy for the whole week. Thank you Patsi!

  7. Wonderful shots of the beach what a great place to live and lovely photos of the flowers especially the many Dahlias.

  8. I just love Dahlias. Great photographs of some gorgeous flowers. And the beach, of course.

  9. Oh how I miss the ocean, but viewing your photos brought back wonderful memories. What beautiful dahlias. Thank you for sharing your vibrant photography.

  10. I live in Nebraska, and finally was able to satisfy my longing to see an ocean in June of 2007, when my husband and I drove to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We were in awe of the ocean. The beach was awesome, too. Your photos brought back fond memories. You are fortunate to live so close.

    Thanks for your comment on my veggie garden update. The smaller leaves of kale are less bitter. Also, it gets less bitter when the temps get cooler. I pick it and eat it raw as well as including it in soups. I will sometimes tear some leaves onto a plate, add a few carrots, and put blue cheese or poppy seed dressing. I use a brand called, "Brianna's". It uses healthier oils, like canola.

  11. Patsi, you are sooo lucky to be that near the ocean! I was in Calif. for the past 5 days and spent a part of everyday strolling along the shore. These pics are beautiful..thanks for sharing! Yes, birding is something I think I would enjoy too!

  12. What a pretty beach you live by. I wish we lived a bit closer to the ocean.
    The dahlias and other flowers are really pretty, nice to see so much blooming this late in October.

  13. so refreshing to see the sea & the flowers.

  14. Tina,
    We had very few monarchs and no sulfurs here this past summer. At least I didn't see any.
    Someday retirement will be here. :)
    The salt air is wonderful when it's cool.
    That was a favorite photo of mine also.
    Trying to figure where I could put dahlias...think I need a bigger yard. :)
    I should be going more often now.
    A house on the beach where no tourist go would be ideal. Oh and room for more flowers.
    Therapeutic is a good discription.
    Hmmm... dahlias are easy.
    Glad you enjoyed. I need to get out more and enjoy myself.

  15. Oh Patsi, what a delight! Your photos are wonderful and really transport us to that wonderful spot. The birders set up on the sand was particularly sharp, the ocean looked so blue! No tourists means you can really get the natural feel of the beach and garden, the dahlias are so photogenic, they loved your camera! :-)

  16. There's something so peaceful about the beach. I love the photos. Beautiful.


  17. Hi Patsi, what a lovely beach you live have near home! The dahlias always look stunning.

  18. A wonderful outing! I loved the tour, especially seeing the shore and the plants in the gardens. A few Monarchs are still hanging out here, too. The hummingbirds have already packed up their tiny bags and gone south.


  19. Carolyn,
    Love color even if it's not flowers. Can't beat the beach this time of year.
    T Opdycke,
    Memories are wonderful.
    Ok...with blue cheese or poppy seed dressing kale has to taste good !
    The Calif coast line is a lot different than ours...of course it depends where you went.
    You must have had a great the sunsets.
    I guess the dahlias will die off when we get our first frost. Love the ocean east or west coast.
    James M,
    You're's refreshing !
    Nature is wonderful when it's quiet and calm.
    Might get a macro lens...curious if the pics would be better.
    This is a good time of year. The garden is at rest which gives time to visit more garden bloggers.
    Someday I might get dahlias...well I do have one small one still in a pot(from hubby).
    I still keep looking for the hummers :(
    Must do some more tours before it freezes here.

  20. I totally agree, this is a great time of year to visit the beach. The weather is almost perfect, the tourist season is over and you can have the beach all to yourself.

    Your last photo is wonderful. I could spend all day on that bench.

  21. What a great walk. I love the ocean!

  22. Hi Patsi - gosh, I feel like I was on the beach with you .... I wish!
    I live about as far from the sea as you can get in the UK (about 75 miles!), but it's far enough to have to have a full day free to go - and that hasn't happened (or I haven't made it happen)for FAR too long, so thanks for reminding me of what I've been missing :)

  23. Patsi, I seem to have forgotten where you live and am so impressed by this post! Wow... in your backyard? (at least, almost?) What a wonderful place to visit... and yes, birding and walking the beach, etc. would be a wonderful way to spend some time! :-) I've never grown dahlias. They're beautiful, but I cannot do it, I think.

    Have a great day! :-)

  24. Chad and Brandy,
    Went again today but it was a little chilly.
    Fun isn't it?
    Go, before it gets too cold.
    Glad you enjoyed the visit.
    I think this would be a great place to retire.
    Well...the winters can get bitter but that's what vacations are for. :)

  25. This is exactly what the doctor ordered for me on this Friday night, right before I go to sleep. I will have sweet dreams now, of the sea and sand and beautiful flowers...oh, those dahlias! So MANY colors and styles! I particularly love that photo of the sand with the ripples of water's fascinating! I understand about not doing or visiting things right in 'your own backyard'--that's pretty much how we are with Washington DC and surrounding areas. We stay around here mostly...there are always so many crowds at these historic places. I think I would like to make a visit up to DC once before winter sets in've reminded me to do that before the year is over! I hope you can have some more outings to the beach before it gets cold! I could easily be a beach bum and live there forever;-)


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