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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still Blooming !

First Update on Planter
After making my first Hypertufa Planter 4 weeks ago I threw in some almost dead plants like...Sedum Dragons Blood,Sedum 'Angelica'and Creeping Jenny 'Goldilocks' or Lysimachia nummularia.

Now this is what it looks like 4 weeks later without curing the planter.
The Creeping Jenny is mostly what you see.
No cracking of the planter...of course I didn't hit it with a hammer to find out how strong it is.
Was thinking about putting it on blocks to make it higher...but nah, leaving it as is. Also, now I'm curious as to whether the Dead Nettle already in ground will somehow attach itself on outside of the Tufa !

Still blooming are Impatiens wallerian in full sun.

New blooms on Butterfly bush.

Gaura lindheimeri 'Karalee Petite Pink'.

Unknown white climbing roses.

Unknown Canna

Scaevola aemula or New Wonder Fan Flower. Great annual.

Unknown Verbena

Knock Out roses.

Volunteer Morning Glories

Spider Flower

New addition...
Phlox paniculata 'cosmopolitan'


Too good to be true...Geranium

Perky Sedum

And still producing are DH's tomatoes.
German Murphy heirloom tomato made for a great sandwich.
Nice acidity and sweet balance.
Never been a fan of salt but...funny thing about tomatoes...
salt brings out the different flavors.

If you don't hear from me for a week or so....
Shortly... It's Vacation Time !!


  1. Beautiful! How lucky to have so many blooms at the end of summer. Cameron

  2. Love the Hypertufa planter! And your blossoms are looking splendid! I love the impatiens wallerian and the photos with the water drops.

  3. That tomato looks really really good. Nice and juicy and meaty. Your hypertufa turned out wonderfully. Great job for the first attempt.

  4. Congratulations on the success of your hypertufa planter.The flowers are stunning. I love the intense colour of the geranium. Have fun!

  5. Have a great vacation .......... love all the flowers , great photos with the rain drops on the petals...

  6. I like the way you arrange the post, beginning with struggling plants, midway with beautiful flowers most I don't have, and ending with blood red yummy slices of juicy tomato!! Cheers ~ bangchik

  7. Love your trough. What recipe did you use to get that rich color? Your blooms are lovely.

    I'm going to a seminar tomorrow about the blight that hit tomatoes in the northeast and midwest this year. Worst thing I've ever seen.

  8. The trough planter looks great, Patsi! I love the pink morning glory with it's curled edges! Have a great vacation, wherever you're going!

  9. Husband is now packing for a month.
    And NO it's not a month vacation !!
    What's with that?
    Thanks for all the best wishes.


    We still have untill October for some flowers.
    Missy Daisy,
    Talk about rain...big storm last night.
    Took down our telephone line.
    Hope it holds up over the winter.
    The geraniums are a winner !
    Glad you enjoyed. Love tomatoes !
    The recipe is located at "labels"
    I'm interested as to what they say.
    Last planter for awhile...don't need other one right now.

  10. Oooohhhh.......vacation! Good for you! We've been eating our tomatoes (thanks for them). I love them in caprese salads. Yum.

    Your hypertufa is looking great. I have a very small one in our shade garden, with some collected rocks in it and a little Japanese man statue.

  11. Patsi girl you have so many pretty flowers still blooming for you is right !
    Another vacation ? LOL
    I have loads of Gold Creeping Jenny and it is one tough plant .. yours looks very nice in that hyhypertufa (spelling?)
    Have a great vacation AGAIN !

  12. simply beautifully captured shots....lovely....have a nice vacation!

  13. I'm adding butterfly bush to my 2010 wish list, I can't believe I don't have one. I have all the other blooms you feature here ... Not the tomatoes though ... mine got the dreaded blight! Beautiful photographs as always. Enjoy your break!!

  14. Your planter looks great, as do your other blooms and tomatoes. I like the rain drops on the blooms. I think that gaura is the same kind I planted for the first time this year. I bought it as an annual, as it is for 1 zone warmer than us, so I'm assuming the nursery didn't want to guarantee it. I hope it lives over the winter. I sure like the color of the blooms.

  15. Victoria and Kim,
    Glad you got some tomatoes.
    Hope the planter holds up over the winter.
    The Gold Creeping Jenny looks pretty good now and is taking over the planter.
    Glad you enjoyed.
    Sorry to hear about the late blight. Somehow it missed us.
    The Gaura is still blooming...hope one zone won't make a difference.


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