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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mystery Over

Yes, it's a Hibiscus palustris and it just flowered !

Some other stuff...

DH's herbs out of control.

My number one new favorite long blooming annual this year is
Angel Mist lavender Angelonia or Angelonia angustifolia Benth.
Can't forget the long blooming perennial Geranium x 'Rozanne'.

Disappointing Cardinal Climbers...only a flower here and there.
Never ever had this happen before. All that rain...I guess.

Pruned Autumn Joy Sedum in shade. Nice and tidy.

Same kind in full sun.


  1. Oh that Hibiscus is just stunning .... I think I've fallen in love!! :)

  2. I agree with Nutty's fantastic!

  3. The hibiscus is lovely....I love white blooms....

    Sedum Joy is a popular plant...who does not have it in their garden. I love it, so do the bees and butterflies......

  4. Lovely tour. Fabulour hibiscus.Planted cardinal flower vine too this year, will not do it again.

  5. Patsi, it's still summer in your garden. Well, almost! Sedum does look good. I also liked when it had its buds green.

  6. That's a beautiful hibiscus, Patsi! Glad you solved the mystery ;)

  7. Can't you just fall into a hibiscus bloom! Love them, but found out the deer do, too.

    Did you plant all of your extra sedum tips when you pinched it back? I'm so glad that I planted the tips. I now have lots of sedum to pull together to put in a bed to reduce the watering requirements.


  8. Hi Patsi, so glad you have solved the myster? Sorry, I couldn't resist. :-) Herbs should always be out of control. Your sedum does look quite neat and tidy, maybe that is what is needed here too. I am trying for less maintenance, not more, but we are really having a flopping problem with many things. How are the plants in your hypertufa doing? I wondered about the planting straight in, without the usually called for curing time to leach the lime out.

  9. That hibiscus really is pretty! I planted Angelonia for the first time this summer and it really is a long bloomer. My Autumn Joy is just about to bloom, I liked Cameron's advice on planting the tips. That's new to me.

  10. so very white.... almost pure! ~bangchik

  11. The Hibiscus is lovely. Such large flowers.

    You have a lot of herbs. Do you dry them for winter use?

    Your Autumn Joy looks perfect, nice tight clumps.

  12. Patsi what beautiful Hibiscus photos.

  13. Your hibiscus reminds me of Kopper King... my plant looks a lot better this year, but it still hasn't bloomed. It deserves more sunshine. ;-)

    Your 'Autumn Joy' looks great, and you've just reminded me that I want 'Rozanne' next year! The blue flowers are exceptional, and I like that they're blooming at this time of year!

    Can you believe we've begun the month of September??

  14. Ruth,
    It is eye catching !
    Flower great...plant not so attractive.
    I agree. I think everyone has Sedum Autumn Joy in their garden. Easy care plant and gets bigger every year with enough sun.
    If you mean cardinal climbers...I'd try again. Take a look under 'Labels' for '2007 from seed'. You'll be happy with the normal results.
    Some plants won't die off till' frost.
    It sure took a long time !
    I had lots of sedum to start with this year from dividing in past years.

  15. Ptasi girl .. I love having my name on this plant .. how good can it get "AUTUMN JOY" !!! LOL
    Now if I could get some kind of name with Halloween in it ??
    I am sort of like your DH .. I love herbs and they do get out of control ? LOL
    Love that hibiscus .. you have gotten some terrific shots there girl : )
    PS .. they started reruns of Nurse Jackie .. saw the pilot again last night .. still LAUGHED!

  16. Gorgeous photo of the Autumn Joy and the hibiscus. We haven't had the rain you've had, but it affected several plants here, too. I am reading that you are a Nurse Jackie fan! What a good actress! gail

  17. Frances,
    A yearly avoid flop or prune time post would be good.
    The hypertufa plants look the change.
    Good to hear about the Angelonia.
    Reminds me of the night bloomers.
    Sometimes dry the herbs for gifts or just ourselves. Also done it with tomatoes and freeze.
    Thanks for the reminder on the pruning.
    So sad that the summer flew by. I like to have long bloomers...hard to find.
    Funny...some shots good...some not. The eyes are going. Love the nurse in training.
    I'm a fan of a few odd shows...have to tvo them to watch before my bed time...I work nights. :(

  18. Your sedums are lovely. Angelonia is my favourite too. Here it is a perennial which flowers throughout the year.

  19. LotusLeaf,
    Lucky you to have Angelonia as a perennial.
    Long bloomers are a must for me.

  20. Beautiful!!!

    Now... carefully dig it up and bring it over to my place, thanks! lol

  21. I love the Rose of Sharon, too. Mind started blooming a couple of weeks ago and I love their bright pink centers against the soft white! Autumn Joy sedums are a delight this time of year too! Beautiful work! When you get a chance, stop by and enter the drawing at my blog (a couple of posts back). Hope to see you there!

  22. Shanny,
    I have some sedum some in pots. They're all yours if you want. I'll save stuff just in case.
    Miss Daisy,
    Glad you enjoyed. Will stop by.

  23. Your hibiscus is wonderful!
    My tall sedum is just beginning to open its flower heads. It's pretty in all stages. I guess we haven't had enough heat to make it tall enough to flop, so it looks good.
    Do you use the herbs in cooking? I put some in the freezer.
    Beautiful photos....all.

  24. Beautiful hibiscus! And I love that lavender, I must get some. Your sedum looks great too.

  25. Wow, I'm glad the bud is open and the mystery is solved. It's beautiful! It looks like the basil has been kept from blooming so far! Are you going to be making pesto? Now that you mention it, my cardinal climber hasn't had many blooms, either. I like your sedums, too.

  26. Kerri,
    Haven't dried or froze any herbs/tomatoes yet.
    Good reminder,thanks.
    Hibiscus flower lives 2 days then dies...pretty but...
    Glad you enjoyed.
    Ok, now I'll have to do something with all the herbs !
    What's with the cardinal climbers? So disappointing.

  27. What a great mystery! And it turned out so beautiful.


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