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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unknown Canna +Point and Shoot

Two Subjects....Unknown Canna and using 2 different cameras.

In 2007 I bought a few different canna seeds from Karchesky Canna and grew them.
I'm only showing you 2 different'll see why.
These came with 'Pixie' seeds but aren't the correct cannas.
Unknown shorter than others and very prolific.
Used a 'Point and Shoot' back in 2007.

Also started these from seed 2 years ago.

Saved seeds from all cannas in 2007 but decided to grow only the unknown cannas
this year because they were so prolific and only stood about 3 to 4 feet.
I like the shorter ones.

My guess is a cross pollination of the two.
I wrote the seed company and Alice Harris agreed
about the cross pollination and said it also may be latent genetics.
Even though I still have more seeds left over from the 2007 unknown(Now a NEW plant)
I'll save seeds from these new ones and keep them separate for the future.

This pic was taken with my $150.00 Point and Shoot Canon Power Shot a590.
Just set it on 'auto' and shoot...pretty good !

Here's a closer view.

This pic also was taken with my 'Point and Shoot'.
Can't complain about a 'point and shoot' camera.

You can see how tall they are. Have 5 plants in the yard.
No place to store rhizomes with proper temperature over winter...
so I'll start from seed again. It's soooo easy !


  1. Oh wow! These are so beautiful! I love their deep, orange colors and height! Sort of reminds me a little of daylilies. Lovely job!

  2. I would have expected it to take three or four years to get cannas to blooms for seed. I'll have to save a few seeds from my Dad's and plant them.

  3. They are really stunning, really make a statement....I never realised they were that easy......

  4. Miss Daisy,
    Love this one...lots of blooms and seeds.
    Nick seed...soak in water a few days...put in potting soil where's it's hot(will germinate in 2 days).
    I think you know I grow under lights. Anyway, never had a problem yet just that it takes about 4 months or longer to flower from seed.

  5. Very nice Cannas you got! And your shots of them are great!

  6. So now you get to give it a name all of your own choosing-maybe 'Patsi'?

  7. Nice looking cannas. Congrats on the new camera by the way. I know you will have lots of fun with it.

  8. Wow! I never knew you could grow cannas from seed and have them bloom that very year. You have me very intrigued and I think I am adding cannas to my list for next year. They remind me of where I am from. Beautiful photos to go with this post and how interesting that they crossed!

  9. Patsi girl I wish I had more luck with these gorgeous plants .. I tried King Humbert ? I think the name was .. but they just didn't seem happy in my garden at all .. yours look wonderful : )

  10. Cheryl,
    Yes easy!! You can go to the seed site and learn more.
    Thanks. Still learning that darn camera !!
    Thought about that but think I have to grow it for 5 years with it coming out the's that way with heirloom tomatoes anyway.
    Not new camera...had it since last September...
    I think.
    Welcome to my blog. I've had plain old red ones given to me and they bloomed the same year.
    Go figure.
    I must come by and visit.
    Yes Dazzling !!!
    If you don't mind the wait on how long from seed to bloom...I'll send you seeds.
    They do like the heat.

  11. Hi Patsi... I am passing you the Meme Award. If you already have it, you can always have another one, why not..... haha. Check out my latest post! ~ bangchik.

  12. Oh wow, beautiful cannas! I love the color. Your photos are fantastic.

    Oh BTW, I changed my blog name from Donna's Art to Mourning Dove Cottage. Just needed a change. (And I don't know who that guy was that left a comment, but I deleted it.) Strange people out there.

  13. Patsi they are lovely plants and photos

  14. Bangchik,
    Thanks,I'm very honored.
    Have to change your name on my side bar.
    Very strange !
    Glad you enjoyed. This post was to show that point and shoot cameras can give you pretty good pictures.


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