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Saturday, August 29, 2009

UK or Unknown Plant

Remember this...April 14, 2009
"While on a garden tour(with entry fee) last October, I helped myself to seeds from a plant that I have NO IDEA what it was because it wasn't marked. It stood about 5 feet tall and lost all its flowers,looked like a deciduous flowering shrub with seeds that were the same size as spiderflowers but dimpled. Figuring out what the heck I'm growing will be one of my missions this summer."

Well here are the seedlings. We started all our seeds late.
April 14, 2009

Then came the RABBIT !
After the rabbit eat them, I just left them to die by the shed.
June 25, 2009

Weeks later my husband said "I think you should take a look at that potted plant by the shed".

Well....look at it now !!
August 25, 2009

Still waiting for it to flower to be sure, but folks at 'gardenweb' suggested
Swamp Rose Mallow or (Hibiscus palustris)closely related to Hibiscus moscheutos.
It's been 4 and a half months and I'm getting very impatient to see some flowers !
Mission almost accomplished.


  1. How exciting! It looks like hibiscus to me! I have a young one getting ready to bloom that is the baby of one I planted last year.

  2. simply beautifully captured the greenery all around!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I think it is a relative of the hibiscus.

  4. Patsi girl .. it does look like some kind of mallow .. I'll be very interested in seeing the flowers for sure !
    Hey True Blood is on tonight : )

  5. Hi Patsi,
    very exciting.
    Ich bin auch auf die Blüten gespannt. Die Blütenknospen erinnern mich etwas an Malven.

  6. Hi Patsi, what a green thumb you have, growing successfully something that you didn't even know what it was, and giving it up for dead too! Love when that happens! Hibiscus family of some kind, can't wait to see the blooms. :-)

  7. Banchik,
    I think pink or white.
    Never seen a hibiscus like this before. Wonder if they're nice plants.
    Yes,lots of green..
    That seems to be the concensus.
    Don't even know what a mallow is...duh.
    Sunday night..hoo hoo

  8. Angelika,
    Flowering soon !
    I have more seeds from last vacation...a few unknown flowers. I'm a seed thief. ha

  9. Patsi, Isn't that a wonderful surprise? Perhaps that rabbit helped the overall health of the plants? Keep us "posted!" :-)

  10. I love plants like that, the ones that survive almost anything;) I've never grown Hibiscus so I'll just wait and see the blooms.

  11. I love mystery plants...It brings out the detective in me :) What a great delight to see it growing so fabulously!

  12. Shady,
    Go figure. ha
    Never knew their were Hibiscus for our zone.
    Miss Daisy,
    I have four plants...the other two only get 5 hours sun so may not bloom.


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