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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some August Winners !

Our Carolina Wren (busy making babies since May).... finally gave it a break !!
Now that she's absent.... we have 2 cutie hummers visiting several times a day...

same girl

Sneezeweed 'Mardi Gras'
Interesting how at different times of the day(different light) can enhance flowers or just make them look average.
Bloom time is suppose to be August to October.
Deadheaded once already and it's full bloom again.
Looks like a winner !

Scaevola aemula or New Wonder Fan Flower
An annual worth repeating.

Roses- Double Knock Out 'Rosa Radtko'
Tallest of my Knock Out Roses and most prolific,also brightest.

Homestead Purple Verbena or Verbena canadensis 'Homestead'
The zone on this perennial is 7 to 10...will see if it comes back next year. I'm 7a.
This is a hardy long bloomer so far.

Wax Begonias.
Buy these every year for the shade. Never lets me down !

Blackberry Lily.
Pretty flower, nice foliage.

Still growing !

This one is the most disappointing perennial I've ever had.
Trumpet Vine Madam Galen.
Had these plants since 2005. Believe it needs more than 6 hours sun.
Not happy with this one, only gets a few flowers and I have to cut it back every week.
This fall the vine is being replaced !!


  1. Hi Patsi, Sneezeweed, Gloriosa daisy, Gaillardia... there are so many similarities between the different varieties! It's hard for me to keep them straight! (Add some of the Gloriosa daisies that look like Rudbekia!) Love your photos of the hummers. :-)

  2. August is looking very good in your garden....

  3. Hi Patsi, I have Mardi Gras this year and just love it. What interesting blooms. Mine has just started blooming and I hope it reblooms well here. Your scaevola is pretty, I love blue in the garden.

  4. Shady,
    I agree they all look pretty much the same.
    I am hoping for long lasting blooms.
    Have lots of new year will tell me if I made the right choices.
    If I didn't know better....I'd think we were going to the same garden center !

  5. The blackberry lily is amazing!

  6. Verbena canadensis doesn't like it here, but I still try to grow it! You've some real beauties in your garden...and the hummers seem thrilled with the feeder. I like crossvine better then trumpet creeper....have your seen it? gail

  7. Hi, Patsi. Your photos are amazing! I like the way you show a close-up of a bloom and then a picture of the whole plant... very effective ... I'm going to steal that idea. Thanks for visiting my blog! Pamela

  8. simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

  9. Katarina,
    Sure is a stunning little lily.
    Waited soooo long for daily hummers.
    Will check out Crossvine....thanks.
    Need to do a whole bed post...the look of the entire bed is important.
    Thanks for the visit. My photo skills seem to be hit or miss. :(

  10. WOOO-HOOO is right, Patsi! Amazingly clear pics on these hummers! They are tiny and adorable! Your blooms all loook great! I'm still working on my weeds and deadheading chores..never ending but I love it!

  11. Loved your photos! I grow "Moorheim Beauty" Sneezeweed and it does great here in Rhode Island.
    Just one comment on your hummingbird. I believe the bird in your photos is a juvenile male, not a female. By next year, he'll have that beautiful red gorget!

  12. Lynn,
    Waited soooo long for DAILY hummers.
    Did you say chores ? I could use a extra day off for that.
    Good to know about Moorheim Beauty. Should check it out. You know....I thought so because of the redish throat. We may have a family of hummers...seeing what looks like one female, a juvenile male and one male.
    Thanks for the help.

  13. Hey Patsi... great colour from your garden but the really bloomers are those hummers... brilliant! Thanks for sharing these visits that I'd never see otherwise! They are fascinating birds to me :-D

  14. Your garden looks so fresh and inviting. Just beautiful.~~Dee

  15. Thanks for sharing the hummingbird pictures. They are very good. We don't see those birds here.

  16. What wonderful shots of the hummingbirds! I have seen just one all summer;-( I didn't get my feeders out early enough and I guess they passed me by. You have some great blooms too!

  17. Shirl,
    I agree about the hummers. I'm seeing 3 now daily...oh so happy.
    Glad you enjoyed.
    Not everyone gets to see them everyday...I really can't figure out why unless maybe you have no feeders. Not sure.
    My daily visitors just showed up in August.

  18. I also love sneezeweed. It's a great color and nothing seems to faze it.
    Happy to see the castor bean is still going strong.

    We're more tolerant of our trumpet vine (not that we should be, maybe we're just lazy) ha ha!

    I wish my begonias behaved as yours do. I can barely keep them alive. Damn things.

  19. I forgot to mention your hummer pics. VERY NICE!!

  20. Kim and Victoria,
    Hope my sneezeweed holds up.
    If the trumpet vine produced I'd keep it...
    only got it for the hummers.


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