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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Aah....something other than my planter.
Need to relax !

Arbor is full but few flowers.
Victoria's Caster Bean plant is a very nice accent.
Don't you think ?
Wonder how tall it will get....

Check out the flower !!

Are these yellow climbers ?
The rose stems were 2 1/2 feet spread out on ground so I staked them.

Impatiens are taking over....only put in about 10 plants for this bed as filler.
The extra foot and a half that this bed was pulled out allowed space for some sunny plants like Knock Out Roses,Geranium x 'Rozanne' and Nepeta 'Walker's Low'.

Greek oregano

Cardinal Climbers finally growing and are sharing the same trellis as Morning glories.

Morning Glory 'Scarlet O'Hara' are growing like weeds.

Vista Fuchsia Supertunia

Tiny Bed redo again !
Knock Out Rose Rosa 'Radrazz'

Dragon fly


  1. All so beautiful and very relaxing, Patsi. The castor bean is a giant, and the flowers otherworldly!

  2. Patsi,
    Your garden looks so great! Time to stop and relax long enough to enjoy it! I think we often spend so much time working in the gardens, and not nearly enough time just BEING with the gardens.


  3. Patsi, Everything looks so beautiful in your gardens! Just don't let anyone eat the Castor Bean seeds!

    Watch your impatiens next year. I've had them re-seed for the past three years. Not great numbers, but every plant sprawls so nicely! :-)

  4. Everything looks great to me, so full and lush! I think I need to be reminded to relax. I have some impatiens that reseeded from last year, too.

  5. Your garden is neat and tidy. Everything is so beautiful. Cheers!

  6. Yes, Patsi, beautiful indeed! Always thought those castor plants were cool but have never grown one..they do get huge huh? I love cardinal climbers, too! Gonna have to read your hypertufa post 'cuz I HAVE to make one :)

  7. Patsi ... we both took pictures of dragonflies girl ! .. Love all the plants : ) My neighbor used to do the bronze/purple ? dark coloured castor bean plant .. it would be huge .. I have thought of doing that one year myself !
    Great looking gardens girl : )

  8. I love your arbor.

    Had never thought of putting a cardinal climber with a morning glory vine. That will be a beautiful combination. Your gardens are looking so nice.

  9. Awesome castor bean. How is the pot going?

  10. Patsi, what wonderful pictures of a wonderful garden!!!I've always wanted a castor bean plant. Everyone told me how poisonous it was. So, what do you think Patsi? My kids won't touch it, and our dog doesn't roam through the garden. Should I try?

  11. Oh Patsi! Those 1st and 4th photos are just knockouts! LOVE that arbor. And your garden bed with the impatiens!!! WHY oh WHY won't MY impatiens take over????
    Your garden is sooooo lovely.

  12. Frances,
    Ok... is otherworldly really a word ? ha
    Never enough time to to retire. :)
    Know nothing about the caster bean plant.
    I've had some impatiens show up in the strangest places.
    Impatiens are so easy to pull out if you don't want them.
    Autumn Belle,
    Only tidy in the
    Oh...that planter...driving me crazy...want it done !
    The caster bean plant is getting taller everyday.
    Does accent my arbor nicely.
    Didn't have any other trellis to use.
    Pot post soon.
    Have no kids or pets...believe its the beans that are poisonous. And I'm not sure how poisonous.
    Fertilize !!
    Arbor is cool isn't it ?

  13. Your garden is so lovely...I wanted to walk through the arbor and take a tour with you. Love Scarlet...what a beauty of a morning glory. gail

  14. Love the arbor. Something is wrong with mine - I wonder why those climbers (Morning Glories) which did well in the beginning start to wither and don't want to flower anymore ... I wish I have lush plants like yours.

  15. If mine is as good as this, I would take out a chair, sit, watch, relax until I sleep... really neat and beautiful.

  16. Gail,
    I have 2 different morning glories...wish I could get a pic of the other one.
    Not a lot of blooms....everything is off this year.
    Hard to sit still...keep seeing a weed hear or there and have to get up. ha

  17. You have such great looking flowers. The climbing roses are gorgeous. The photo with the caster bean looks like it would be a great place to sit and relax. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Chad,
    I'm guessing climbing since the stems aren't stiff.. DH got them for me.
    Little too hot lately to relax outside...nights are good at 78 degrees.
    Well... except for the bugs.


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