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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Sun Bed !!!

Think I'm getting use to seeing the tops of the tomato stakes.
Sure can't see the red plastic mulch anymore !
Let me introduce my NEW SUN BED.



moving to the front



There are a few plants that did not survive. What else is new ? :(
One shrub you can't see is Sweetspire Itea 'Virginica Little Henry' which suffered where it was orginally,but I'm sure it will do well here in it's new spot.
Also a small Butterfly Bush-Buddleia davidii.
May have more than one type of the same plant but only showing one.
All plants are always subject to move...maybe I should stop doing that ?
This post is also my "records".

So what's blooming now in this new sun bed ?
Take a look !

Cleome or Spider Flower and Sages (Perovskia atriplicifolia,Salvia officinal + Golden)

Unknown Hybicus and Walleriana Impatiens

Obedient Plant or Physostegia (Virginiana Miss Manners + Vivid) and Gaura lindheimeri 'Karalee Petite Pink'

Vista Fuchsia Supertunia and Homestead Purple Verbena

Rainbow Knock Out Rose 'Pink Radcor' and Sneezeweed 'Mardi Gras'or Helenium

Purple Coneflower or Echinacea angustifolia and Bee Balm or Monarda didyma

Double Knock Out Rose 'Pink Radtko' and Dianthus hybred 'Rosish One'

Angel Mist lavender Angelonia and Geranium x 'Rozanne'

Cosmos sulphureus (Cosmic Red + Ladybird Scarlet) and Salvia splendens

Cannas 'Pixie'(no blooms yet) and Double Knock Out Rose'Rosa Radtko'

Potato Vine plant 'Margarita' and False sunflower or Heliopsis 'Summer Sun,'

Black-eyed Susan or Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm' and unknown Hollyhocks

Red Tip, Photinia x fraseri(2) and Hyssop or Agastache (Purple Pygmy + Sunset)

Red Fox Speedwell or Veronica spicata and Catmint or Nepeta nervosa 'Felix'

Willow, Dappled 'On Standard' or Salix 'Hakuro Nishiki' and Foxglove or Digitalis Foxy Mix

Cardinal climbers and Morning Glory 'Scarlet O'Hara'

Daylilies (Stella Dora + Lily Grapeete)and Rosemary Blue Tuscan

Feather Reed Grass or Calagagrostis acufifolia 'Karl Foerster'(3) and Nemesia hybrid 'Sunsatia Raspberry'

By the way Google "Search This Blog" really works !
I try to mention both common and latin names of plants...
to make it easier to find.


  1. It is incredible to think that this is a new bed? It is so lush and full, just wonderful and great plant choices too. It is hard to beat a sunny spot in the garden with nice soil. :-)

  2. New? (tongue hangs out of mouth, eyes pop out) That's so gorgeous, full and lush! You did great!


  3. Looks like that bed has been there for years. You must have a really big green thumb!

  4. And I remember this past Spring and the issue you had with all the red. Everything looks so Good, Patsi. You must just want to sit and sit out there and just enjoy it. :-)

  5. What a display of flowers! Beautiful!

  6. What an amazing variety of textures and colors! Well done!

  7. Very nice bed, Patsi! I'm still in love with that cardinal vine ;) No shortage of color for you! Cleomes, which usually reseed and spread everywhere, did not come back for me this year..I have one plant...with one stalk of flower. Your record keeping is nice and thorough.

  8. Patsi girl ! Holy Moses !! LOL
    That is one full of life bed .. I need a new sun bed myself and this makes me think hard about how the heck am I going to do it .. but you have lit the fuse to inspire me girl.
    I love the Mardi Gras helenium .. I want that too to join my other one ..
    Orange with envy I am ;-) LOL

  9. Patsi
    What a lovely sun bed, sure can't see the red mulch cloth......the variety of plants in your garden is impressive.All look very happy.

  10. You did a wonderful job on this new bed. Amazing variety of plants. It looks really nice. I see some old favorites there and lot that I have never tried...yet;)

    I remember your posts about the red mulch you used on the tomatoes. Now I'm looking for it to use next season. I like the way it looks once the plants start to grow up.

  11. You did the same thing as me. It sure makes sense to add a sun bed by your veggie garden. It does not look new at all-nice and full and lush!

  12. Frances,
    Always need to cram plants in a bed.
    Lots of compost !
    Next year I'll know better what to keep where and annuals not to grow.
    I'm not a spotty gardener...might over due it though.
    Changing the red to black plastic nearest my bed helped much.
    Thanks. Do you have a blog ?
    Thanks, but you know I'm no professional.
    Have to keep records at least to some degree.
    The Cleome was a last minute thought...had tons of seeds... so why not.
    Your orange sneezeweed are awesome !

  13. Rosemary,
    Most are happy. Can use a little tweaking for next year.
    Red is not so bad...we do have a lot of beds though. Prefer it not so close to my beds but there's only so much room in the yard.
    Not a geat DH can't say red is better...not yet.
    That's because you can't keep me away from the garden marts... :) And don't want to wait years for a full bed.

  14. Beautiful! Lovely photos and lovely sun bed.

  15. A beautiful and bountiful new bed! It's lovely and you've given me a few plant ideas! Take care~~gail

  16. Hard to believe the bed is new, it's so full already. You've got such a pretty variety of flowers.

  17. Iowa,
    Welcome. Glad you enjoyed.
    Ideas ? Always looking for ideas. :)
    I over do it with plantings. Can't help myself.

  18. What GORGEOUS gardens you have! I loved the coloring and foliage and design. Lovely! Thanks for visiting me! I'll be back to visit yours!

  19. Lovely garden and gorgeous pictures! A joy to behold!

  20. Miss Daisy,
    Glad you enjoyed.
    Happy you like my light-hearted blog.

  21. Everything looks so great! YOur pictures are wonderful.

  22. Whow....simply beautifully captured much variety!

  23. Teresa,
    Thanks for visiting. My pictures or photo skills don't seem to be getting better with age...what's with that ? ha
    Variety is good...can get boring if things aren't changed time to time.

  24. Hi Patsi - your garden is looking stunning with all those beautiful flowers - love the Orange Cosmos that you've got a close up of - lovely! Hope you're having a good weekend Miranda x

  25. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by the "Burbs"! Your beds are lovely!

  26. Wow, your garden looks fantastic!!!
    I'll probably be picking your brain soon, we need A LOT of help with our garden. Love the pics too =)

  27. The border looks very mature....and a wonderful riot of colour. I bet the bees and butterflies love this space......

  28. Miranda,
    Hi stranger it's been awhile. Glad you came by.
    Thanks so much.
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm Who might Shanny be ?
    Mature is one way of putting it....I call it crowded. Getting the creaters late but yes...they love it.

  29. Beautiful! So full, and lush, and wonderful.

  30. Patsi, this bed hardly looks new! It's gorgeous. And so healthy looking. Your hardy hibiscus looks really pretty. Well, everything does, but that one caught my eye especially.

  31. Donna,
    Hey, love you're new look ! Lush sounds good.:)
    Mostly year will tell.
    Hibiscus is something my husband has to buy every year.

  32. Oh my goodness! You have alot of beautiful new things going on, must be nice to wake up to all of them each morning!

  33. Geez, Patsi! Your new bed is looking fantastic! Just gorgeous! (And the tomato stakes are just tall fillers.)
    I wouldn't care if that canna bloomed or not. The leaves are beautiful!!
    Nice job! Kudos to you.

  34. Dawn,
    Have to check every morning !!
    Cannas are nice big plants...shame they don't grow in the shade. ha


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