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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hypertufa Planter FINISHED

Hyper to fa
Hyper tuf a
How do you say it ?
Ok, on with the finished project.

Cutting away the mold.
You can see where there may be some cracking.

Put it on a dolly and moved to side of house. Way too heavy !!
Then using my hands and a utility knife...broke away any lose cement.
Not so pretty and may not stay in one piece BUT I've learn some things....
like mix better and add more water. Rubber gloves are a must !
Do feel it may be missing something.

I understand that you should wait a month to cure in the elements before planting in it.
Temporarily added some plants that were originally planted in a bad location and dying.
For now I'm finished with this project !!

Believe the mix was proper but then again I'm hearing different opinions.
My suggestion is don't do it in 90 degree temps and be more selective with your molds.
Seen many different mixes on the Internet even one using elmers glue for the outer shell.

All tips and tricks are welcome.
See it from the on "Hypertufa Planter" label.


  1. Congratulations Patsi! The planter looks very good, and you got your work out!

  2. I've seen pictures of the original stone troughs and yours look like them. I love the rustic look like it was carved from stone.

  3. It looks fabulous Patsi! Well done!

  4. I think it looks great. Love the larger size!

  5. I think it looks great! One day I will attempt to make one too.

  6. I think it looks fine. Now that you have completed one, it will be that much easier next time.

  7. Fantastic! I love the size and look of it.


  8. Patsi, The planter looks amazing! You have inspired me to give it a try. Pamela

  9. Tatyana,
    Yes, it was a work-out !
    Never thought of it that way. Reminds me of a big brick.
    Thanks...not too bad for a first try.
    Sure is big 75 pounds of cement !
    Thanks. If you do one...make it small.
    No next time...don't have a need for anymore.
    Well...maybe something different with cement.
    Many thanks :)
    Go for it ! But don't make the same mistakes as I did.

  10. I love it, Patsi! I've purchased my part of the recipe (sand) and waiting for my friends to get the rest then we'll have our hypertufa party!

  11. Lynn,
    One of the recipes does add confusing.
    Hypertufa...such a strange word...wonder where it came from. Have fun ! Take pics please.

  12. I think it looks Wonderful, Patsi!! One of my sources tells me to fill it with water and let it drain out for 10 days to leach the lime so it won't hurt the plants. How are your plants????

  13. Shandy,
    Haven't looked...hubby does the watering. Plants weren't very good to start with so it's not to important this year.


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