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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whimsy Day

Can't seem to remember "bloomday" memes.
Either too late,too busy or something.
Tried "Wednesday Whimsy" but can't seem to stick to that !
So here's my...oh, lets call it a "Whimsy Day" meme,
which will be posted when ever the heck I think of it.
Who knows what I'll do ?!!!!

Here's a quiz that may be fun...
Can you name me ?

This flower is from a tree, but 2 years ago it looked like a common 3 foot plant
in my yard which I thought was wild or maybe just a weed. can be invasive in the southwest.
It really had me puzzled...and now it's 15 feet tall with these flowers.


Hint...just add some broccoli, olive oil,garlic and dried leaf oregano for a yummy side dish or meal.



  1. I didn't look inside the envelope on the first one because living here in the south, I'd have to say it's what we call a mimosa tree.

    Without looking at the answer on the second one, those look like squash blossoms to me. In France, I've eaten quite a few zucchini blossoms.


    PS I have beautiful hyacinth bean vines all over my fence! The tall orange cosmos is gorgeous, too! Thanks for the seeds

  2. I recognized it right away just like Cameron. It is also invasive here in the southeast. A pretty tree and fast grower for sure! Cute envelopes.

  3. A fun post....
    would the tree also be known as a powder puff tree, or am I getting muddled??

  4. Cameron,
    You'll have to let me know when you decide to post some pictures.
    Hmmmm.... Now not sure what to do with the tree now.
    Quiz too easy ahhh ?
    Yes, google says Powder Puff.

  5. Patsi this is so cute,"Love" the whimsy , did not get the first answer did the second.

  6. I don't think I've ever seen a Mimosa tree here, I love the leaves on it.
    I wish I would've planted squash, at least I've found a zucchini growing in the garden.

  7. It's been so long since I've seen a mimosa tree. I miss not being able to grow them.

  8. Rosemary,
    Just a silly whimsy day...
    Hubby has zucchini growing somewhere. For some reason I'm not crazy about it.
    Never would have guessed it could get so big in two years. Just noticed a neighbor has a perfect looking one in their front yard.

  9. That's funny -- I just posted a pic about the invasive Mimosa Silk Tree, and here you did, too! They are all over the woods in Oklahoma, where I just went camping last week.

  10. Patsi, I was talked out of planting a mimosa from the nursery(!) because it's a messy tree and short lived here..? but I've always loved it when I see it in bloom. Yeah, memes are hard to keep to...

  11. HI, Patsi,
    Loved your fun quizzes! So clever. I didn't know the first, but got the second. Thanks for visiting my site ... did you make any hyperturfa yet this summer? I just got a hyperturfa mushroom, so.o.o English... I love it. There's a picture on my latest blog entry.
    Happy gardening, Pamela

  12. Mededith,
    Today the tree is gone !!
    Tired of invasive plants etc growing in my yard.
    Not all plants/trees are good ideas. :)
    Looked for the "hyperturfa mushroom" on your latest post...did see what you added to your driveway. Pretty cool !

  13. Patsi girl ... I didn't get to visit yesterday, and a big wow ! as to how cute a set up this is ! .. you have been doing great additions to your blog .. I'm very jealous .. I took way too many pictures and I'm stuck with going through them all .. thus the lack in posting .. but today I shall get something posted I swear !

  14. Joy,
    Somehow you always create fun or nutty post.
    You'll never have a problem...why is that ? hmm


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