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Sunday, July 12, 2009

View From a Swing

Snapped some shots while sitting on the swing waiting to capture a picture of one of our Hummingbirds.
Bird came down after I walked inside.

Opps....past post pic !
Try to take a better one next time...always seem to be cockeyed. :(


  1. Hi Patsi! What a great view of your gardens! Thanks for the swing ride. ;-) And you DID capture that fellow afterall. Good job!

  2. That hosta next to the hydrangea is outstanding! Do you know the cultivar?

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I remember the urn from a previous post. Love the bike and wagon planter. Your garden is lovely.

  4. Beautiful pics, love the interesting objects scattered about, what a terrific spot to spot for a moment to enjoy the hummies...

  5. What a beautiful place to be while you wait for a little hummingbird!

    Our little female hummer is just so friendly. She even comes up on the front porch to say hello when we're rocking away in the mornings! She's taken to gardening alongside me, sometimes only a foot away. I think she wants to see what I'm planting for her!


  6. Gorgeous. Looks like a botanical garden!

  7. Shady,
    Sooner or later I'll get that pic which I really like. You reminded me that my Mom would always have to swing while we sat.
    It's one of my favorites. Sum and Substance which is on my perennial list page (My Links).
    The bike and wagon is a neat little feature to add to the garden.
    I have to be careful not to over do it with the accents.
    That was me just killing time waiting for the hummers.
    These guys a fairly new to the garden and us.
    Although one did come over to me while I was standing in the yard.
    Do you ever notice them seemingly waiting in the trees for you to change their sugar and water?
    So cute !

  8. Victoria,
    Not sure what a botanical garden should look like.
    Know mine is on the very small size but pretty cool.

  9. Gorgeous. That's all I can say!


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