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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunny Perennials and a few Annuals

Some new plants for 2009 !
(p)= perennial

Daylily 'Lily Grapeete' purple or P_H Dayly Little Grapeete #2(p)
I'm in love with this lily.

Foxglove or Digitalis Foxy Mix #2 (p)

Sneezeweed 'Mardi Gras' or Helen's Flower Helenium Hybred #2 (p)
Wonder why it's also called "sneezeweed"?

Black-eyed Susan or Rudbeckia hirta (only lives 2 years)

False sunflower or Heliopsis 'Summer Sun,' (p)
They say it's noted for its lengthy summer to early fall bloom period.

Dianthus hybrid 'Rosish One' (p)

Cosmos sulphureus 'Cosmic Red' (from seed) (a)
My very first flower :)

Nemesia hybrid 'Sunsatia® Raspberry'(not much to look at) (a)

Vista Fuchsia Supertunia (a)


  1. Beautiful summer colors!

  2. The lily is beautiful, such wonderful depth of colour...I can see why you love the bloom....

    You have some very bright and sunny colours there...

    Lovely post.....

  3. Patsi girl ! Now I'm sorry I didn't get "Little Grapeete" .. wow ! on the intense colour scale : ) I love that Cosmos too .. making mental notes here about your gorgeous flowers .. I better write it down or you know what happens .. poof ! haha
    Very nice post girl !

  4. Beautiful lily. You have all the plants that we want to try. More motivation I guess.

  5. LOVE your 'Lily Grapeete'!!! We have the sneezeweed and cosmos; we've always liked them.

  6. You have sold me on 'Lily Grapette!' Don't you love Foxglove?? I had one (1) that lasted one (1) year once. I assume it was too shady? Aren't they biennial? Perhaps it was already two years old when I planted it. ;-)

  7. Sheila,
    Always like least some.
    The Little Grapeete is not so little. It's new but hoping I won't have to stake it.
    Chad and Brandy,
    I'm possessed !
    Please tell me the sneezeweed comes back next did say perennial.
    I didn't do my's biennial !
    I believed the man at the garden mart.
    Can save seeds thought.

  8. I love all your selections. Wonderful photos. I had meant to add Mardi Gras this spring but couldn't find it locally. That Dianthus is beautiful. I wish they liked my heavy clay soil better. I almost always lose them overwinter.

  9. Marnie,
    The Mardi Gras sounds like a long lasting perennial. Grows well enough to divide every that.
    I never had a Dianthus come back but they always were in less sun....we'll see.

  10. Hi Patsi, your photos are phenomenal! We have Little Grapette, shared from daughter Semi and can only rave about it. Very long bloom time too. Mardi Gras is growing here too, it has been a long blooming stalwart. Love the Heliopsis, yes, we have one also, Bressingham Doubloon. Our gardens could be twins! HA

  11. Hi Patsi, your flowers are bright and cheery. I love your purple lily, too! My black eyed susan's have come back year after year-no sign of stopping; maybe a different variety than yours.
    I planted cosmos from seed, too-and still haven't gotten a flower! I thought they'd be prolific, after reading other bloggers' accounts of them; but not so for me:-(
    Have a great second half of July!

  12. So bright and colorful. Love the foxgloves. They are such a unique flower.

  13. Frances,
    I know you have every plants on
    Sun plants are new to me...finding hardy ones will be the trick.
    Wish I know what kind of black eyed susan you have ...have to do some research.

    I've planted many cosmos in the past and not all are prolific. The weather messed us up this year.

  14. Teresa,
    Foxgloves sure are unique...shame they're not perennials like the man at the garden mart said...I'll have to go back and talk to him.

  15. Patsi all your flowers, look great I am going to try to find Grapette, love the yellow throat.

  16. Patsi, I see you have some fabulous color there in your garden.

  17. Rosemary,
    You're right ! The yellow throat is as bright as a light.
    Got to have color !

  18. We have similar tastes. I also grow most of the flowers you posted on this time. I like the grapette, too. Great photos!

  19. So many flowers out there it's surprising when someone else grows much of the same. We'll have to compare notes.


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