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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Whites

Stunning flower BUT....
Angel's Trumpet or Datura inoxia
Plant produces one large flower that lives about 2 days.
Think this is the second one in 6 weeks...not sure, may have missed a few blooms.
This is why it got stuck in one of my "don't care about spots".

The flower sure is amazing !

The plant is not too bad to look at...but for a's not my cup of tea.

Lace cap Hydrangea
Didn't bloom last year. Have another one that hasn't bloomed in 2 years now.

White Stargazer Lily

Obedient Plant or Physostegia 'Virginiana Miss Manners'

'White Nancy' Lamium, or Spotted Dead Nettle.
Never disappoints me...even flowers in 90 degree temps.


  1. Those are some beautiful whites! I have a couple of hydrangeas that are very stingy with the flowers.
    I really like the Datura, but if it blooms that infrequently I think I'll just enjoy other peoples.

  2. I love the night blooming jimsonweed (datura) so much! A friend gave me a seedling and I was wondering how I ever gardened without it. Even though it is an annual here it sets seed readily. Does yours? I moved many of my seedlings around this year and wound up with only two still living and no blooms. Don't worry, they'll come and smell so good. The white lily is quite nice. White is great in the garden-especially fragrant white.

  3. Love the crisp whites!

  4. Your captures are heavenly, Patsi! The datura has such presence in the garden and does well into fall here as the leaves are turning, providing interest with those spiky seed pods. We normally have several from self sowing, but I am not seeing any this year so far oddly. I save the opened pods as indoor decor for Hallowe'en, very scary! :-)

  5. Catherine,
    The hydrangeas have me fickled. I'm ready to throw out the other one.
    Did you say night blooming datura ?
    Maybe that's why I haven't noticed the blooms or scent.ha
    White sure stands out.
    Have to look for the spiky seed pods this fall.
    So far...the plants ok.

  6. Patsi girl you did a fantastic job capturing "white" in your garden !
    It can be a difficult "colour" to photograph and you did a heck of a job !
    I can't believe my lilies have not bloomed yet .. I have never seen this stalled this long .. Casa Blanca is my favorite white one.
    I didn't know there was a white Star Gazer .. I have the standard pink one ..
    Great post girl !
    PS .. did you see that last episode of True Blood ?? WOW !!!

  7. They are all beautiful. I don't know which one I like best. I'd like to try growing a Datura, maybe next season.

  8. Beautiful whites... lovely shots.
    ~ bangchik

  9. Hi Patsi! I keep messing up on my notes! Can't type today! I feel cooler (on this hot day!) just looking at these white blooms. I have alot of wild daturas in bloom...huge leaves but small pale purple flowers..not too showy! We have the same hydrangea :)

  10. Lovely white post.....I agree with you angel's trumpets are not for me either. I grew them two years ago, never again...

    I love the dead nettle and have it dotted all around my garden....such a giving plant....

    Star Gazer is always so stunning.....Time Out has just opened its blooms in my garden...worth waiting for.....

  11. Lovely white collection. The Datura self seeds like crazy for me.

  12. Joy,
    Believe there are all kinds of Star Gazers.
    Not big into lilies.
    The Datura I have may not be that sensible to seems there are others though.
    The first pic impresses me !
    See...learn something new everyday...different daturas. Beginning to sound like a weed from comments.
    Another dead nettle lover...Yay !!
    So the Datura self seed?....where you don't want them? Hmmmmm

  13. What beautiful white flowers! I love the datura. I am trying to get it started in my garden.

  14. Beautiful flowers. Those Datura are knockouts. We really need to get one.

  15. I say this all the time. Whites are my favorites for the front garden with the white varigated hostas.

  16. Missy M,
    This type of datura may be disappointing.
    Soooo short lived but pretty.
    Funny... no whites in the front. They do pop in the garden.

  17. Hi Patsi,
    Thanks for visit to my blog.
    Yes i have been too busy with this and that to blog . . . but am back at it!

    I LOVE Lacecap Hydrangia's and have one that is so shy she has never bloomed for me.
    What should i do to encourage her?

    Your blog is great. Did you design it yourself?? I mean, it is not "blogger"
    --i would love to learn how to design a webpage.
    Maybe this winter i can work on that.

    Ta ta for now,

  18. Becky,
    Know nothing about Lacecaps...ready to throw one out...plant is huge BUT no flowers again.

    Yes, own design. You can do some tweaking with blogger. Check out labels-Blogging "no two blogs are the same"

  19. My mother-in-law grew moonflowers (daturas) and I hunted until I found some plants, and haven't had to hunt since. The first seedling of this year, that I didn't pull out, has only been blooming a week or so, and with deadheading, now has lots of buds. There are a couple others that came up later, that I decided to let grow, and they are just starting to get buds. I'm sorry you are disappointed with yours. I usually have to trim mine to keep them within the space I have for them.

    I like your other whites, too.


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