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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Show and Tell Shade

Just for the records...

This fern is the same size it was 4 years ago



or what we consider FULL SUN

If the entire backyard was not bordered by trees the above would be consider by most to be FULL SUN

Briefly Defined Shade

Full sun = 8 plus hours of direct sunlight.
Light Shade = 5 to 7 hours of direct sunlight.
Partial Shade = 2 to 4 hours of direct sunlight.
Full Shade = no direct exposure to the sun,2 to 6 hours of indirect sun light.
Dense Shade = no direct sun all day,very little if any indirect sun light, dappled.

With my experience....
for Full Shade Plants ...
the more hours of indirect sunlight the better !


  1. Patsi girl .. I haven't seen it explained like this before .. it gives me a better idea of "why" and "why not" ? LOL .. my back garden is becoming more of a shade garden .. also that tricky bit about being dry shade with the Maple tree .. I'll have to do some research this winter on how to handle all of this .
    Thanks girl !

  2. I love seeing what you've got planted in shade, I just wish my shade wasn't dry shade. I think I'm going to try some lamium like you've got in your first picture. I also really like the hosta and hydrangea together.
    I'm in zone 8, I noticed you have the zones in your sidebar. I'm pretty sure it's even 8a according to the map.

  3. Joy,
    Glad to be of any help. Shade beds can get very complicated.
    What the heck...give it a try !
    I'm new to sun...wait till' you see the mess I made of my new sun bed. It's all mixed up.


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