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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Old Accents Etc...New Uses

Old garden accents and planters etc....
New uses...
A simple but good day.

Closer view-super sized !
No clue what these are except annuals.

Look familiar Victoria ?

Huge !! No, I'm not a hand model. :)

Just hubby doing his morning inspection.
He gets dressed unlike me still in my jammies with coffee in hand.

If your ZONE doesn't appear on my blog list,could you please give it to me.
This will help...
Plant Hardiness Zone Map..Europe
Plant Hardiness Zone Map....USDA



  1. Wow, what a tidy garden! Are those labels on the tomato stakes?

  2. Great foliage plants! I recognize all of those annuals, but have never bothered to know the names either! LOL

    Yes, tidy garden! Looks like a big crop of veggies for your family and friends.

    My DH wears shorts and Ts outside and I go out in my "sloppy clothes" meaning yoga pants and a T. Looks like jammies to my neighbors as they drive off to work and I wave at them... I'm comfy and having coffee.


  3. Fabulous planting......often we forget how beautiful foliage can be....and I love the second pot, gorgeous.

    I am a pj, coffee, sort of girl to......

  4. Patsi girl your garden is looking gorgeous ! It is finally drying out a bit from all the rain now .. I have a lot of the same annuals and they have been nifty for me : )
    Great pictures girl and hey .. men just get dressed a lot earlier than woemn who garden ? LOL

  5. Hi Patsi, I'm on the border of zone 5a and 4b, technically in zone 4b. Love your garden art. I have been so busy with my new garden, I didn't drag my concrete critters out of the barn this year. I have the chartreuse Ipomoea but have not tried the variegated one. Those tomatoes look great. Does your husband consider the red mulch a success?

  6. Patsi Love the castor bean , I see the red ground cover has practically disappeared and the tomatoes are terrific. Zone 6a for me.

  7. Donna,
    Tidy ? Oh NO not me !
    Yes, they are labels from cut up mini blinds.
    Hope we have a good crop.
    This season has been most strange and behind schedule.
    I try to note everyone of the plants I buy...just didn't with these.
    Those plants look like they really should be for indoors.
    Yay Pj's !
    Thanks to the man of few words. lol
    As you can tell from my blog...I also choose to be on the quite side.
    Yes, now we are getting sunshine more than half the time. All the grays skies sure made for a slow season.
    Ipomoea...not that rings a bell.
    Red mulch/plastic seems no different than black but it has been a slow season. Have to wait longer to know for sure.
    You're right about the "red" but once the tomatoes start getting ripe the foliage dies off... then back to red.

  8. I love all your foliage plants and also your accents and containers!! Esp the 2nd picture! I am definitely trying some potato vines next year.

  9. Missy,
    Thanks for visiting. Urns and pots can add interest to the garden. Potato vines just keep growing like it !
    Glad you enjoyed this post...hoping to show my sun bed soon.

  10. Patsi, your castor bean is huge!! Great job!!
    Mine are still rather tiny, but I still enjoy the nice leaf shape.

    I really like the second and third containers, and then the concrete statue is really cool looking. Very nice. I need to do more of that in our garden.

    After working six days straight, I'm finally upon my weekend!! Yay!

  11. I enjoyed your photos, especially the one of your husband in the garden. I should put what you have in your sidebar, listing blogs you are "trying to follow". I'm glad I made it here to let you know I am in zone 5b. That's a good idea, including zones, too.


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