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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh Happy Days !!!

The bees are back !!
So are the dragonflies and my favorite birds the Ruby-throated Hummers....

Stained Glassworks Kiwi Fern or Solenostemon. Gotta love that color...wild !

Unknown Rose from hubby. My favorite cut long stem roses are yellow or peach.

This is a stand I built for extra extras this year.
The potted sedum is from a piece of one I dug up last hasn't moved since.
I think it likes it there.

Now getting the sun and heat for hibiscus to be happy.

Obsession Apricot Verbena...pretty sure ?

There's a pair of these Chickadees making a nest somewhere.

Lost 2 more perennials and 3 annuals to "Cute".
But still Happy Days !!!

Also hubby's birthday today ! Turning the BIG 60. You'd never know it...
he's the most handsome and youngest looking 60 year old I've ever seen.
Think it's LOVE ?


  1. Love the stained glass! Isn't it amazing how fast those sedum grow? Nothing could be easier to grow or propagate. Great photos of the bee on monarda and the little chickadee;)

  2. Sounds like love to me.....happy days indeed....

    Beautiful blooms and rabbit is cute.....even though it eats your sweet blooms....they do add a lovely feature to the garden.....

  3. Hey Patsi, love the first pic... was that a monarda... which one?

    Great to see your bees are back and your chickadees nest building... and a birthday too! Gosh... no wonder I can hear you humming that tune all the way over in Scotland ;-) Now the big question... will you be jivin' or jiggin' later?

  4. Patsi, Really enjoying your blog and photos! Yep, I'd say it's love! Mr. Shady's birthday is in October - yep. The same "big 60!" ;-)

  5. Pats, love that coleus..great photos..of EVERYTHING! Hummers have been too quick for me to capture..did you wait long? Have fun celebrating!

  6. Patsi girl .. a little sun really makes you happy doesn't it ? LOL
    Hey Happy Birthday to your hubby .. hope you two have something really special lined up to do .. nice dinner .. nice wine .. nice evening ? LOL
    Love the pictures .. and WOW ! on that fern !!

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband! Enjoyed looking at your blooms! Kiwi Fern is something! And thank you for your comments on my blog Patsi!

  8. Love that Stained Glassworks Kiwi Fern!
    Happy Birthday to your Hubbie! I'm sure he's just as handsome as ever!

  9. Marnie,
    Know what else is easy to propagate ?
    Red Dragon-Persicaria microcephala...just stick in the dirt. I'll let you know when I post about it.
    Did I mention the SUN ?
    Lifts your spirits !
    Yes, Beebalm.
    I'm guessing what " jivin' or jiggin' " means...think we did both. :)
    Glad you're enjoying my posts.
    Nice to hear that we're not the only youngsters.
    Still waiting for a pic of the hummers.
    Nice quite dinner at Wolfgang Pucks.
    We're not big on parties.
    You're right about the sun. Gotta remember we had 2 months of rain and gray skies.
    Shame the fern is a annual.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes...he's happy.
    Seems like most garden bloggers post almost every day. So even if I visit once or twice a week I know I'm missing alot of good posts. :(
    Only married 4 years this Sept.
    He's the best husband I could ever ask for.
    Gotta keep trying till' you get it right.
    I got it right !

  10. Love the purple fern. - Dave

  11. Hi Patsi, thanks for you nice comment - yes, you were right, it is a butterfly house!
    PS Your husband's a lucky fellow to have such a loving wife...

  12. Best wishes to your hubby. Love the pics of the flowers, hummies are a joy when they visit a garden..not so much the darn bunnies........

  13. Dave,
    That is a pretty cool fern !
    Never seen a butterfly house like it before. Looks like a work of art.
    We have 3 hummers all of a sudden and everyday !
    Great fun watching them.

  14. Those roses are gorgeous.

    Glad you finally have hummingbirds. Now it is officially summer.

  15. Chad and Brandy,
    You've got that right....Officially Summer !

  16. Happy birthday to your husband and so sorry Cute took out your plants...that's not cute. The bee on beebalm is beeutiful. gail

  17. Hi Patsi, happy birthday to hubby! My husband is the same age, well a year older, and still looks young and dashing to these eyes too. Isn't it wonderful how our vision works as we age? Your photos are spectacular, love the monarda. Those colors are my faves for roses too. :-)

  18. Gail,
    Kinda late to feel like summer...that's ok.
    Funny, "dashing"...that word is definitely not todays generation.

  19. I love your chickadees great photos and happy Birthday Hubby.


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