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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This and That

First some Green

Sweetspire Itea 'Virginica Little Henry' and Persicaria microcephala ‘Red Dragon’
are a little crowded.
I'm always planting things too close.
Someday I should improve my method...but not yet.

My DH won't let me cut down this wild fern. Can you see it?
It's 2 years old and over the fence.

No idea what this is growing over our fence.

Wax Privet(Ligustrum japonicum)is mighty happy...tons of flowers.
It's now giving us the privacy from our next door neighbor's window.

Canna and all other plants I started from seed are behind schedule, but hanging in there.

Also tomato plants should be more leafy. But it's still early so we have time.

Decided to expand a bed. Thank goodness for my garden helper.
As you can see hubby is wearing his sweatshirt, it's a little chilly.
Temps only went up to 62 degrees today and of course it rained again.


Now some Color !

Silver Mound Lantana and New Guinea impatiens.

Some kind of petunias. Love this color !

My new love. Geranium x 'Rozanne' violet blue PP12175 (got 6 of these plants)

More New Guinea impatiens.

Double Knock Out 'Rosa Radtko' cherry red inflorescences.
Yes,I know the blocks need to be straightened out.

Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus 'Camelot Mix'. Just one flower but hope to see more.

Homestead Purple Verbena or Verbena canadensis 'Homestead'.
I believe it's border line for my zone.

Cuphea Mexican Heather. This is an annual in our zone.

Delphinium chinensis 'Blue Butterfly'. Did I say I love blue ? :)

Went to the garden mart today. Now that's something I ALWAYS enjoy doing !
Also got everything in the ground before dark !

Can't forget the Blue Jay now out of nest, but can't fly yet.
However Mom and Dad are keeping a close eye on him.


  1. Every time I see someone expanding a bed it makes me want to get outside and do it. More room for more plants!! I love the blue delphinium. Nothing better than a carload of plants!

  2. Wow, you did quite a bit of shopping. Your yard looks great. The roses, lupine and lantana will provide color most of the summer, at least around here they do. Great photo of the baby bluejay. I've never seen one before, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi again Patsi, I agree it is always great to see someone working on a garden project. It always inspires us to change something... oops I'm always doing that anyway. My plants must quake in their roots when I walk by with a trowel in my hand ;-)

    Yep... your car boots of plants really did make me smile :-D What wonderful colour you have in your garden at the moment. Ah... the butterfly blue delphinium takes me back... I had that once. It didn't survive the winter here though ;-(

    Oh... that baby Blue Jay is my fav pic of this posting... don't you just smile at their banana beaks at this stage? Have a great gardening week :-D

  4. Hi Patsi, love all the green , would love to have a fern that grows over a fence, and am going to look for that lupin variety so pretty. When you go shopping you go shopping!

  5. Patsi .. that over the fence plant ? may be either Virgina Creeper or Engelmann Ivy .. the leaf structure is the same as mine .. it is stunning in Autumn with scarlet red !
    That blue is so blue it is amazing .. all of your plants are looking very HAPPY ... and what a HAUL in the back of the car girl !! I'm jealous ; )
    True Blood RULES !! haha

  6. I agree with Joy on the Virginia Creeper. A very pretty vine that is often confused with poison ivy. It can take over pretty quick but has its uses.

    The color is fabulous. The delphiniums such a beautiful blue.

  7. What a great bird photo! The jays are very shy and secretive here.

    I just got my first Rozanne and I love it too.

    I think the vine by your fence is Virginia creeper, 5 leaves. Love your garden shoes/clogs;)

  8. Wonderful garden shots! I agree that you have Virginia Creeper on the fence. Great fall color.

    I can't believe you got all of that planted in one day! You rock! I spend 10 times as long re-thinking placement, so I'm a slow planter! I can stare at a spot of ground for hours! LOL

    Cool and rainy here. I'll soon have a lot of hyacinth bean vines all over my cottage garden fence! :-)


  9. Three leaves...let it be. Five leaves is Virginia Creeper. - Dave

  10. Hi Patsi, another resounding vote here for virginia creeper :) I'm sure you can't forget that vine's name from now Lovely lupine and delphinium colors! And WOW, great shot of Baby cute!

  11. Hi Patsi, one more for Virginia Creeper, we have so much poison ivy here, we had to learn quickly the difference. I love your hostas, so bright and cheerful, and the delphs, always a pleasure. Great lupine color too. But the high point of this post had to be the car load of plants! Excellent! :-)

  12. The back of your car is a wonderfully familiar sight! I love driving down the road and seeing all the plants in the rear view mirror...don't they make you smile! I agree the delphinium blue is stellar and I hope you get more lupine...that is a gorgeous color! gail

  13. So you're expanding a garden bed, what else is new? :-)
    Love that Mexican Heather and the blue, blue delphinium.
    What a cute baby Blue Jay!

  14. Catherine,
    Only pulled out the bed 2 feet but enough room for roses...hope I have enough sun.
    Chad ,
    Not much color yet. Everyone is nesting except hummers. I miss them.
    Not sure what will survive the winter.
    Funny "quake in their roots ".
    Love new plants !
    Lupine is a perennial here...we'll find out.
    I found this Virgina Creeper growing everywhere.
    I have mucho vine like things growing...keep pulling them out.
    Don't think I want the Creeper. Love the deep blue of the delphiniums...hope it blooms for a long time.
    Still wearing my old garden clogs...can't seem to part with them even though the new ones look so pretty.

  15. Cameron,
    You know some of my stuff will get moved.
    Hope I gave you enough hyacinth bean seeds.
    Thanks. I've found more in unwanted places.
    Babies are always so cute !
    I agree...the car load of plants tells a lot about us gardeners. :)
    True...what else is new?
    We just can't stop ourselves. What's with that?

  16. Glad a few others were able to identify the mystery vine for you. I have a mystery one on my fence that looks similar to yours, hope it's not poison ivy! Seen in your previous post you've been getting alot of rain. We did this spring but now nothing. Could you send some my way. Love all the blooms, and looks like you got some great plants. :)

  17. Your fern is like a tree! You made out like a bandit, so to speak, with the plant purchases! I've done that so many times already that I've lost count! Just added 3 Rozanne's this summer, myself...first time for me, too! Love the blues. My favorite photo is of baby bluebird. I haven't gotten any baby shots this year...I've been too preoccupied with plants:-)

  18. What fun you have been having!! I love the shot of your crowded car. Did you wear your new gardening shoes?? Happy Day!

  19. Rachael,
    It's still raining...18 out of 22 days this month. Someone said...3 leaves is poison ivy.
    Hope my plants work well. Sad, my seedlings are suffering do to the rain.
    The fern is at least 10 feet tall...crazy huh?
    Sounds like your garden is going to be great !
    It's always fun shopping for plants !
    Maybe when the ground dries up a little I'll start wearing the new clogs.


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