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Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's not too Late !!

It's not too late to collect Columbine Seeds !!
Thanks to Shady's "Sow then Grow" blog I learned the simple method of collecting Columbine seeds which I never did before.
These below already dropped their seeds.
Just give it a try if you haven't already...I was always pinching them off too late.

These haven't dropped their seeds and some other types will stay closed and fully brown with seeds rattling inside.

Here are two different types of Columbine.
As you can see just from pinching them off the stem...these seeds fell right in my hand and on to the paper plate to fully dry.

It's a slow process starting indoors.
One week in the freezer...small tray full of soil and seeds.
Seeds lightly covered with soil and whole tray in plastic wrap..
Then wait 3-4 weeks to germinate under LIGHT(no plastic wrap).
These below are 2-week-old seedlings.

So my conclusion is...if you grow in a greenhouse or under lights...start seeds at least 5 weeks before your other seeds.
Or just winter's got to be easier...but I wonder just how many seeds survive till' spring .


  1. Thanks for this, off to try it now.

  2. I started many columbines two years ago from seed. Many of them are still growing in our garden. But I haven't saved our own seed. Great tips!

  3. Hi Patsi, I usually just hold the stem while on the plant and shake it so the seeds just scatter around. They are so tiny that they don't require 'planting' under soil. In spring time, I dig up the babies and plant them more in a group for a better show. And sometimes the colors are different from the original...

  4. I'm going to go collect mine now. ;-)

  5. My columbine seeds are just ripening now. Can the seeds be frozen without the soil? Don't have room in my small freezer for a tray of soil.

    Gave a yellow columbine as a special gift and I'm really hoping to get some seeds from it to start later this summer.

  6. Never grown Columbine before, wonder if they grow in our zone?

  7. Hermes,
    Good luck !
    I never saved seeds before either but that's because it was always too late when I thought of it.
    I knew most people did it the easier way !
    Go collect !

  8. Marnie,
    The common way is to freeze the seed packet.
    But I just figured, what the heck...
    this is like an artificial method of stratification so why not put the seeds in the soil and stick the whole thing in the freezer (more like nature).
    I like experimenting...don't always do things the easy way. This would normally be done in February/March.
    Humm... Have to check your zone.

  9. Last week, we collected all the seeds from two huge columbines. We will let them dry for maybe another week, then sprinkle them back in the same bed that they came from. Out of the couple hundred thousand seeds, a few are bound to grow.


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