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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dreary Days...but still there's Life

Many dreary days here...if not rain, then grey skies.
Plants are craving sun and so am I.
There's still life in the garden with hopes that soon the sun will shine all day !

Dwarf Yellow Lilies

Tiger Lilies

Red Fox Speedwell or Veronica spicata 'Red Fox'

Red Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus'

Angel Mist lavender Angelonia


I DON'T care about the weather !
Just FEED ME !

There's also a happy but hungry baby rabbit in the yard.
Sorry Victoria but your one remaining Sunflower may not survive.
I had them caged but took it off....maybe should have stayed with that approach !

Not much growth with any of my in-house seedlings...need love from the SUN !

How our one little rabbit managed to finish off THIS (unknown plant)in one day...we have no idea. He or she also likes Ramapo and Coustralee tomato plants . ;(


  1. I had red fox a few years ago but let the purple coneflower overrun it. It's very pretty. The mouth on that baby wren is bigger than the bird is;) Too bad about the rabbit. He has good taste in plants;)

  2. Awesome pictures. Those birds are just too cute!

  3. Oh my gosh. I'm so glad we don't have a rabbit problem! Sorry about the sunflowers. Maybe I need to send you shady loving seeds instead.
    We're finally getting our share of sunshine and heat. Should help the veggies anyway.

  4. That's the name of my pink Veronica! I can't wait to see it bloom here. Your garden does look cheery even if the weather isn't. I love the cute bird picture.

  5. Rain here this morning and not a scrap of blue in a grey sky, but your pictures cheered me up.

  6. Patsi ... my goodness girl , you need some sun and blue skies SOON ! We have showers predicted on and off for days yet. I heard Toronto (about 3 hours from us) had hail .. so be glad THAT isn't happening to you girl ??
    You gotta' love the lilies and other bright flowers on the go girl : )

  7. Hi Patsi! We also have a cool summer, and I am afraid that tomatoes won't be good. Flowers meanwhile are enjoying the weather. I like the variety of them in your garden. Need to put some of them on my list.

  8. Marnie,
    It sure is a big mouth. The Veronica spicata is new this year...we'll see how it does.
    The birds sure love this yard for nesting.
    We just got some sun and heat today...hope my seedlings start growing.Caster bean is happy.
    It's not all gloomy...sure is slow growing.
    It had to be the baby bird !
    Most of the old perennials came back..thank goodness.
    I'm trying to control my list...there's only so much room !

  9. Hi Patsi, beautiful colorful photos even with your dreary weather. Your lilies are lovely. Love all the veronicas, they do well in our hot summers, but must also like your rain as well. We would be happy to see some of that come down our way. :-)

  10. Looks like your garden is enjoying the wet & dreary weather. Gorgeous blooms. We've been missing out on all that precipitation too. It would be nice to have some so I could get a break from dragging hoses. ;)

  11. You have a nice series of photos here. I'm sorry about your sunflower. Our squirrels took the flowers off before the seeds were fully developed last year, but I planted some anyway this year, hoping they won't do that again. I didn't know rabbits ate tomato plants.

    The bird photo was a great capture!

  12. Frances,
    Veronicas are new to me...looked pretty so had to buy some. Rain is the best way to water but not when there's NO sun in between.
    We've just had 1 and a half days of sun...what a difference it makes!
    Squirrels did that with our sunflowers in the past. This baby rabbit thinks he owns our property !


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