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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Work and Money

Work, work, work !!
Money, money, money !!
Realized after spending over $200 that I can't seem to fill my new bed.
Think I may just finish off with annuals to fill in some of the center and in front of the trellis that supports the cardinal climbers.
Would prefer perennials but low ones are needed and don't know what to get.

As you can see...DH is working hard on his tomato beds. It's getting dark outside so I apologize for the pics not being too clear.
He changed some of the red plastic right behind the new sun bed to black.
This will be a good experiment on red verses black plastic.
Once I get the new perennials recorded and this bed finished off, I'll post some better pics with updates.
And of course, can't forget about the great tasting heirloom tomatoes coming August.


  1. That's okay, Patsi! Understandably, one can always sow annual seeds and see how things develop next year. By the Way, it looks wonderful. Your Hakuru Nishiki (sp) looks very happy indeed. I have one that is much happier this Spring than it has been the past few years. It's getting just a tiny bit more sunshine and it seems to really like it!

    I'm looking for Virginia Bluebell seeds for you!

  2. Patsi, this new garden is going to be spectacular. Love the method DH used to label the tomatoes, good idea. I must say the black does look better and it will be interesting to see which covering does work best.

  3. Shady,
    I think you're right about the willow,maybe likes more sun and room where it's at now.
    Virginia Bluebell seeds? Had them fail on me before but they were in more shade then sun. Shame it's not easy sending plants through the mail...I've got tons of 2 different types of deadnettle. :)
    I have high hopes...we'll see.

  4. I'm so impressed, Patsi ... DH is a keeper! I'll be on my way over for a taste of those tomatoes :) Sorry about the toe :( ... I'm in a soft ankle cast for severe (gardening) sprain!

  5. I'll be very interested to hear how the red vs black experiment goes. I used to use black for my tomatoes. Lately I've been using leaves instead. Hope to see a post on heirloom tomatoes.

  6. Broken toe? Ouch. Your hubbie really is THE Tomato Man, isn't he?
    Your new bed is looking great to me.
    And my tomato seedlings, from your seeds, are looking fantastic.

  7. Joey,
    I'm fine now.
    But you have a sprained ankle...Now that really stinks !! Get better kiddo.
    Got started late on the tomatoes but when they start getting ripe you will find out all about them and the plastic on the other half's seasonal tomato blog.
    Yes, he has more practical knowledge that anyone I've read about on the net.
    Yay seedlings !!

  8. Your bed looks full and wonderful to me. Now that is a good idea to put the tags on the stakes of the tomatoes.

  9. Patsi, that is some tomatoe farm! I usually just grow the cherry varieties as the big ones always go funky on me with splits and weird shapes and they never tend to ripen probably. Keep us up on the progress.

  10. Lona,
    Thanks. Have to tag the plants...although somehow he missed one plant. Surprise :)
    We still get splits if there's too much rain at one time. Not good for giving away but works for sauce.

  11. Your garden is looking lovely and your hubby's veggie garden is a beautiful sight too. He must love his tomatoes :)
    We haven't had as much rain as you. We've had some this week though and a rainy afternoon today which kept me from getting much done outside. I only got 2 containers planted. Hopefully tomorrow I'll do better.
    I hope the sun shines for you!


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