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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Too much rain !

What happens when you have too much rain and let your yard get wild for 2 weeks ?

Drooping flowers

Arborvitaes need tying back

Spent flowers

Volunteer trees

Vinca spreading like crazy

Grass out of control

Deadnettle growing into the lawn and grass out of control

Then some things don't look too bad

Oh well...there's always next week !
Since I can't clean the yard...decided to clean-up my blog look.
Less clutter works for me. :)


  1. I hope the weather improves for you, tho the rain has everything very lush and green. Seeing lots of work in your future ,once it does..
    :-) ..Beautiful photo of the rain drips on the bleeding heart.

  2. Great post....I hope the weather improves soon....but I would say all in all your garden looks lovely. The tulip blooms are a gorgeous shade of pink.......

    Its good to have a works, looks nice......

  3. We have had a lot of rain! The weeds have taken us hostage! We will get some control back...I am pretty sure! In the meantime...your garden is lovely! Love the Angelique tulips! What is the variegated plant next to the azalea? gail

  4. Too much rain here to and wind along with it!

  5. Looks familiar! We've been having so much rain, and more to come through the weekend. Ugh!

    Great photos. I love the bleeding hearts.


  6. Your garden looks a lot like mine now. In the Seattle area we've had quite a bit of rain too. Hopefully it'll let up for you soon!

  7. Still looks lovely to me..Princess and i were out weeding and pruning a bit today, before the storm came through.

  8. Patsi .. I am glad of the company for a garden out of control ! haha
    My back garden is a total mess with the deck construction and no shed still .. talk about stress levels with a garden that NEEDS to be tidied up .. then again .. the house needs it too .. everything seems to go at the same time ? LOL

  9. I really like the blue of the blog. Your garden looks pretty good too (okay, maybe not the arborvitae-yikes!). Too much rain here. Sigh. Need some sun soon!!

  10. Your blog looks great, so does your garden. Mostly. ;-)
    Love your hostas. I'm sure I've said that before. I must have hosta envy.

  11. Rosemary,
    Now that the grass has been cut looks GREAT !
    Forgot all about those tulips. Shame they're so short lived.
    Funny about the weeds taken us hostage.
    Sounds like everyone got too much rain this May.
    Bleeding hearts are just starting...I think :)
    We know we'll have sun. Just never soon enough.
    Good for you. Glad you got to do some weeding.
    Lets not mention the house :)
    We have a lot of arborvitaes. Gotta get out there!
    Thanks. I think hostas have to be one of the easiest plants to NOT care for. :)

  12. Oh, I feel your pain. We've had about four inches of rain in as many days. The grass was almost six inches tall today when i finally was able to cut it. Tomorrow I tackle the weeds.

  13. First of all, your blog looks fresh and clean, I like its new look, although I liked the old one, too! The first part of this post almost made me panic! I wanted to run to my garden to check it since we had rainy days, too. The second part brought some relief and relaxation... beautiful...

  14. Chad and Brandy,
    Bet the grass is nice and green !
    Yay..Clean! Guess I have some work to do :)

  15. Hi Patsi, it all looks wonderfully refreshed. So much better than the parched look of past droughts anyway. You know that the garden can be easily tidied, if that's the way you want it. The rain forest jungle look is being sported by our garden at the mo, and it is much appreciated. Even the spoiled drooping flowers that cannot be photographed well do not dampen our enthusiasm for root replenishing rain. :-)

  16. Patsi, We've been getting your rain! ha. Mr. SG told me we'd received 4" in the 48 hours prior to last night and today. Now we've received another couple of inches. Whew! It sure is green, though! (And the weeds are growing rampantly!) ha. ?

  17. Frances,
    Refreshed is a good description.
    Except for the hard down pours...rain is good.
    Four inches in one day is a little overkill.

  18. Are the pink tulips Angelique? They look like mine that are finished blooming. I sure enjoyed them!

  19. Too much rain... wow, I wish we could say that every once in a while. Really sorry about that broken toe of yours, by the way. Ack!

  20. Sue,
    I must look at my e-mails...didn't realize you commented on a past post. No clue what kind of tulips they are. :(
    Toe is good. Still getting lots of rain...the grass is turning yellow.


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