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Monday, May 18, 2009

Sharing ?

New bed in the making !
Well not really new but much larger and will be bordered.
It's my one and ONLY sun bed which includes some knock out roses and tall items in the back like 2 Red Tip shrubs,2 Reed grasses,a trellis, one Willow and Bee balms.
Now I can go to the garden mart and say "YES I can get that plant" which requires full sun because I have a bed to put it in. YAY !!
Some plants/shrubs are new and some have just been moved.
Also can pull the bed out a few more feet but not sure yet.
But there's a slight problem which is not making it larger or lack of sun but something else.
Ok, I shouldn't call it a problem, but it frustrates me.
Maybe you should just look at the last 2 pictures.

What's that red stuff you ask ?
Well, my husband grows many heirloom tomatoes which would look great as a background for my bed EXCEPT for that darn RED mulch/plastic and green pots.

He insist RED grows better tomatoes and of course keeps out the horrid weeds.
But yuk!
I thought about putting a fence or tall shrubs along the back of my new bed but it would block out the sun needed for his tomatoes.
Boy, I wish someone could tell him that black mulch/plastic works just as well.
I'm pretty sure I can do something with those green pots.
But what about that PLASTIC?
Maybe during the summer when my new bed looks almost perfect...I can suggest that black would make the yard look sooo much better.
Maybe we can move that very tall trellis against the fence for lima beans behind the new bed.
I'm sure I'm over reacting. His veggies are very important also, so we'll always be sharing the yard for gardening.
Any suggestions?


  1. Patsi, I'm not sure my comment worked! But just in case it didn't....I think your garden is delightful and when the tomatoes ripen you won't give a hoot about the red mulch! Although, I do 'get' how it bothers you! I did read that blue works just as well! gail

  2. Hi Patsi, How wonderful that you've got a little more space to work with (well, a lot, really!) and it's all in the sun! As for that red plastic, I've never seen that before! Of course, hubby probably knows what he's doing...but I agree, it's not my favorite either. I'm thinking that once everything in your garden is taller, and in bloom, it'll look so good that the red will be nearly un-noticeable. Also, when his tomatoes start filling out, all that green is going to drown out a lot of the red, too. ?? ha. What do I know??!! Maybe the red reflects the sun or something, aiding in the growth of the tomatoes? Oh well, at least you have some more gardening space. That's worth the frustration, right??!!!

  3. Patsi, Thanks so much for stopping by today- you are always so encouraging and it is appreciated :). Maybe you could cover up the red plastic with a nice bark mulch, except just under the tomatoes? In the paths maybe just cover it with bark? So nice that you both garden together :)

  4. Wow! Great project! I look forward to seeing the results! I think it's going to be so great.

    (tired from an entire day of weeding and mulching -- that's what I get for going on vacation!)

  5. Patsi, Hurrah for you!! I know exactly how you feel! You know, you are already doing a nice job of "softening the view" back there... with your Hakuro Nishiki (dappled willow). I have one of those, too, and I love it!!! Have a great time with your gardening. :-)

  6. lol, my DH won't buy the red plastic stuff..because A)he's CHEAP,and B)he doesn't like the "look"
    in the garden.LOL
    I agree..just think how yummy those tomatoes will be! ;-)

  7. I didn't know about red being better than black for tomatoes - how interesting! And how annoying for you, as well... You'll have to compromise, I guess - although I myself, would find it hard. ; )

    Seriously speaking though, your new sun bed will probably catch the eye of the viewers so that they won't even notice the red...

  8. Boy do I like that hedge in the background. I didn't even notice the red until I read your comment about it. Looking lovely and yum on fresh tomatoes!

  9. Patsi girl .. I have never seen red myself either ! .. is there a special quality that makes the tomatoes more "red" themselves ? LOL
    Hey .. I have to say I switched from red mulch to black 2 years ago .. and for me it was a good choice because it high lighted the plants better .. but you are sharing with hubby so it has to be a solution you are both happy with ? : ) Good Luck !

  10. Gail,
    Red is for RED tomatoes. That's what he's been told.
    Maybe "nearly un-noticeable". Yes,your right about reflecting the sun but mostly red as in tomatoes. I don't get it.
    Didn't think of that.

  11. Your excitement about the sun garden is infectious, will be looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
    I have spray painted plastic pots I use but hated the colour of, ending with a nice bronzy colour.What can one say about the red? hopefully the tomatoes will love this colour grow so fast they cover it all......

  12. I don't think it looks bad. I know there is some argument about how much better red really works but I'd go with it. It's neat, tidy and scientific so I consider it a good thing. You will have to find lots of plants that look good with a red background;)

  13. No one will even notice the red plastic when they're looking at all your new flowers. Good for you for finding a full sun spot!

  14. Cameron,
    So do I. Sometimes you have to let the weeds grow.
    Gotta love full sun !
    Tomatoes will be great because they're mostly our favorites from past years.
    I have to tell you that our backyard is just for us. Sorta our private little world.

  15. Tina,
    Lots of aborvitaes...trying to hide the shed.
    Feel like I live in Christmas land.
    I agree for flower plants but are you saying you grow tomato plants?
    The tomatoes are suppose to grow better with the red. We don't have the best conditions for veggies...only 6 hours of full sun.
    I'm suprised you know about red plastic.
    Time will tell what will happen.
    Too sweet. But I don't care so much what visitors think...I have to look at it everyday.

  16. I read somewhere on line that they claim red makes the tomatoes grow better. who knew?

  17. Arootdigger2,
    That's what they say. Would have to try the same plants with both kinds of plastic to know for sure.

  18. I guess you'll know soon enough whether red is better than black. Guess you'll just have to suck it up this season, eh? Fingers are crossed for you that he decides the black is better.

  19. Genie,
    Time will tell. Right now I just try not to look that way. ha

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