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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Neither rain, nor snow, nor broken toe

Neither rain, nor snow, nor broken toe shall keep us from our garden tasks.

Transplanting some extra plants in the rain.

Broke a toe on my right foot so have to wear DH's size 11 garden clog on that foot.
Cute huh?

Rainbow Knock Out 'Pink Radcor' my new favorite free roses !!

I love Deadnettle for fiftieth time.

Never noticed this before..different Siberian Iris. Right ?
They all came with the house when I bought it.


  1. Sorry about your toe - painful that, but love that picture of you planying in the rain. We've all been there, but not always so well protected!

  2. how can you not love your Deadnettle it fabulous
    so is everything else. Sorry about the toe ..
    hugs, Cherry

  3. Sorry to hear about the toe... I am sure it will heal soon. Most gardeners will get into action come rain or shine... Cheers!

    ~ bangchik

  4. I hope your toe gets better soon. I'm glad to see that someone likes dead nettle. My son gave me some that I keep in bounds, and it is pretty, both leaves and blooms.

  5. OH Patsi girl ! Huge OUCH on that one .. been there done that (both husband and I) not much they can do about it either .. hope it doesn't feel too sore ?
    Yes .. that is such a pretty iris .. and bravo on the working in the rain thing .. I love to do that in the summer in the heat .. it is refreshing isn't it ?
    Hey .. I love lamium too .. the more pictures the better girl !

  6. Hi Patsi, I believe it's supposed to be Very Hard to walk with a broken toe! My sympathies. (It looks as though you're coping very well, however!) :-) Beautiful surprise iris. Is it a Dutch Iris? I inherited some purple ones in the same way. I wonder if they'll bloom this year?

    Some people choose to wear different shoes for a reason (like you!) and Some people wear them without a reason in the world. (I have a great story about myself and that situation. ha!) Happy Day!

  7. My Siberian Iris are just getting ready to open. Love your dead nettle. I just got a new one (new for me) called pink pearl. It looks a lot like yours but the blooms are pink.

  8. Ouch! Hope your toe heels quickly.
    Love what's blooming in your corner!

  9. You've convinced me to get deadnettle!

    Sorry about your toe! I broke mine last year and then walked around Boston (had to stop and buy different shoes during the trip), then hiked the coast of the French Riviera wearing sturdy hikers. I made the mistake of not getting medical attention. Now, after a day of stooping on my toes to plant, it aches a lot. It was the toe next to my big toe (that had already been broken in the past and went to Greece and got infected that time).

    Both of my broken toes came from stumping them as I got out of the shower (two different homes, years apart, same action).

    Take care and get well!


  10. I've got to get some of that Deadnettle. Love all your blooms!

  11. Broken toe...ouch!!

    I love deadnettle to...looks lovely when it is spreading and a little out of control....beautiful.

  12. Hermes,
    It would have been nice if it was warmer.
    I knew that dollor store slicker would become handy.
    It's great ground cover.
    We must be crazy people !
    It's wonderful for part shade.
    Kinda a pain hobbling around in those silly shoes the doctor gives you.
    I believe both are siberian. Not sure.
    Pink pearl sounds lovely...must google it.
    It would heel faster if I didn't stand on it so much.
    It's not my first one. But seeing a doctor helps.
    Infection ? Yuk.
    White nancy right ?
    Yes,it's out of control...must cut it back. Maybe next week...

  13. Hi Patsi, hope your toe's healing well! Great photo of the iris..such a rich blue! It's after 9pm and I just came in from the garden a little while ago..crazy we are!! Thanks for visiting my garden :)

  14. I love my lamium too...(not crazy about the term dead nettle, because it's so alive;-))

    Now, how'd ya break your toe? Sorry 'bout that. I just messed up my ankle. A bad sprain...all swollen up, a splint at the moment (from the ER). Have Dr. appt. today...may need MRI to see what's happening in the ligaments/cartilege/tendons. The bone isn't broken though, I do know that. But it sucks! I had planned to photograph changes in my backyard and being layed up and on crutches I've been unable to so far. This afternoon I just may break down and head out there. If I could walk on it, I'd wear my husband's size 12 W boots!!

  15. Lynn,
    I try to visit everyone but not every day or week.
    Stubbed it on a pipe.
    Boy, I got nothing compared to you...that has to really hert and slow you down alot !
    Drats...and the season is just beginning.

  16. Sorry about your toe. At least you can still get around in the garden. Those irises and rose look great.

  17. Chad,
    The toe is pretty good now,that was 2 weeks ago. Didn't spend too much time in the garden. Been very slow working.

  18. Sorry to hear about your toe, hope it heals fast. I went through your past couple of posts, so much going on! I love the Rainbow Knockout..always wondered if it was as carefree as touted. I enjoyed all of your photos, Patsi!

  19. So sorry to hear about your toe Patsi! I love to move things around when it rains for a few days here, best time to transplant. :)

  20. Kim,
    Well, I hope they're care free, will keep all posted. Glad you enjoyed the pics.
    Never thought about that but I think your right.
    Rain is good !

  21. Hi Patsy,
    I hope your broken toe heals soon. That is very painful!
    You had so much rain. Here, it's very dry. Every day I need the watering can.

  22. Angelika,
    Toe is fine.
    Yes, lots of rain...but that's a good thing !

  23. Never heard of Deadnettle before but I love the name, looks like great groundcover too. I do so love your garden pix.

  24. Genie,
    Boy, you've been busy reading posts !!
    Thankfully mine are a quick read.


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