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Friday, May 22, 2009

Early Morning

Just some early morning pretties.

'Rosa Radtko' Double Knock Out
A gift from my husband. The first rose ever seen in my garden !


Salvia officinalis

'Key Lime Pie' Coral Bells

'Creme Brule' Coral Bells

'Black Barlow' Columbine

A bunch of 'Double Blue' Columbine

Half my plants hardening off.
They're ready to go into the ground when I figure out where to put them.


  1. I have the same problem with my seedlings--where to plant them. Your blooms are lovely, the chives make a nice ornamental don't they?

  2. That's a great rose! Your columbines are great. Don't the chive blossoms taste great? I love those. My salvia officinalis has finished blooming and is looking more raggedy than usual after a bloom. It's huge, so maybe time to give it a good trim. That's a great combo around your Key Lime.


  3. Black Barlow is stunning....I have not seen that pretty little flower before.....

    Beautiful photographs......

  4. Patsi your pictures are looking great and the blooms aren't bad either girl ! LOL
    I have Black Barlow and it is a beauty (when the damn miner what ever they are things aren't marking the leaves up with their pale trail !)
    True Blood starts here on June 14th .. I think it is going to be a great season ! : )

  5. Your chives produce purple flowers as compared to ours here, white... Very nice!! ~ bangchik

  6. Hi Patsi, your garden is looking so pretty.
    Simple as chive flowers are , they look great.
    Love all the blues in the garden. Beautiful huecheras.

  7. Marnie,
    I agree about the chives. We have one batch for eating and 2 as ornamentals. Glad to know you have seedlings also.
    I heard it was a easy rose to care for. I like easy. Gotta have salvia.
    The black columbine is not a favorite mostly because it's tall,but still a pretty flower.
    Haven't seen the miner bugs yet but always do.
    Will be be recording TB on TVO. Thanks for the reminder.
    Bangchik and Kakdah,
    I would love to have white flowered chives.
    We'll have to talk.
    Thanks. Someday I may use the latin names of on my records.

  8. Your garden is looking very impressive. Lots of color and texture. That rose is especially stricking.

  9. I love your columbines! Do I see Cardinal Creeper, or Cypress vine with your babies? You may want to take them out and separate them so they don't get tangled with your other plants. I have had that happen.

    Happy planting!

  10. Chad and Brandy,
    It's getting there. Roses my be my new favorite.
    Cardinal climbers always get tangled. And like to grap other plants in the garden.

  11. Patsi, Are some of these new plants? You have some great ones - and the rose is beautiful. Nice hubby! :-)

  12. Oh, the chives are gorgeous! And photographed so well. Lovely! But everything looks lovely, of course.

  13. Shady,
    Very nice hubby !
    Little slow this year...but trying.


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