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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Colors of the Caribbean

Every year or so my husband and I enjoy taking a cruise just to relax,enjoy the food and the sun plus no cell phones or TV.
Being on a cruise ship and visiting the Islands is a treat for shopping,excursions and enjoying the people.

So what does a gardener do when they're on vacation ?
Well for me it's mostly about doing NOTHING !
BUT when I see flowers and other things of interest...
You know what happens...
That's right ! Lots and lots of pictures !
These photos were made small so this post wouldn't be too overwhelming to create
and way too long to view.
Below are 81 pictures but only one is noted at the top of the 9 photo blocks.
Hope you like this tour of the Caribbean Islands even if you've been there before.
So come aboard and enjoy the sites.

Plumbago indica 'Red Plumbago' will be growing these and others soon but as annuals.

Owl Butterfly

School's out...happy kids !

Somewhere in Antigua

Night vendors in Puerto Rico.

Somewhere in Nassau. In case you want to know this is a Blue Morpho Butterfly.

Painted wall in St. Thomas

Lots of color without flowers

Red flowers which are unknown like most of the one's shown.


  1. Gorgeous!! I am glad you had a nice blog break, and glad you are back!!

  2. Ohmygoodness! It's obvious that you had a wonderful trip; your photos are proof! :-) I love the addition of the wildlife here and there. Welcome home!

  3. So pretty! I've never been to the Caribbean, but it looks fantastic! Hope you're having the best of times.

  4. Patsi girl !
    WOW ! .. what fantastic pictures : )
    It is so colourful and busy in that area of the planet LOL .. thank you for the show !
    PS ... True Blood starts here June 14th wink wink !!

  5. Welcome back.
    Wow, I am so jealous. Brandy and I are itching to take another cruise. Wonderful pictures of your trip.

  6. I am booking my cruise right now! Wonderful photos~.

  7. Kate,
    There are a lot of pretty sites but also a good deal of poverty.
    Thanks, glad you enjoyed.
    Kim and Victoria,
    I hope my pics gave you a good idea of what it's like there.
    It's really not that busy this time of the year...lots of spent flowers. Will try again to view True Blood.
    Chad and Brandy,
    You guys cruise ? Cool !
    Glad you enjoyed.

  8. Thanks for the tour! Lovely collages!

  9. What a visual feast! I love the lizard and am drawn to the shot of the fresh fruit/veggie vendor in Antigua. Awesome collection of photos!

  10. Genie,
    This is not a fav post for others but a great keepsake for us. Mucho stuff to see. Great memories.

  11. I noticed that it didn't get a whole lot of hits and I'm surprised, I love it! Beautiful flowers, mysterious glimpses of this and that, and you know that every photo has it's own special story.


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