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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Lately my days start out a little different.
As usual coffee is a requirement...need that caffeine!
But before the coffee is even brewed there's something I HAVE TO do.
And that is check on my know, the baby plants.
It may seem silly but once I start my seeds it becomes a daily routine watching them change. Some are still waiting to pop up,some need to be watered,some need the lights adjusted,some need to be thinned out.
Only after close examination and tender loving care can I continue on with my day.
Come to think of it...this attention continues till the end of the season !
What can I makes me happy. Now on with a little update...
(by the way all the seeds were planted 12 days ago)......

Just a little crowded !
Will try not to murder any of the Cardinal Climbers in thinning them out.
So instead of snipping the extras...will try to transplant them to a life of their own !

Red Caster Bean...a gift from Kim and Victoria

More from Victoria...Teddy Bear Sunflowers. 100% of all the seeds sprouted. Yay !

The Agastache 'Rupestins' looks a little frail right now but I'm hoping all will be well.

Unknown...while looking at my seedlings..I forgot what these were. Let me see...UK is not on my plant list. Could it mean United Kingdom? If so, what could it be ? Oh, wait a minute... it finally dawned on me.
UNKNOWN, you dummy !

While on a garden tour(with entry fee) last October, I helped myself to seeds from a plant that I have NO IDEA what it was because it wasn't marked. It stood about 5 feet tall and lost all its flowers,looked like a diciduous flowering shrub with seeds that were the same size as spiderflowers but dimpled. Figuring out what the heck I'm growing will be one of my missions this summer.

Here's whats growing.

*Canna-Cannaceae 'Pixie' (RPC)
*Sunflower-Helianthus annuus 'Teddy Bear' (TB)
*Palette 'Gaillardia Painters'or'Arizona Sun'(GP)
*Cardinal Climbers (CC)
*Morning Glory-Ipomoea purpurea 'Star of Yelta' (MG)
*Spider Flower-Cleome spinosa (SF) Light and fluctuating temperatures to geminate well.
*Red Caster Bean-Ricinus communis 'Carmencita' (RCB)
*Cosmos-Cosmos sulphureus 'Ladybird Scarlet' (CS)some germinated/had trouble with Spring Hill cosmos before
*Cosmos-Cosmos sulphureus 'Cosmic Red' (CR)some germinated/may have to replace
*Hyssop-Agastache 'Purple Pygmy', Bubblegum Mint, Hummingbird Mint (PP)
*Hyssop-Agastache 'Rupestins'or Sunset Hyssop (AR)
*Catmint-Nepeta nervosa 'Felix' (CF)
*Hollyhock-Alcea rosea 'Queeny Mix' (YH)no germination bought plants
*Hyacinth Bean-Dolichos lablab (HB) start 2 weeks before harding off.

When using my own saved seeds that I know are fresh ...germination is faster and 100% most of the time.


  1. Love looking at your seedlings. I need to finish up my planting this weekend. I know how it is, they're like little babies for sure. So fun to watch them grow. I have a boombox in the spare bedroom with my seedlings; I play music for them.
    (I know, crazy)
    The tomato seeds you sent us are all up and growing.

  2. Lovely selection of plants. It is so exciting watching them grow.....I do exactly the same as you, check my babies everyday.........another few weeks and hopefully they can go into the garden.....

    I love of my favourite bee plants......

  3. You have so many babies to tend in the mornings! Is this why it's called a plant nursery? :-)

    Looking forward to seeing all the blooms from your efforts.

    (still sowing seeds -- some in starter pots, some direct)

  4. Patsi , You have been busy, a true gardener you are checking the babies before coffee.
    Do check my blog I have gifted you an award I hope you will accept.

  5. Patsi, you are definitely more dedicated than me. I never seem to do well with seeds so I usually skip the "adolescent" years and start with plants around the "college" age.

  6. My god Patsi you have so many "kids" on the go here girl ! how do you do it ? ... they all look very healthy and hardy and ready to try out your garden spaces. I'm a direct sow person myself .. and not so many of those either .. I just have no luck trying to germinate seeds .. but you ? I bow to the master ! LOL

  7. Your plants are thriving! I know what you mean about checking on them first thing:) It becomes kind of obsessive for a while.

  8. Kim and Victoria,
    Never tried music.Glad your seeds are doing well.
    Good luck with your race.
    Glad to hear I'm not alone with watching the babies. First time with Agastache...should be interesting.
    Plant nursery...maybe. ha
    Good luck with your seedlings.
    Thanks. Will be by.
    You're too funny!
    It's a almost guarantee you'll be happy if you start under lights like I do.
    Master of none!
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

  9. You are just amazing! What a wonderful set of babies to tend. I wonder if I'll ever have the ambition to start seeds in a more determined manner? I have a few that are growing in the milk jugs outdoors (!) and a few were planted in little pots under plastic wrap in the porch... that may be the best I can do for awhile. But YOU ARE inspiring! :-)

  10. That's alot of cardinal climbers, Patsi! It will be beautiful in bloom...I have the same going ons with sweet peas...I've sowed 4 whole packets! Btw, great capture on the Easter Bunny! Enjoy this lovely day!

  11. Shady,
    Never thought of milk jugs outdoors...they do like it cool while growing. Many thanks.
    Like it crowded!
    Oh's time for peas.

  12. Patsi, I got the idea of Winter Sowing using milk jugs from Kylee at Our Little Acre. Next year I'm going to check the viability of the seeds I tried to start before I put them outdoors! (Not all the jugs have little seedlings growing.)

  13. such a tiny little things.. and it is always fun to watch them grow and inch their way up!
    ~ bangchik

  14. Bangchik,
    Lots of fun and just this week put them in the ground. Guess I should show what they look like now.


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