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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Popping Up !

Started late with my seeds this year but still have enough time to plant them on Mother's Day or a week later. It's fairly safe in my neck of the woods that there will be no chance of frost on and after Mother's Day.
Isn't it a lovely way to remember the season has begun?

One thing that is nice about saving my own seeds is that for some plants I've saved millions of seeds. So as you can see...I've used more seeds than necessary UNLIKE what you can do with what you purchase from seed companies. This is day 2 for the Cardinal Climbers.
Of course will eventually thin out the seedlings.

Here is what all the flats look like before they went under the plastic lids for germination.
Have done more in past years....things change.


  1. I have sown a lot of seeds, but not as many as I would have liked. Im either too early with sowing or forget and sow late!I would love to see the Cardinal Climbers in full growth!

  2. That looks like a lot of work! But worth it I'm sure!

  3. Patsi ... look at the number of seeds germinating ... they warm our hearts ... Are those things gauze ? ~ bangchik?

  4. I never have much luck with Cardinal climber but yours look great already.

  5. At least you started some seeds this year. I am WAY behind. None started here. Mother's Day is also a perfect day for planting seedlings out down here too. Good way to remember. Those cardinal climbers are mighty happy.

  6. Hi Patsi, that is a wonderful reminder of the last frost date. Good luck with your seeds. My CCs have not germinated yet, but they are planted outside and we still have a frost threat, one more week and it is in the forecast of course.

  7. I know that I left you a comment on this already. Hmmm... wonder if my new Safari beta is playing tricks on me?

    Anyway-- I'm so excited over the seeds from you. Some are sown and some will be sown after this next frost (due mid-week) is gone.


  8. They do indeed change.....

    We celebrated Mother's Day two weeks ago......

    I have a greenhouse full of seedlings at the moment.......there is a stage where it becomes quite overwhelming......I grow far too many really.......

  9. David,
    Timing does help. With the fluorescent light routine that we go through (greenhouse if you have one)every's easy to remember.
    I've got it down to about 3 hours from filling the flats with potiing mix and pellets to planting the seeds and labeling them.
    Bangchik and Kakdah,
    Yes, guaze. I insert pellets (look at labels "starting plants under lights")into mix.
    Kim and Victoria,
    Try inside first. Mine never self sow (volunteers) outdoors.
    We can direct sow in mid April. It's ok for some seeds if you don't mind the wait.
    You have to let me know when they start flowering...maybe I should try direct sowing.
    Have fun!! I'm sure you already know...but chicken wire will help keep visitors out.
    You have to get excited when they first sprout.
    It's like a miracle !

  10. I'm impressed, Patsi ~ good luck! Hope the weather holds (2-4 inches of snow predicted here tomorrow :(

  11. Very impressive Patsi, that is alot of seeds!

  12. Seed companies don't really give you very many seeds in most packages, do they? I'm starting a lot of annuals this year so I must remember to save the seeds from my favorite.


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