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Monday, April 6, 2009

Pinks and Blues

This Okame Cherry tree was purchased at a local nursery a few years ago and is my only flowering backyard tree as of now.
Even though it's not as full as I would like because of the shade,it still adds much needed life to the backyard for spring.

closer view

My husband insists on surprising me with plants etc. for the garden. I can't seem to stop him even though I start by saying "would you like me to choose what tomato plants you're gonna grow each year honey "? This doesn't work so I've since gave up !! Anyway this one he purchased without approval... called a Camellia Japonica. Have to reluctantly admit a pleasant surprise. Most of his ideas are NOT the case. :( But must give credit when due.
It actually gets a little too much sun but I'm hoping it will continue to adjust.

The Sedum Dragons Blood is an odd plant but I think it's pretty cool looking.

Jetfire Daffodil Narcissus all opened up.

Anybody know what these are?

Deadnettle-Lamium 'Pink Pewter' (I have everywhere)in the back and a few Muscari-Grape Hyacinth under the Douglas fir tree is nice color for passers-bye in front of house.

Forgot to add this Blue jay to my last post on Winter Birds.


  1. Oh, he is gorgeous!
    My DH has a fruit tree fetish....his placement
    is my objection. He also "moves" things I plant.
    Ugh!! Then when they die, I get blamed..oh bought that one..I knew it was wrong for our

  2. Hey, I think it's pretty good to get plants as surprises! :-) Lovely blooms for the spring. Your camellia is doing great. Hope the weather doesn't turn too cold.


  3. Your Cherry tree is a dream1 So very pretty!
    As for the unknown flowers - could it be Chionodoxas?

  4. I love getting plants as a suprise - but Himself doesn't do it very often! Your camellia is lovely - gorgeous colour too. I don't know what the pink flowers are, but I'll keep an eye on your post as I've got lots of them in my garden too!

  5. You have beautiful spring color. The unknown could be Chionodoxas or Scilla, its hard to tell. Either way, it looks great!

  6. The cherry tree is beautiful, as is the camellia. Spring is such a lovely time of year. Great photo of the blue jay!

  7. Patsi girl ! That is a gorgeous plant your hubby gave you ! .. I love how the flowers unfold like a rose .. very pretty indeed : )
    I woke up to snow this morning .. so it anything other than seeing that is wonderful ? .. I appreciate the Bluejay picture too .. you can't help but enjoy seeing those blue, blue birds !

  8. Star of Bethlehem?

    LOVE the blue jay!

    I'm intrigued by the pink pewter, what an awesome looking bloom/thing.

    Ah, the garden is looking fantastic!

  9. Kate,
    Moving what you already planted??!!!
    Might have to replace him! ha
    Hope your right about the Camellia. It's suppose to get cold this week...shouldn't be a problem.
    Your right! Chionodoxas and are often called Glory of the Snow. Had to look at my last fall post since I didn't list it on my perennial list yet. Not so crazy about it.
    I'm kinda to choose my own plants.
    Chad and Brandy,
    Yes, you're right,but not so inpressive to me...maybe it's where they're planted.
    I'll keep working on those pictures. :)
    It's April !!! When does the snow STOP? lol
    The dead nettle is GREAT for shade and spreads well. Blue Jay is pretty !

  10. Just gorgeous birds! I have a Camellia like that, but not sure what variety. It was here, along with 2 others, when we bought the house (one planted in the wrong spot). I have a huge flowering cherry tree, fruitless, or we think it is- not sure on that one either. I'd love to see a shot of the leaves on yours when it leafs out :)

  11. I wish I could grow camellias here. Love the blue bird photo!

  12. Love the cherry tree the up close picture is wonderful.

    sure hope it didn't get to cold for ya we went to 38 which is way better than the 20's they were calling for.
    have a fun day,
    hugs, Cherry

  13. Well the camellia is certainly beautiful. Kim doesn't surprise me with plants, but when we go plant shopping he always says he doesn't want anything. But then he's always adding to the cart.

  14. Patsi, Hi...Your flowering cherry tree is lovely and I think it's rose color really looks good against the green background. I brought home a camellia this winter. They are lovely and yours is especially echos the cherry....

    Spanish bluebells is my guess.


  15. Hi Patsi, der Frühling tut uns allen gut und ich wünsche Dir ein frohes und sonnigs Osterfest.

    LG Charlotte

  16. Tessa,
    We are right on the border line for camellias.
    So we're taking our chances.
    Love to see your flowering trees.
    Southerners do have a wider selection of what they can plant. Oh well.
    I believe are lows have been around least that's what my weather gadget says.
    Kim and Victoria,
    Glad to hear you shop together.
    DH is fun to garden shop with...we're like kids in a candy store.
    Good luck with your may not be happy for a year or so. I was ready to toss ours after the first summer.
    Happy Easter to you also.

  17. Patsi, beautiful cherry blooms. Is your camilia newly planted? I put one in the ground last fall but it did not survive the winter as the buds are brown and freeze-dried hoo!

  18. I think your Camellia Japonica indeed was a loving surprise, Patsi. Mr. Ho-Hum is very vocal about our garden also ... it's all about the beauty of 'yin-yang', both in gardening and a marriage :) I think Mr. Garden Endeavors is a keeper. Happy Easter!

  19. So beautiful photos from your spring garden.
    Happy Easter for you, Patsi.

  20. Lynn,
    This will be the second summer. Keeping my fingers crossed! Sorry to hear about your camillia.
    I must agree. He'll just love reading your comment. :)
    Yay spring !
    Happy Easter.

  21. Patsi Love your cherry tree so beautiful.... Your DH is to be commended , he picked a lovely camellia......

  22. Patsy, stunning photography. Love your posts.


  23. Rosemary,
    I think I'll keep him. :)
    I try to keep it simple. I'm no expert at gardening or photography but never stop trying.

  24. I am at loss at the name of your unknown flower, but it is very pretty.
    the Blue jay looks stunning. I have never seen it before.
    Your hubby surprising you with new flowers sounds so cute. I wish mine would do the same, Alas! his interest in flowers parallels my interest in say astrophysics!

  25. Green thumb,
    Funny girl !
    The Blue Jay is a large colorful bird...If you like birds...visit my last post on "winter birds". Thanks for coming by.

  26. Patsi, I'm just skimming through some of your older posts because I missed them. Your photography is gorgeous...and your plants and blooms are, too! I knew I'd forgotten something--you! Wow, I will have a lot of catching up to do. You are so fortunate that your hubby loves to bring home plants, wow. I'd like to have my husband have an interest in that sort of thing! I do have to give him credit for sitting in the car at a nursery while I browse, though!


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