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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Two Blogs Look The Same

My ranting on things you can do with Blogger Pages.
Content is the most important part of blogging.
The author and their interest is what brings you back.
But what about your template ? Or just your Header ?
The look has little importance in blogging but regardless...
I must talk about it ! This is not a tutorial just an observation.
As you can see I've changed my page again.
Think I'll only fuss with the header from now on and maybe get the spots off of this page.
But then again maybe not ! Drats, at a glance my header looks like it has birds on it...hmmm.
Anyway it's nice to do seasonal headers. I see quite a few people doing that.
Blogger/Blogspot does offer a lot of choices for making your own blog page
but you can also tweak that a little, which is fun !

Using blogger templates and tools is the easiest way to create a page.

First pick a Template.

Then maybe change the page colors from blue to green or whatever you like,
and change the font style, size and color..... so no two blogs look the same.

There's all kinds of useful stuff that can be added to your side bar.
Using what blogger has to offer is pretty good... or find your own gadgets/elements maybe at Google.

Can you make enough money with Ad Sense or Monetize to buy plants for the season?
If so that might be a good idea ! (Not really sure how the details of that work).

Now this is where you can get creative but it can be a challenge.

Most seem to like adding a picture header.
Yet some get right to the point and type their blog title and choose a font,
size and color to their liking.

How about those pictures you take ?

Uploaded pictures from Picasso is fairly fast with your picture being about this size without clicking on them.

But then you can cut and paste URL from your photo album which takes one minute and also change the size. I used the URL for large pictures to create the picture below.

The URL looks like this below.
(img src="")
but the brackets are replaced with these brackets > < .
If you want big I'll be glad to show you this simple method using the URL of the your pictures.
I personally like Webshots.

Or you can make it even larger. You pick the size !
There are other ways of making them larger...just don't know what they are yet !

Also there are a million different backs and borders if you want to edit the blogger template. Or make your own. I can tell you how to change the background for individual posts with a little tweaking of the HTML... but other than that I believe the entire template needs replacing.

Or just download a template. Some are really nice, others are really busy.
Some are free. I always think there's a catch to free I won't download.

So what's the bottom line ?
There are all different looks you can give a blog,
but what's MOST important is what makes you happy.
Unfortunately I just can't leave things alone.
I'm sure it's some kind of strange disorder.
I'll try this.. then it..... then hate it.
And believe it or not just about every time I tell myself..."that's it"!
Guess I'm hopelessly forever changing, just as in my garden.
Maybe that's a good thing.
Anything to add ? Go right ahead !

Have to take a short break from blogging, but will be back to visit everyone before long.

Happy gardening,



  1. Most important, in my opinion, is that a blog should be easy to read. This includes the font style and color and not too much which is distracting on the page. This is important when you have elderly friends or readers whose eyesight is not what it used to be, as I have.
    I have elected to be advertising free, I do not care to have my blog covered in advertising. I am slowly learning the ins and outs of creating my blog pages, thank goodness for my honey who knows HTML. I am working on a new header for Keewee's Garden.

  2. Enjoy your break from blogging! My garden is keeping me busy all day, so I'm not getting around to read as many blogs as I had been doing over the winter.

    I usually do a blog touch-up every few months, but I don't do too much with the template colors, fonts, etc. I'm not very artistic! I don't know if other folks have a problem reading white text on a black background, but it's all I can do to get my eyes to focus on that combination.

    I have hyacinth bean vines sprouting! :-) And, lots of other seeds are starting to sprout, too. Thanks!

  3. Hi Patsi;
    I love to play with the header on my blog, but overall I try to keep it easy to read. Try not to junk it up too much tho that is hard. Love your tips on photo editting, will check out Picasso.Never tried to change background to a pattern but now I me thinking.

  4. Patsi, You know so much about editing the template! I'll have to ask you about that another time. I don't really know how to do that other than with colors or header changes...would love to learn more. Time is a factor, though;)

    I haven't been by to visit you and I truly apologize because you are definitely one of my favorite bloggers;-) I guess I get distracted and find myself all over the place and then forget some of the ones I REALLY want to visit. Old age! Anyway, have a nice 'break' and look forward to seeing you when you come back for more blogging...even if it's just a couple of days! Or weeks...take care! Jan

  5. Enjoy your break..see you when you return!!

  6. Patsi, you know I'm just as bad. Always thinking something will make my blog look better. Glad you found out how to make your pictures larger.

  7. Patsi, I'm so grateful for this post! So, I CAN increase the size of pictures on Blogger! I even thought about switching to Wordpress because of the pics size issue. I need to learn more about uploading pictures from Picasa that I use only for editing them so far. Thank you!

  8. Patsi, Have a restful break. You will be missed. :-)

  9. Hi Patsi, what a delightful tutorial! Even though I switched to wordpress, it still works pretty much the same. It is fun to change the size and font and photos from time to time. I like your new look. The bird shot is amazing!

  10. Wow, can you drop by my house and spend a couple hours going over my blog design with me? I'm impressed! Alice

  11. Liebe Patsi, danke für die Hinweise. Einges davon habe ich schon ausprobiert. Ich wünsche Dir eine erholsame Auszeit.

    LG Charlotte.

  12. Hi Patsi, Your observations are very informative. Like everything, our knowledge of blogging, and blogger with its nuances, evolves progressively.
    I entered the blogosphere as a complete novice 3 years back, but with time have learned to fiddle a little with the blogger.

  13. Patsi, I would love a private lesson...your talk of URL and HTML is over my! I thought the enlargement is strictly from the camera settings..see, I need lessons! Great post :)

  14. Hi Patsi - there's nothing as good as a change or even a bit of rest - or as they say a change is as good as a rest! Thought I'd pop over to your blog and just let you know that your Tomato seeds are all sown now - so will keep you posted on the results... v. exciting! I just love all the names. Take care Miranda x

  15. Keewee,
    I agree with easy to read. Can't wait to see your new header.
    Glad to hear everything is sproutung!!
    Good luck with Picasso. I can't figure it out.
    Jan,Kate and Shady,
    Thanks for the well wishes.
    Like I told Rosemary...Picasso is not my friend.
    I agree, it's fun to make changes from time to time.

  16. Charlotte,
    Gern geschehen. Vielen Dank für den gut Wünsche.
    Green thumb,
    Glad you enjoyed. I find myself fiddling too much.
    Glad I could be of some help.
    Miranda Bell,
    Yes, please keep me posted.

  17. I just pimped out a couple of blogs I maintain, and

    I use the hack and bash method for blogging as I have NO idea what I'm doing. Next time, I think I'll ask you!

  18. Genie,
    Hack and bash method ? That's too funny !

  19. Yup, that's how I gets it done.

  20. I still haven't fathomed screenshots, despite trying. To me the blog header is the brand, the corporate colours. Helps your readers to recognise your blog. And I HATE white letters on a black background - Migraine City, as someone said!


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