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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bye-Bye Birdie

Spring is almost here and soon we'll stop feeding the winter birds.
Here is our list with pictures of the variety of birds that came to visit this past winter. Will try again next year to get that near perfect picture! Now the time has arrived to start getting dirty and productive in the garden !
Enough with the bird pictures !! :)

Numbers next to birds are recorded for the GBBC.

White-throated Sparrow-8

Darked-eyed Junco-18

Carolina Wren-2

House Finch-1

Yellowed-rumped Warbler-2

Tuffted Titmouse-2

Northern Mockingbird-not on count

Brown-headed Cowbird-14

Northern Cardinal-2

Red-winged Blackbird-4

Common Grackle-20

Morning Dove-10

Carolina Chickadee-1

European Starling-8

White-breasted Nuthatch-1

American Robin-not on list

House Sparrow-9

Red-bellied Woodpecker-1

Downy Woodpecker-1

Song Sparrow-1

Ok...this is not a bird... but always around the feeders !!
A frequent non flying visitor-2 to 4

Blue Jay-1 (sorry forgot this guy-late post)


  1. Hi Patsi, Absolutely fantastic photos. Love the ones taken in the pine trees, cardinal and chickadee. And the yellow rumped warbler has great background. You are extremely talented.

    I know what you mean about working in the garden. This time of year there is so much to do it kind of consumes you.

  2. Patsi....I have to commend you on your photography, absolutely wonderful. A joy and priviledge to view......

  3. Patsi,
    What stunning photos! You must have a great photo gallery hanging in your home.

    We were just talking about taking down our feeder have this serving is empty. We'll later hang our hummingbird feeders up on the same poles out in the garden.

    I just came in from working in the garden. I was looking through my seed packets (the one from you especially) to decide what to start or what to wait and sow directly. I started agastache and centranthus ruber in seed pots.


  4. Wow! Those are Fantastic photos. I'm so impressed!! Thank you for sharing. There's absolutely no way I can make my 3x magnification do anything like this. :-)

  5. That's quite a few birds we don't have around here. Great pics. Love the yellow rumped warbler. What a cutie!

  6. WOW!
    what more can I say really - your photos are fantastic. Your birds are more colourful than ours here in the UK and,!

  7. Marnie,
    Trees and snow make for good pictures.
    Got out yesterday and moved around some leaves...maybe next week I'll do some racking. :)
    Wow that's some compliment ! Thanks.
    Would you believe that I don't print any pictures except for some that are sent to my mother in-law.
    Hummer feeders go up in late April. We'll be late starting seeds this year.
    3x's mag is a little hard for close ups...but there is a trick for feeder photos.
    Kim and Victoria,
    I agree...the warbler is a cutie. It's sooo nice to put away my camera for awhile. Done with bird pics !
    You can always come visit!

  8. Hi Patsy,
    I loved looking at all your bird photos, they're wonderful. I was just thinking today how much I enjoy hearing the birds sing.

    Great photo of Mr. Squirrel!

    I was outside in the garden all day today getting it ready for planting. This is my most favorite time of year.


  9. Great shots Patsi! I'm not familiar with all the birds that visit my garden so now I know their names too. :)

  10. Okay Patsi, if those aren't perfect photos, I am going blind! Even the devil squirrel looks good. Time to stop feeding the birds already? I was going to give them a few more weeks, until there are caterpillars that I need eliminated. Although I did see a little cabbage white yesterday, the first! Save the kale!!!

  11. Amazing photos, Patsi! Have you ever considered publishing a book? Happy Spring!

  12. Das sind phantastische Fotos.

    LG Charlotte.

  13. Wonderful photos Patsi. I am with you, I can't wait to get in the garden.

  14. Donna,
    Working outside is great therapy!
    Glad I could help out.
    We'll stop when the seed runs out.
    Bad caterpillars!
    I'm not fond of sales...selling books or anything. :(
    Chad and Brandy,
    Yay, Spring !

  15. Patsi, all the birds are so beautiful.
    Most favourite is picture of dove, that is absolutely outstanding.

  16. You have a wonderful variety of birds, and some fantastic photos! I'm lucky to see three different kinds of birds in a week, and all are kind of plain. They blend in with the desert.

  17. Ewa,
    Glad you enjoyed. I'm a little surprised you picked the morning dove as a favorite but I guess what is common here isn't in Poland.
    That makes me feel sad. But I'm sure you have other interesting backyard friends.

  18. Your photograph is very beautiful. I have not seen all these birds in Japan.

  19. Aki,
    Different places...different birds. What fun !!
    Forgot the "bluejay"...guess I'll get him later.

  20. Patsi, your photographs are outstanding! I've never seen some of these birds. My favorites are
    Yellowed-rumped Warbler and European starling.
    I will follow your blog. Thanks!

  21. There is just nothing common about that grackle. I'll miss the bird pix. I never did get around to setting up hubby's deer blind in the yard to try and shoot some birds. Solar screens on our windows prevent me from shooting them from inside the house.

    Ah, well, there will be amazing garden photos to look forward to on your blog!

  22. Tatyana,
    Thanks so much...keep trying to get that almost perfect photo. The Warbler is my favorite backyard bird.
    Shame you can't take off the solor screen from just one window...I only shoot from one window.
    Hope I can get to post this week...been awhile for me. :(

  23. Hi Patsi! The last picture is soooo nice. I love it. We have a lot of birds in our garden and more of them near my work in my office. But my camera is not so good, but it is good enough for pictures about my garden! *smile*
    Have a nice spring week.

  24. They are marvelous...a wonderful list. The common crackle is a beautifully colored bird for all their peskiness!
    I will miss them at the feeders they provide .so much entertainment and joy! gail

  25. Hi Patsi, I'm in awe of your photos! What camera do you have (hope I haven't already asked this!)...and where to you stand to get these fantastic shots? I do my best with my camera but yours are beyond amazing! I do so love watching the birds and seeing such a variety:-) You've captured them all just perfectly. I have come to enjoy seeing grackles and never thought I would! As long as they don't come in huge flocks (which they do at times)!

  26. I agree with the other commenters on how fantastic these photos are! You had a great assortment of birds there!

  27. I forgot to say I love that squirrel shot!

  28. Patsi, that last shot takes the cake...the squirrel is saying "HA! she can't see me behind this post!"..LOL. Everything is greening up in my plot too...YIPPEE!!

  29. Manuela,
    Your right about having a good camera and a zoom lens.
    The common grackle sure is a pest!
    There are some tricks to get better "winter" bird pictures...I'll share later.
    Glad you enjoyed the photos.
    Funny,the squirrel was staying sooo still...maybe thinking...she can't see me if I don't move.


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