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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blogger Question-Post Keepers

Have a question.
So many of you wonderful bloggers did posts that I like to call "keepers".
What I mean is that you did a post on a subject that I like to do or dream about doing someday.
I think you know the kind of post I'm talking about.

Have failed to save in past months certain posts from garden bloggers and now I just don't remember who did them or where to find them and it's been driving me crazy.
Soooo... on "My Links" page located on side bar is a list of just 2 (right now)that I feel are needed for future reference.
Need to know if it's ok with everyone?
If it's a problem I'll remove it.

Looks like this below:

Dreamy Plant Combination

Camera flash diffuser


  1. Patsi, I use

    Safari - File - Save As - Web Archive

    When I want to save a page. Hadn't thought about the permanent links as you mention. Good idea!


  2. Actually if you are using a Mac, Cameron has a good idea. I would save it to your computer, because the actual blog you link to may someday be deleted.

  3. Cool! I just did that to this post so I can go back and remember how to do it again. I do have a couple links in my sidebar so I can go back and use the information when I need it, so maybe I should save these, too.

    Thanks for the question, Patsi, and thanks for the answer, Cameron.

  4. Cameron,
    Hmmm...They're not permanent,just an easy way to find them. Kinda like having most of my blogging info located in one place...I lose things.
    Will check out what you're talking about but you know I have NO CLUE about using a computer. :)
    Welcome. Do you mean that even my posts may be deleted someday/someway ?
    My questions never end. That's how you learn.
    Don't have Mac but I'm guessing it shouldn't matter.

  5. Hi Patsi, I'm ok w/whatever it is you want to do...I didn't even understand the question, that's how 'computer savvy' I am!!! I'll come back here to read Cameron's reply if I want to figure this out;-)

  6. However, as I look at the 'link' that shows up, below, it still has my a post that is actually 'TWO posts behind'...I've published 2 since the one it's showing. I'm not sure if this is what you're referring to in your question? I have you in my sidebar so your most current post shows up:-0

  7. Sounds like a great idea, Patsi.
    Saving it as a page on the computer is also a good idea. I might give both a try.

  8. Jan,
    Join the club. I don't have Apple or Mac but am using Sony VIAO computer so Safari won't work. "Links to this post" below is a little confusing to me. Let's say 10 people have me on their sidebar (so I'm a link) then you would think I'd have 10 "Links to this post" right?
    Kim and Victoria,
    Must investigate !

  9. If I bookmark a particular post on my computer, I can return to it. However, if the blog is deleted (for whatever reason), it's gone. Is it just as easy to print a hard copy of something you are really interested in? I do this and have files for easy access.

  10. Shady,
    Thanks, just tried to a head ache. Must try this with a clear head.

  11. Niels post on plant combos was a keeper. His photo was like something from a perfect Disney movie. (Mentioned it in my blog too.) I'm going to check out the other one now.

  12. Marnie,
    Must give it a try. First time for roses this year.
    I'll try not to get carried away. You know...when you save sooo much that you can't find them !

  13. Absolutely adore the photography in this blog!

    The picture of the squirrel just sums up it character completely!


  14. Ryan,
    Think I know what you mean...
    Info for my records and having fun !
    Something like that :)



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