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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Summer 2008 Inspiration-February

"Summer 2008 Inspiration" Hosted by Shady at
Does Everything Grow Better in my Neighbors Yard

"February - Did you add and/or create any decorative, whimsical items for your gardens in 2008?
Please share! Can you give credit to anyone?"

This meme is a easy post for anyone !
Who doesn't have some decorations in their garden ?

Love my new garden items and can't seem to part with any of the old.

The New

This child is a artsy item pick up at a garden accent shop and it's now
temporary location guards my house.
I saw him a few times at the garden mart before the final decision was made to take him home.

Kept looking at this metal table at Pier One...just had to have it!
One thing nice about garden decorations you can move them around
'till you find just the RIGHT spot for them.
Just don't know where that's at yet!!!!

Got a couple of urns this past summer.
Do hope they survive for years to come.

This sun god holds some fond memories of our vacation in Texas.
I believe he'll last forever.

The Old

Poor little duck is sooo weathered and old but I can't part with him.
I picked him up at Big Lots years ago and he has watched the backyard garden
go through so many changes. I know this duck is silly looking but he's a good reminder that I shouldn't take everything so seriously.

Love this hummingbird wind chime which was a gift from my sister to my mother.
It's hung over some of Mom's favorite spring bulbs.
I think of it as her personal part of the garden.

I wonder how long this heart will last has it's own personal memories.

Can you tell me what THESE items are ?
I remember , but you may be too young !
I treasure them both and will never part with them.


  1. Hmm, I Googled the Sealtest thing and am guessing it's got to do with storing/holding ice cream. The other looks like some kind of lantern. An AWESOME lantern. I love it.

    You do have some real treasures. I love getting to see them!

  2. Genie,
    I can't tell yet but here's a clue...
    one is from the US and it's not for ice cream and the other is from the UK but it should be red.

  3. You have a wonderful eclectic collection of garden ornaments. I love whimsical things like your duck.

    When I was a child, milk was delivered to our house twice a week. The milk, cream, and other dairy products were left on the porch in a box that looked exactly like your last photo. (Our box said Muller-Pinehurst because that was the name of the dairy.) We just called it the 'milk box'.

  4. Aha! Hi Patsi, I see other people beat me to the punch on your metal box. We never used one as I was growing up, but I know ours was a Milk Box (for the delivery of milk). When our children were growing up, we had one for a long time on the front step that I used as the paper box. :-) I have no clue as to the one on the right! Hope you get some help.

    I like the diversity of your decorative items! I LOVE your new little sculpture. It's just as though he's soaking in the atmosphere! :-)

  5. And I like your green header! Very garden-ish. :-)

  6. I love your collection of garden ornaments....the windchimes are beautiful, I absolutely love them....they are so rustic and look so old...

  7. Love your art, Patsi, especially your urn! You have a fun eye, creating a unique garden that is YOU!

  8. Marnie,
    When I was weee child I remember this milk box sitting on our front stoop and the milk man would come by in his white truck to deliver fresh milk a few days a week. OMG I must be old !
    One summer I used the milk box for bird seed.
    It was the only thing the squirrels couldn't break into.
    I know what the second item is. Another clue..used in the 1960's and 1970's in the UK.
    Glad you like the header.
    The windchime is one of a few that I have. Believe this will last longer than the ones using fishing line or thin wire.
    Surprise you don't recognize the item from England. Maybe you're too young.
    Garden accents are fun BUT you do have to be careful not to get carried away.

  9. Oh, I love them all. But I especially love the simple designs of the child. Makes me want to run my hands over it. Very nice post.

  10. Oh Patsi, you can't be 'old', because we had a milkbox on our porch, too! Yes, I definitely remember, all through my elementary school, what a cool memory! I had forgotten until now:) I know my mother no longer has that...haven't heard of it in years!!!! See, I'm not old, so surely you can't be! There. That's settled:)

  11. LOL, for me this is a DIFFICULT topic as I'm not one to add too much to my garden. Don't get me wrong, I love whimsy and I love your items, and I do love items in others' yards. I just don't tend to acquire too many myself, as most of my money for the garden tends to go into plants. I also personally prefer "found" objects than figurines, though I do feel I need a gnome. Don't ask! ;-)

  12. Wonderful diversity in your garden. I love the decorations, especially the duck. Hold on to that one....

  13. Carolyn,
    Yes, he is smooth and heavy. Artsy and simple.
    He may be the only object to stay in front of my house...maybe not...what if he gets stolen...not cheap. :/
    I love objects that bring back fond memories of childhood. Most days I'm not old...just slow.
    Like I said have to be careful adding accents to your yard. Like this house across town...looks like they're having a yard sale year round!
    The duck is not fancy or artsy just FUN !

  14. Hi Patsi,
    I thought I recognized the tables, including the one along the fence from the cottage garden forum, and when I saw you also do the heirloom tomato blog, that made me think my memory was correct. I'm glad I found this blog again. I see I have been here before. I have so many blogs I like, and have trouble keeping up, but plan to add you to my list.

    I love your yard art, and thought the one was a milk box. My memories of ours are of being reminded to get the milk out of it, and getting in trouble when we forgot.

  15. Silly me, I already had you on my list. That just shows I haven't been keeping up.

  16. Sue,
    I'm don't look old enough to ever remember one of those boxes. No one can keep up with all the blogs they like. :(


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