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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Summer 2008 Inspiration

"Summer 2008 Inspiration" (January)Hosted by Shady at
Does Everything Grow Better in my Neighbors Yard

"January - What does your "2009 Wish List" look like? Is there anything there you plan to purchase and/or grow because of your 2008 Summer Inspiration (or even last Winter)? Please tell us about it!"

I've been inspired by just about everyone for one reason or another.
But for new plants in 2009,I just had to put a limit to it !
Will be trying some new flowers from seed after reading about many of Cameron's favorite plants/flowers that are in her garden.
Her discriptions,stories and photo's have me sold !
Take a look at the list of "Topics" on her blog at Defining Your Home if you haven't looked already.
My selections for seeds are Agastache, Nepeta x faassenii and Gaillardia.
Couldn't find all the exact one's Cameron grew,except for a few.
Since I decided to stay with Parks seeds(not plants),and not hop all over the place like I usually do,it did limit my selection.
Of course I've been known to buy more seeds untill mid April.
Also trying to keep the cost of shipping and handling down by ordering from one source. We'll see if I stick to that. :)
I think this selection is a good start.

Can't forget my plan on getting some rose bushes thanks to Katarina at Roses and Stuff.
Never seen so many beautiful roses in my life. Her photos are amazing !
My first attempt is just to try some hybrid roses.
Have to see what the garden marts have to offer before I make my selection.
Will have an expanded sunny bed planned for 2009 which will support full sun plants so roses and others are on the menu.
The reason I never had any before is mostly do to the lack of sun, but also thought of them as troublesome. Maybe I was wrong !!

As far as the seeds go....
have started more than this in past years.....but it became overwhelming to deadhead everything. This reduced selection should be easier to maintain.
All seeds are started indoors around mid March under lights.
Will post how we grow plants from seed in a few weeks.

This year should be very interesting !

The Seeds
Agastache Purple Pygmy-info
Agastache rupestris-info
Nepeta x faassenii Felix-info
Cosmos sulphureus Campus Mix-info
Gaillardia x grandiflora Painter's Palette-info

A surprise from Kim and Victoria at Living and gardening in Idaho.
I'm very thankful for the seeds they sent me and can't wait to see the results !

Helianthus annuus Teddy Bear Sunflower-info
Ricinus communis Red Castor Bean-info

Also have to start my Cardinal Climbers and Hyacinth Beans which I've saved seeds for.
Hyacinth Bean for privacy and Cardinal Climber for the Hummers.

Cardinal Climber

Hyacinth Bean


  1. Looking forward to seeing what the flowers look like as they grow.

  2. Rosemary,
    The flowers are so pretty. Of course we all know catalog pictures are perfect and not what you get in the garden. Do hope the perennials come back.

  3. Thanks for the mention.

    I have a tentative order for more seeds. I had hyacinth bean on there, then took it off. Now, I think I've got to try it and run it up the obelisk at the patio where the deer don't roam unless desperate.


  4. Cameron,
    I have tons of fresh hyacinth bean seeds!!
    Send me your address by e-mail and I'll send you a variety of seeds. You don't have to use them,all but I just have so many. :)

  5. Hi Patsi, that was fun reading about your selections. I am trying to do more from seeds this year too, so much cheaper BUT buying the lights and heat mats was not cheap. They were a one time purchase though and have given loads of fun already. Good luck with your new seeds! And I love your double baffle to keep the starlings away, or at least annoyed. Your bird pix are so good, love the downy and the wren, so sweet. :-)

  6. I love Cardinal Climber and the Hyacinth Bean vines. Actually I love all vines! Great for privacy and just for the beauty!

  7. You gardeners, just chomping at the bit, aren't you?

    When I get to where I can do any gardening at all, I think I'll be starting with tons of herbs, peppers, and a few blooms to attract butterflies. If I can't eat it, I don't want to mess with it because I'm too lazy. But I do love shooting the butterflies.

    I can feel the excitement of everyone wanting to plant!

  8. Frances,
    Glad you enjoyed the pics. If you ever want to do seeds again check out the post I'm planning to do on how we start them AND it is cheap.
    I got the massage :)
    Just pick a plot of land and do it !
    Get your gardener to mix lots of compost in the soil and make it loomy(soft enough to put your fingers through it)) and maybe border it. It only takes a couple minutes to stick plants in the ground.

  9. Patsi -- sending you an email.


  10. Those are great choices. I would like to try some more varieties of agastache, they are a favorite. I'm also considering the cardinal climber for my bird feeder posts.

  11. Marnie,
    I did Cardinal Climber on a poll...had to train it to go up. You'll have to keep pruning it or it will look a big fat green snowman. I use about 3 or 4 Hyacinth bean plants at the botton of the polls that support Hummingbird feeders...I feel they're more attractive and of course Hummers like them also.

  12. Patsi ! You have a great list there girl. I have the e-mail from Parks Seed just for information since I'm in Canada .. they have lots to learn from. If you are looking for a rose that climbs and it is almost thorn less "Zephirine Drouhin " it is an old Bourbon rose and a wow ! for growing. I just got one last year and I'm very impressed with it.
    I love putting a list together .. wish list, or not, I am a plant hunter !!

  13. Joy,
    Thanks, will take a look see.

  14. I love nepeta in all forms! I'm looking forward to how Felix does. I also love cardinal climber, which I also start from seed.

  15. Monica,
    Nice to hear you start flowers from seed.
    It dosen't seem to be as popular as I thought except for direct sow.
    Curious...your cardinal climbers are started under lights ?

  16. Patsi, Great list and I appreciate the suggestions you left me the other day!! :-) Also, check out Kylee at Our Little Acres: January Jitters. She does winter sowing, which I absolutely must try this Winter. Her post has a link to one she made last year that is Very Clear on the How-to!

  17. Shady,
    You're welcome.
    Will check out Kylee's post.

  18. Patsi, I was in such a hurry when I was last here. What a great post you did. And YOU are going to be one busy girl! :-) I love the cardinal climber and hyacinth bean vines! Just beautiful and I'm sure both butterflies and hummingbirds? love them! :-)

  19. Shady,
    It's a good meme !
    It's hard to figure what most people will like.
    I know what you mean....I'm either in a hurry or really slooow. :)


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