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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Please "Tail" Me....A Quiz

....What Kinda Bird do you think I am ?

Not sure if it's cabin fever or just an odd sense of humor...
Anyway since I keep getting tossable photos that look like this one below...
I figured... why not make use of them !

And maybe add some entertainment to this currently wet and chilly winter.
Thinking about doing a few more posts with a quiz called
"Please "Tail" Me ...." What Kinda Bird do you think I am. (HUH)?

I like getting "behind" my backyard friends whenever possible !

Answer is below...but DON'T look yet !

Are you sure?
Butt then again, could be ...
Give up?
Open the envelope for correct answer !



  1. I guessed it without cheating, Patsi!

  2. Cute, I was right. Not many other birds that hold their tiny tails just so. Great photo. I never see any Carolina wrens here. Too many house wrens who have been here for generations.

  3. I was going to guess a wren... but then I cheated! I don't think I've ever seen a Carolina Wren - esp. that closely! ;-) Cute idea!

  4. LOL! This is so cute!

    I had to look as I didn't recognize the behind.


  5. That was extremely cute. No idea how you did it but I love it.

    At first I thought you were asking US to tell you what kind of bird you think you or we are. That's really got me thinking.

  6. I couldn't find that "view" in any field guide! That is a cool idea. Great job!!

  7. Hi Patsi, I haven't peeked but recognize the rear end view of the Carolina wren. That is the view I get out the window gazing at the suet pellet feeder. Or when I try and get a shot with the camera. I am an expert on bird butts. That doesn't sound like something to make public, does it? HA

  8. I got as far as a wren because of the tail, but you have far more choice of wrens than us Brits do!!!
    Great idea to do a quiz. It quite made me chuckle!

  9. What a fun post! I'm learning so much from all your birdwatchers. :)

  10. There are very few birds I could identify from this angle, but the Carolina wren is in fact one of them!! I love its patterned tail, and that's what gave it away.

  11. I was so wrong on my guess. Thanks for the winter smile.

  12. Ich hatte keinen blassen Schimmer welcher Vogel das ist, und ich muss gestehen, dass ich ihn nicht kenne. Aber sehr hübsch gemacht ist Dein Rätsel.

    LG Charlotte.


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