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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Determined !

We had these Carolina Wrens nest in our shed last spring.
They found their way in and enjoyed the grass seed that was stored in there.
Trying to get the kids out was a little tricky since that was the only home they knew.
Know this is not the best cage to use but the squirrels and starlings get frustrated with it and give up.

This little Junco is sooo hard to photograph. Just won't stay still !
My vision isn't that great either :(

Suet cage turned side ways with plastic sheet on top.
The plan is to make it difficult for the starlings to feast. There is a plan 2 which may have to go into effect.

As you can see it's not fool proof...
Hmmm...plan 2 is in the works.

Wow,just realized...this is my 100th post !

Won't be able to visit for a few days.
Going north and hope to see some SNOW !
By the way.....if my speckled back on this blog makes it too hard to read let me know so it can be improved.Thanks !


  1. Patsi, I love the Carolina Wren! Cute, cute! You are a very determined birder... I'll be ready to see what your plan #2 is with regard to the starlings! ;-)

    Have a great trip.

  2. Congratulations on your 100th posting - the pictures of your little wren a fabulous and as for the little "umbrella" over your suet block - must admit I've never seen these for sale - good idea! Weather is thawing here in Brittany and it looks as if we're in for some wet and stormy weather here this week... :-(

  3. Patsi,

    I always enjoy your photos. Have an enjoyable visit away.

    A hawk caught a bird near our feeder this weekend. Sad, but that's the way nature works. I couldn't tell what he caught, but it was a bird on the ground, so it could have been a Junco or one of the Doves.


  4. I love your photos. I've never had a Carolina wren here, there are so many house wrens. I have the same problem with starlings.

    Where did you find those cute umbrella baffles? I love them.

  5. That starling shot is soooo funny.....well it made me laugh.....great post.....

  6. Happy 100th! You deserve a vacation, Patsi :)

  7. Congratulations on your 100th post!!!!!!!!!! 100 beautiful blog entries!

    Good luck guarding the suet. Happy travels!

  8. The picture of the Junco in the grass came out pretty good.

    Nice blog.

  9. Shady,
    I'm working on plan #2 today!
    The umbrella is a squirrel baffle and it works 100% of the time. I do have a plan for making a cheaper one. Winter sure isn't alot of fun except for feeding the birds.
    Just watch a DVD called "The Planet Earth"...all critters have to eat and mate. Of course the penguins that feed on fish are cute...maybe because we eat fish too.
    Got the baffles at a garden mart. Have another solution...will let you know if it works.

  10. Cheryl,
    They're determined. But so am I !!!
    Thanks. Got to see snow in NY but nothing fell when we were there.:(
    Just have a few flurries here...then it stopped.
    You're so sweet and thoughtful.
    Garden Blogger,
    My thanks to you...will be by to visit.

  11. Hi Patsi, Love the little wren. There is one who is happily visiting my garden and the suet! I was so sure the woodpeckers would find it! But I am glad it's feeding such a sweet little bird. Have fun in the snow. gail

  12. Gail,
    Aren't they cute !
    The woodpeckers will come,just give them time.
    There was snow in NY but no fresh snow like I was hoping for. We may get it here soon. :)

  13. Hi Patsi, what a charmer is that wren. We had a nest in our shed built by them too. This year I have bolted the doors so there is no space for them to sneak in, and they chitter at me for it too. :-) You plan 1 seemed like a good one, darn those starlings, if that's what it is. Hope plan 2 works better. We have not seen any juncoes this year yet, but they might still be out there in the brush. I love you bird photos!

  14. I guess it's not the same every year. Of course a little less time is spent looking for them as the years go by.
    I'm still looking for new ones.
    Glad you enjoy the photos.

  15. I love juncos as well, and I've never seen a Carolina wren -- expect MI is too far north for its range. I just noticed where you live. A long-time friend of mine grew up in Millville and now lives in Elmer. Your part of NJ reminds me a lot of my part of Michigan--well, except for that you have a big ocean closer than I have a Great Lake.

  16. Monica,
    We know Elmer !! Were about 15 miles from there.
    My in-laws who live in NY always thought all of NJ was the same....not when it comes to Elmer and many other towns in south Jersey. It's like living in the country. Lots of farms...very cool !


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