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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hangin' Out

Lazy weekend for these guys. The ground is not frozen yet so the birds still can find food without my help...they only occasionally visit the feeders so far. I'll be posting some more of my backyard birds this winter.

Mourning Dove

Abundant and widespread, the Mourning Dove is well known throughout most of North America. Sexes similar, but males slightly larger and slightly more colorful, with bluish crown and pink chest.

House Finch

A bright red and brown-striped bird of the cities and suburbs, the House Finch comes readily to feeders. It also breeds in close association with people, and often chooses a hanging plant in which to put its nest.
Male red, female grayish brown with stripes.

White-throated Sparrow

The White-throated Sparrow sings its breeding song of "Oh Sweet Canada Canada Canada" across most of that country. Although its breeding range barely extends outside of Canada, it is common in fields and hedgerows throughout the eastern United States in winter. It is found in urban areas more frequently than most sparrows.
Sexes similar in plumage, males slightly larger.

Most info provided by Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Summer 2008 Inspiration (November)

"Summer 2008 Inspiration" (November)Hosted by Shady at
Does Everything Grow Better in my Neighbors Yard

Well it's almost winter and our growing season has come to an end.
So now what?
It's a good time to reflect and plan for next season and here's an idea/meme to help keep the season alive and give thanks.

Once or twice a month 'till the season starts up again, Shady has a meme that can be a lot of fun called "Summer 2008 Inspiration".

October - Have you a visited a gardening friend (blogger or otherwise)who inspired you this past season (2008)? Tell us all about it!
(I believe this can be substituted for another month)

November - Have you planted anything during the 2008 growing season that you can credit to another gardener (blogger or otherwise)? Tell us all about it!

December - What about your hardscape? Did you do any landscaping that you might credit to a fellow gardener (blogger or otherwise)? Tell us all about it!

January - What does your "2009 Wish List" look like? Is there anything there you plan to purchase and/or grow because of your 2008 Summer Inspiration? Please tell us about it!

February - Did you add and/or create any decorative, whimsical items for your gardens in 2008? Please share! Can you give credit to anyone?

March - Will you be doing any early seeding? Will you be making any special landscaping plans for the upcoming season? Please share.

April - Thank you for participating. Anything else you'd like to share before we all get busy with our 2009 gardening??? :-)

Since I didn't start blogging 'till this past summer I'll be jumping ahead to what is January's meme. I don't think Shady will mind.
I never follow instructions very well :)

"Summer 2008 Inspiration"


Cameron at Defining Your Home inspired me to grow more varieties of salvia.
Her selection of salvia has to be the largest I've ever seen.
I haven't decided what kinds of salvia I will grow yet.
I believe most will be annuals in my particular zone (7a) which is fine with me.
If you visit her,you'll see what I mean.

Katarina at Roses and Stuff also inspired me to grow roses (which I've never done).
She must be the queen of roses.
My first rose choice is not one of her favorite varieties.
I'm thinking about "knock out" roses which should be a good,easy start for a first-timer.
Maybe later I'll be trying one of her vast varieties.

Sorry, had to make some recent changes to above post.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Whimsy

This is the third of three craft posts that were planned for Wednesdays.


Lots of plus jade,jasper,agate and onyx are some of these semi precious stones. Just bracelets and earrings.

These pins are much easier to make than it may look, using Polymer Clay and just baking in the oven.

Needed an earring tree but didn't like those plastic ones so...made one.
Again using Polymer Clay wrapped around a wire coat hanger and of course decorated.
Not real crazy about the tree but the rose and pearl accents were fun to make and are pretty.


Lost count of how many of these were made. Had a slight problem if I let them burn too long...what a pain cleaning up spilled wax.

The ones poured into glass became my favorites. No mess!
Dollar store glass containers were my best find.


Love my soaps! Made all colors,scents and shapes. I continue to make soaps when I run out. Also made some with oatmeal,vanilla extract,tea,aloe vera gel and luffa sponges,just to name a few ingredients. Personally,the favorite ones are made of goats milk,using real almond extract and a touch of food coloring.
All natural and smell delicious!

Soaps were stacked and wrapped,then these dolls (Christmas tree ornaments )were tied to them with a ribbon. After the soaps are used, these beautiful porcelain dolls remain a keeper!

Haven't perfected all my crazy time-consuming crafts...but do keep trying.
Crafting and other interests have slowed down over the years,
but once I get started there's NO stopping me...just ask my DH.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Blooming Friday

Sharing Katarina's "Blooming Friday"
Please visit her at Roses and Stuff
for info and to see more blooms.

Dahlberg daisy/golden fleece is a full sun annual that I started from seed for the past two years. The plant has tiny upright yellow flowers that are about one inch wide. These plants were put in pots by themselves and some were added with other flowers. I understand they're great for rock gardens.
Love the feathery look of the leaves and the dainty bright yellow flowers.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Whimsy

Wednesday Whimsy is a good day to stray from the garden and do something whimsical.
This is the second of three posts, labeled as "crafts", that I got carried away with.

Must have made over a dozen in one year.
Kept trying to get it right,then decided that there IS no right.
All wreaths are made with natural materials... mostly eucalyptus,statice and other dried flowers. Some have dehydrated apples(easy to do). They all started out as plain cheap vine wreaths(as a base) .. used a hot glue gun and floral wire to keep it all together. The finished product got sprayed with clear matte polyurethane to keep the color from bleeding and also protects them from too much moisture from hydrating the fruit.
It's very rewarding to create ....anything that you can stand back and say "that's pretty neat and I like it" more than worth the effort.
Always wanted to do a bay leaf wreath but couldn't get my hands on enough bay leaves !!

Apples and Roses

Multi color Statice

Multi color Eucalyptus and Baby's Breath

Wooden Roses

Since I have 5 wreaths in the house...when it comes to Christmas... I add a Christmas decoration/pick to them that is simply stuck into the wreath. This one below is getting VERY old and losing it's color. Time to replace it !!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

...........................................Berries and Stuff

Lilly Turf(Liriope Muscari)big blue


These dead nettle, flower from spring 'til December.
Great ground cover for shaded areas and they spread easily.

Not sure what I'm doing with this grape vine.
We have grape vines but no grapes for 6 years now because they're in shade.
For some reason I can't take them out. Maybe it's because the vines are tucked behind the shed and they can make for an interesting wreath.
Thinking about using this to start a wreath, but need more vines and something else, hum...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Squirreling Around

Planting Spring Bulbs

It was time to sit down and speak to Roger the boss squirrel in our neighborhood to discuss some important issues regarding the newly planted spring bulbs. Getting him to agree right away about anything was out of the question. First we had to promise to keep the bird feeders full with more sunflowers seeds than last year and even get them corn cobs. He had to be reminded that neighbors Nancy and Ron have oak trees which produce plenty of acorns. Roger kept squirreling around but finally commited to do as we asked and promised that nobody under his command will dig up the newly planted bulbs. Just wish I didn't see that little grin on his face when he was walking away.



Here are the bulbs that were planted today.
Hyacinth is the only one that I already have.
Hoping these will bring a brighter spring in 2009.

Just had to pick up these "Point Pelee" Mums at the super market.
They're for inside the bay window. Sure are pretty.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Whimsy

Not for the Birds

Did you ever go through phases where you get so wrapped up in making crafts
that you can't stop yourself?
This Wednesday Whimsy post is the first of three crafts that I got carried away with.

These are cheap $5 bird houses that are available at michael's or ac moore.
The first 3 pics are bird houses that aren't for birds but for plants.
First thing to do is take off the tops, reshape them, then put back on.
Now it's time to be creative and paint the houses, which I really enjoyed.
It's a simple craft which I'd never seen done before.
Finally, a liner is needed, so off to the dollor store for plastic containers to put inside and wallah...a planter.
It makes for a fun gift.

The bird house on the right is taken from my "angels dance" theme but it reads differently because I made it for a loved one who only grows veggies. Also rebuilt this house so it would last outside for years.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Road Trip

Pictures from Long Island,while visiting family.