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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Through the Kitchen Window

The growing season may be over but the backyard fun is not !
For the past two years...mornings consist of making coffee then sitting by the kitchen window to see who is visiting us today. I'm still identifying winter feeder birds with the help of books and the internet...who knew how much fun it could be !
Love to be able to get clear pictures of our birds but then I'd have to sit outside and freeze my tush off...that's not gonna happen.
My camera has found permanent residence on the kitchen table just hoping to get that almost perfect picture of our different feathered friends and maybe that bird I've haven't seen before. Lately it seems like most days have been dreary with rain or just cloudy so picture taking is not so good,but once in a while I luck out and can get decent snaps of the backyard wildlife.

This little Chickadee is difficult for me to identify.
Making a guess...I'd say Cameron sent him. :)

Can't make picture any bigger than this...just gets more fuzzy.

Different Chickadees info and photos below are from
"Project Feeder Watch".

.................Black-capped Chickadee......................Carolina Chickadee



  1. All of my Chickadees answered this morning's roll call!

    They were bouncing on the clumping bamboo beside the feeder this morning. The spring in the bamboo launches them right onto the feeder. They also hang out in the willow trees.


  2. Patsi -- I'm using Safari on a Mac. I'm not sure if my previous comment worked since I got an error message.


  3. I'm glad you visited my blog, because I have so many blogs bookmarked, I'm not making it to all of them! I am going to start following yours. I love your pics and commentaries. The squirrel post was awesome, too!


  4. I enjoy watching the birds too! I've placed the bird feeder just outside the kitchen window this year, and it's great fun! My husband has started to enjoy it to - he was joking the other day and said it's a sign of old age. Is it?

  5. Cameron,
    We don't get many Chickadees...would love to see yours. I can just picture them now bouncing on the bamboo. Sounds like you have a very active yard.
    You have so many collectables that you could do a post everyday of the year and we still wouldn't see them all. :) Great stuff !
    I feel like a kid watching the birds carry on in the yard. Glad your husband is enjoying it also.
    A feeder by the window is a must...otherwise their too hard to see. Maybe that's the old part...the eyes are going. :)

  6. Patsi, I love your photos, especially the last one in the pine trees (great bokeh;).

    I waste so much time on weekend mornings just watching the birds interact. Chickadees are a favorite. They are so active. They are always the first bird to use a new feeder and they aren't as shy as my other feathered visitors.

  7. Sehr schöne Fotos, da braucht man schon etwas Geduld. In Deutschland heißen sie Meisen, und es gibt auch viele verschidene Arten. Zur Zeit bevölkern sie auch mein Vogelhäuschen.

    LG Charlotte.

  8. Patsi, These are fantastic shots! My camera pretty much stays out on the kitchen table, too. I just love the last one...that needs to be matted and framed!

  9. Marnie,
    Thanks. Aren't they cute !
    Danke. Yes, you need patience...they won't stay still !Love to see your various birds and bird houses.
    I hope you can show some pictures this winter.

    Danke. Ja, Sie brauchen Geduld ... sie wird nicht so bleiben immer noch! Love, um zu sehen, Ihre verschiedenen Vögel und Vogel-Haus (vogelhauschen).
    Ich hoffe, Sie können zeigen einige Bilder in diesem Winter.
    So I'm not the only one! :)

  10. Great shots of the chickadee. They are a joy to watch. My wife get on my about leaving the camera, binoculars and field guides on the table.

  11. Nice work! My camera is out, too... although I operate with a 3x magnification. I love chickadees! And nuthatches (white breasted and rosy breasted), etc., etc. ;-)

  12. How cute are Chickadees? You have captured exactly why I love them so.

  13. Chad,
    Would you like me to speak to Brady? Just kidding.:)
    Bird watching is still new...get excited anytime it looks like a new bird is in the yard.
    You too with the camera? Thank goodness for digital!
    Haven't seen the red breasted nuthatch yet.
    They are sweet.

  14. Hi Patsi, I am guessing the Carolina, for there is no white patch at the shoulder. Your photos are fantastic, are they taken through the glass? I would love to be able to get ones that good, but cannot stand to be sitting out in the cold and waiting. I am not good at waiting even in warmer weather LOL. That first shot would make a good Christmas card!

  15. I love this sweet little bird! My French doors are almost done. And when my table and chairs come in, believe you me that's where I'll be heading each morning to finally be able to watch my birds!

  16. Lovely pictures of chickadees , helps get thru the long winter days

  17. Frances,
    I believe it's a Carolina Chickadee also.
    Of course through the window...too cold outside.
    Glad you enjoyed the birds.
    You're right about the winter days!
    Posted your last story...hope you don't mind.


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