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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Without a baffle this squirrel is having a good olde time.
I have to admit they are cute and oh sooo entertaining.
Also a welcome relief to the herd of birds (I know the word is flock)that we get.

This baffle over the suet cage was intended to deter squirrels which it does,but so far and most importantly deters the big birds.
We'll see...I'll have to get back to you on this one.

Definitely needed for the bird feeder...he and his friends would empty this in a day or so. This really works !

These pictures below are a little fuzzy...

The feeder above was swarmed with these birds which are brown-headed cow birds, grackles... and the small ones look like female house sparrows, but larger. Not sure what they are.

This guy was flying with the herd birds. I'd say this is a mutt...Starling and Red-winged Blackbird combined.
What do you think?


  1. Hi Patsi, Were you raking the ground? I noticed some interesting swirls in the photos. You seem to be feeding all the local birds! (I did that last year... boy did I go through the seeds!) ;-) I couldn't enlarge the photos to get a better idea of your sparrows. Also, the rw blackbird is an interesting fellow! Do you participate in Project Feederwatch?

  2. Shady,
    Those swirls are in the cement. Still trying to get a better picture of the small birds but they won't stay still !
    I have to check out Project Feederwatch.
    I participate in the GBBC,
    which I've found to be very helpful.

  3. Good luck with the squirrels. I don't know if there is any feeder that they can't get too. You may have to give them a feeding spot all to themselves. Sorry to see you have the Grackle/Cowbird herds. We get those in the spring and they are a nightmare. If you find anyway to keep them away, please let us know.

  4. Patsi -- that is an immature male, red-winged blackbird. Just a little guy who will grow into the black feathers and keep his red epaulets.


  5. Loved your photos. The squirrels are so funny but feeding them can get expensive;)

  6. Great photos, our squirrels work hard around here too.

  7. The photos of the squirrel are so funny.....well they made me laugh.....

    I love the feeder with the mini brolley and the squirrel looking over the top....

    The last bird is strange........

  8. Chad and Brandy,
    The baffles/hoods work all the time.
    The squirrels pick up what the birds toss on the ground but I'm feeling guilty that it won't be enough come bad weather. I'll have to figure out what to feed them.
    Thanks so much for the ID. Still have alot to learn about our local birds.
    Don't mind the expense because of the rewards.
    Thanks for visiting. I'll be by soon.
    I'm guessing "brolley" is umbrella on this side of the pond? By the way you've got the prettest birds...just love them.

  9. Looks like a 'holiday happening' in your yard, Patsi! Good thing gas prices have plummeted so you can afford feeding your many thankful guests ;)

  10. These are great photos, Patsi. I just love the squirrels' struggles! I had a good laugh! Do you know what deters squirrels...cats!! I do enjoy watching them though.

  11. Oh, I love the photos of the squirrel! So cute! Wow, and all those birds!


  12. I love blackbirds and grackles, but I always run them off because the other birds disappear if the grackles are allowed to move in, as it were. Sucks because I like to watch them and find them beautiful.

    LOVE that umbrella thing for the squirrels! Excellent photo fun in this blog entry. Love the light on the first squirrel shot.

  13. Hi Patsi,
    The squirrels are so sweet and funny! It is fascinating to watch them.
    Unfortunately, I dont't know the bird on the last photo.

  14. I don't think I've ever seen a red-winged blackbird. Maybe they don't have them where I live in East Texas.

  15. The brown birds are female brown-headed cowbirds. :)

    Cameron is correct, the last bird is an immature male red-winged blackbird.

    Great picture of the upside down squirrel! They are cute (and smart) if also very bothersome.


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