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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Whimsy

This is the third of three craft posts that were planned for Wednesdays.


Lots of plus jade,jasper,agate and onyx are some of these semi precious stones. Just bracelets and earrings.

These pins are much easier to make than it may look, using Polymer Clay and just baking in the oven.

Needed an earring tree but didn't like those plastic ones so...made one.
Again using Polymer Clay wrapped around a wire coat hanger and of course decorated.
Not real crazy about the tree but the rose and pearl accents were fun to make and are pretty.


Lost count of how many of these were made. Had a slight problem if I let them burn too long...what a pain cleaning up spilled wax.

The ones poured into glass became my favorites. No mess!
Dollar store glass containers were my best find.


Love my soaps! Made all colors,scents and shapes. I continue to make soaps when I run out. Also made some with oatmeal,vanilla extract,tea,aloe vera gel and luffa sponges,just to name a few ingredients. Personally,the favorite ones are made of goats milk,using real almond extract and a touch of food coloring.
All natural and smell delicious!

Soaps were stacked and wrapped,then these dolls (Christmas tree ornaments )were tied to them with a ribbon. After the soaps are used, these beautiful porcelain dolls remain a keeper!

Haven't perfected all my crazy time-consuming crafts...but do keep trying.
Crafting and other interests have slowed down over the years,
but once I get started there's NO stopping me...just ask my DH.


  1. I like your looks neat! I wish I could make the soaps, I do love Homemade soaps. We have a once a year celebration out here called, The Great Trails Festival...complete with real buffalo grazing and particpants in colonial period dress. It's held in the woods, all types of lost and dying arts and crafts are featured. An elderly woman there creates the best oatmeal and also goats' milk favorites! Happy Thanksgiving, Patsi!

  2. Patsi, those are all so lovely.
    You are incredibly talented!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    My daughter has been wanting to make some soap, so we are planning on trying it this year.

  3. I am always astounded by your creativity! You just rock, ya know! :-)

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful handmade items. Everything is just perfect.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  4. Wow! You are creative. Most of my crafting has stopped because of a lack of time. I guess I am gardening more. Your jewelery is very nice.

    Always Growing

  5. I'm most impressed with your creative talents, Patsi, especially loving the semi-precious jade/onyx beads and candles. Happy Thanksgiving! (I'm chained to the kitchen!)

  6. Hi Patsi, wow, what an array of crafts. I know how time consuming they are too, well the soap and candles, anyway, having delved into that for a while. I once made candles with dried lavender around the edges and when lit it became a torch! Don't try that one. HA The clay modeling looks like fun, is it all free hand or do you use a tool for the leaves and flowers? What fun, I really like your paint job on the tree flowers too, with that touch of gold.


  7. Patsi .. I love the jewelery ! .. and wow with the rest of the crafts .. I think it is a great hobby to have that yields such pretty things along with the time passed : )
    I can't wait for you to see the last episode of True Blood and what you think ! LOL

  8. Kim,
    The Great Trails Festival sounds like alot of fun. Love to go!
    Go for it !
    Very easy to do. The kind I make you have to use a microwave.
    Many thanks.
    You gails are funny..."chained to the kitchen" got a giggle out of me.
    Well, now if I want to make tourches...I know how. ha ha
    Used a knife to cut the shapes and my fingers to flatten,roll and shape.The gold is real gold( like the kind you use for picture frames)and baked in.
    Thanks so much for the compliment.
    I try to be creative...doesn't always work.
    I'll get back to you.

  9. Wow! You are not only creative but extremely versatile! :-)


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