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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Whimsy

Wednesday Whimsy is a good day to stray from the garden and do something whimsical.
This is the second of three posts, labeled as "crafts", that I got carried away with.

Must have made over a dozen in one year.
Kept trying to get it right,then decided that there IS no right.
All wreaths are made with natural materials... mostly eucalyptus,statice and other dried flowers. Some have dehydrated apples(easy to do). They all started out as plain cheap vine wreaths(as a base) .. used a hot glue gun and floral wire to keep it all together. The finished product got sprayed with clear matte polyurethane to keep the color from bleeding and also protects them from too much moisture from hydrating the fruit.
It's very rewarding to create ....anything that you can stand back and say "that's pretty neat and I like it" more than worth the effort.
Always wanted to do a bay leaf wreath but couldn't get my hands on enough bay leaves !!

Apples and Roses

Multi color Statice

Multi color Eucalyptus and Baby's Breath

Wooden Roses

Since I have 5 wreaths in the house...when it comes to Christmas... I add a Christmas decoration/pick to them that is simply stuck into the wreath. This one below is getting VERY old and losing it's color. Time to replace it !!


  1. good morning Miss Patsi I love all of your wreaths can't wait to see what you do with the grape vine.

    I just cut a bunch to tuck into my Christmas decorations. Here's a site that tells about Scuppernong grapes and it has some pretty pictures of them.

    thanks for stopping by
    have a wonderful day, Cherry

  2. Man Patsi, you are so talented! All those are lovely. I really like the statice one, kind of simple yet elegant, but they are all great. How much fun to creat such beauty.


  3. Patsi -- your wreaths are beauties! I can't pick a favorite...want all of those wreaths!

    You are just so talented. I look forward to seeing more in your "craft series" of posts.


  4. They're so charming! The older I become, the less I do crafts. I'd better leave that for talented women, such as yourself. I can just imagine how pretty they look around Christmas!

  5. Those are beautiful dried wreaths you made.

  6. A gal after my own heart! Can we talk (I have joined 'Wreaths Anonymous', one of my many addictions)!

  7. Thanks All !
    Don't believe that I'm talented
    but do have sticktoitiveness.
    Unfortunately don't have enough grape vine to make a full wreath.
    I have a few other ideas though.

  8. You've done a beautiful job making these. It's been years since I did any dried flower arrangements/wreaths and seeing your post has reminded me of how much fun they were to do (not to mention they look great!)

  9. Not sure I want to make any wreaths now, these are so gorgeous. My little wreaths come out looking like something you'd pick, up at the $1 store.

  10. Your wreaths are lovely! How creative you are! I fell inspired now, maybe I should try too...

    I'm starting up a new meme for Fridays - Blooming Friday - it would be great if you would like to participate with one or two pictures of blooming plants. I thought it would be nice to share eye-candy for the week-end... Welcome!

  11. Lovely...when the page opened to your first wreath...I thought, "Some people have loads of talent and here is one of them!" Gail

  12. What a nice variety of wreaths you have created.

  13. I absolutely love your wreaths. I wish I had your eye and your talent.

  14. Your wreaths are beautiful! NOt only that, but they're nice and full, and versatile! :-) Will you post what you've done with your grapevine?


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