Thursday, November 27, 2008

Summer 2008 Inspiration (November)

"Summer 2008 Inspiration" (November)Hosted by Shady at
Does Everything Grow Better in my Neighbors Yard

Well it's almost winter and our growing season has come to an end.
So now what?
It's a good time to reflect and plan for next season and here's an idea/meme to help keep the season alive and give thanks.

Once or twice a month 'till the season starts up again, Shady has a meme that can be a lot of fun called "Summer 2008 Inspiration".

October - Have you a visited a gardening friend (blogger or otherwise)who inspired you this past season (2008)? Tell us all about it!
(I believe this can be substituted for another month)

November - Have you planted anything during the 2008 growing season that you can credit to another gardener (blogger or otherwise)? Tell us all about it!

December - What about your hardscape? Did you do any landscaping that you might credit to a fellow gardener (blogger or otherwise)? Tell us all about it!

January - What does your "2009 Wish List" look like? Is there anything there you plan to purchase and/or grow because of your 2008 Summer Inspiration? Please tell us about it!

February - Did you add and/or create any decorative, whimsical items for your gardens in 2008? Please share! Can you give credit to anyone?

March - Will you be doing any early seeding? Will you be making any special landscaping plans for the upcoming season? Please share.

April - Thank you for participating. Anything else you'd like to share before we all get busy with our 2009 gardening??? :-)

Since I didn't start blogging 'till this past summer I'll be jumping ahead to what is January's meme. I don't think Shady will mind.
I never follow instructions very well :)

"Summer 2008 Inspiration"


Cameron at Defining Your Home inspired me to grow more varieties of salvia.
Her selection of salvia has to be the largest I've ever seen.
I haven't decided what kinds of salvia I will grow yet.
I believe most will be annuals in my particular zone (7a) which is fine with me.
If you visit her,you'll see what I mean.

Katarina at Roses and Stuff also inspired me to grow roses (which I've never done).
She must be the queen of roses.
My first rose choice is not one of her favorite varieties.
I'm thinking about "knock out" roses which should be a good,easy start for a first-timer.
Maybe later I'll be trying one of her vast varieties.

Sorry, had to make some recent changes to above post.


  1. Patsi -- you've inspired me to try crafts...of course, that would take talent, so I'd best stay out in the garden!

    Glad you like the salvias. You will probably do fine in 7a with some of them.

    Take care,

  2. Patsi .. this looks fun ! Thanks for letting me know .. I'll be on the go this weekend .. but I'll try and get this done : )

  3. Wonderful post! I am glad you jumped on this meme!


  4. Hi Patsi, hope you holidays were wonderful. This looks like fun. Once I get caught up I will put my thinking cap on!

  5. Hi Patsi, We've corresponded a lot these past few days. You have done a wonderful job posting on and about this Meme... and I don't mind that you began with November!! ;-)


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