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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Squirreling Around

Planting Spring Bulbs

It was time to sit down and speak to Roger the boss squirrel in our neighborhood to discuss some important issues regarding the newly planted spring bulbs. Getting him to agree right away about anything was out of the question. First we had to promise to keep the bird feeders full with more sunflowers seeds than last year and even get them corn cobs. He had to be reminded that neighbors Nancy and Ron have oak trees which produce plenty of acorns. Roger kept squirreling around but finally commited to do as we asked and promised that nobody under his command will dig up the newly planted bulbs. Just wish I didn't see that little grin on his face when he was walking away.



Here are the bulbs that were planted today.
Hyacinth is the only one that I already have.
Hoping these will bring a brighter spring in 2009.

Just had to pick up these "Point Pelee" Mums at the super market.
They're for inside the bay window. Sure are pretty.


  1. Patsi ... thank you so much for your thoughtful note .. I really appreciated it girl : )

  2. I just love that squirrel cleverly put together......they are a nuisance, but so cute....what do you do!!

    Bulbs look great....thoughts of spring come to mind......

  3. The mums are gorgeous!

    I hope you know those squirrels are notorious liars;)

  4. Good luck with with the squirrely ones. We haven't seen them digging up bulbs yet, but we keep a good supply of peanuts and sunflower seeds available for them.

    Maybe they will keep to the agreement. :)

  5. I hope Roger didn't have his little paws crossed when he made that promise! LOL

    They, like the deer and bunnies, are so cute, but such a nuisance to gardeners.

    You've got some great bulbs for your garden!


  6. Ooooooohhh. Like your spring bulb selections!

  7. You are going to have a fabulous spring, with all those lovely bulbs.

  8. Patsi, You might want to keep an eye on that fellow... I'm not sure he's very trustworthy. ;-) Cute post! I am excited about your bulbs! I'll be watching for Spring photos. :-)

  9. Yeah, I bet his fingers were crossed behind his back!

  10. Hi Patsi, those look like an excellent array of bulbs, I like them all. Now about Roger, if your little talk with him works I may have to try it here. Out squirrels are a rowdy bunch and only listen to Kitty when we let him out to chase them away from the bird feeders. As for the bulbs, they must be protected with chickenwire surrounded by large rocks around the edges and they still try and dig through that even.


  11. You're all too funny!

    A few years ago I got carried away and did a mass planting of tulips(400 of them)and at that time used chicken wire. But these bulbs are planted in small bunches and I'm hoping Roger and friends won't find them.

  12. Hi Patsy,
    You should have a beautiful and colorful spring, if you got through to Mr. Squirrel, that is.

    Love the little bird houses you did below. So pretty!


  13. While you're at it Patsi put in a word with the squirrels in my neighborhood too. lol Those darn things ate all the pecans from my tree except the few I managed to get, now they are moving on to the birdfeeders & sniffing around where I planted bulbs earlier this fall. I picked out the same Dutch Irises. You'll love them, I have yellow ones that have been coming up for years. Beautiful selection!

  14. With all your spring bulbs the garden should be amazing. Love your mum too.
    Made me smile ,naming the squirrel .

  15. Love the photo of the cute little guy stealing a sip of water!
    Sandra Evertson

  16. I recognize Roger's grin! Squirrels and chipmunks wait patiently high in the treetops, watching me plant bulbs. As soon as the door slams and I'm back inside, mischief begins!

  17. I had squirrels watching me plant some bulbs, too, and they snuck up behind me, within 5 feet to see what I was planting. Our neighbor feeds them corn, and surely they have some sunflowers from my plants squirreled away somewhere! We'll have to keep our bird feeder full, too. They haven't dug any so far, but they dig all the time just anywhere.


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