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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Whimsy

Not for the Birds

Did you ever go through phases where you get so wrapped up in making crafts
that you can't stop yourself?
This Wednesday Whimsy post is the first of three crafts that I got carried away with.

These are cheap $5 bird houses that are available at michael's or ac moore.
The first 3 pics are bird houses that aren't for birds but for plants.
First thing to do is take off the tops, reshape them, then put back on.
Now it's time to be creative and paint the houses, which I really enjoyed.
It's a simple craft which I'd never seen done before.
Finally, a liner is needed, so off to the dollor store for plastic containers to put inside and wallah...a planter.
It makes for a fun gift.

The bird house on the right is taken from my "angels dance" theme but it reads differently because I made it for a loved one who only grows veggies. Also rebuilt this house so it would last outside for years.



  1. Wow!! you photos are lovely! thankyou for sharing them with us! I have been dreaming of photos!

  2. They are absolutely adorable! Absolutely!

  3. Very cute.

    Always Growing

  4. Yes, I can get completely absorbed in crafts and hobbies. I've been known to let chores go undone while I scrapbook, or some other hobby.

  5. Patsi, as always, your artistic talents and creative thinking comes through with stellar results!

    These birdhouses are just sooooo cute! :-)


  6. Looks like I need to go shopping! Cute ideas!! :-)

  7. Those are great!
    My daughter painted a couple she keeps hoping the birds will "take to", but they don't look as pretty
    as your planters!

  8. Lovely.....really lovely......

  9. These are so charming, Patsi! I wish I were a crafty person.


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