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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hangin' Out

Lazy weekend for these guys. The ground is not frozen yet so the birds still can find food without my help...they only occasionally visit the feeders so far. I'll be posting some more of my backyard birds this winter.

Mourning Dove

Abundant and widespread, the Mourning Dove is well known throughout most of North America. Sexes similar, but males slightly larger and slightly more colorful, with bluish crown and pink chest.

House Finch

A bright red and brown-striped bird of the cities and suburbs, the House Finch comes readily to feeders. It also breeds in close association with people, and often chooses a hanging plant in which to put its nest.
Male red, female grayish brown with stripes.

White-throated Sparrow

The White-throated Sparrow sings its breeding song of "Oh Sweet Canada Canada Canada" across most of that country. Although its breeding range barely extends outside of Canada, it is common in fields and hedgerows throughout the eastern United States in winter. It is found in urban areas more frequently than most sparrows.
Sexes similar in plumage, males slightly larger.

Most info provided by Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


  1. Great shots. I keep trying to photograph the winter birds in our yard but they are much more skiddish that the summer visitors.

  2. Love the bird photos! We have a large flock of doves this year. The last few years, only a few. They invited all their friends this year!

    That look from that finch is priceless! LOL Very inquisitive head turn.


  3. Your bird photos are beautiful. All is black and white here but you have such vivid color!
    We've had snowy days and lots of birds at the feeders.
    I've been having fun counting the birds for Project FeederWatch.
    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Wonderful photos from the (hungry) birds.
    I whish you a good time in Advent.

    LG Charlotte.

  5. These are fantastic shots, Patsi. I don't see many Doves around my woods. I have to say the Finch photo is my favorite, one can just imagine what it's thinking!

  6. These are beautiful photographs of the birds. I wish I could take such wonderful pictures. I'm not "schooled" in SLR. Someday I hope to purchase a "fancier" digital. At this moment, I'll have to make do with what I have. (Keep taking photos for people like me to enjoy!!)

  7. You have certainly 'entertained me with your camera', Patsi! Loving the birds, especially waking to the mournful call of mouring doves ... great shots!

  8. I loved seeing your birds. BTW, I like that birdbath.


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